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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 149


Chapter 149 - Ancient cannibal fish

’’Brother Ye, just hold still for now, but if this Yuanheng Ying continues pushing us, we shall rush up together.’’ When Luo Hanshan talked to Ye Chen by the use of his Zhen Qi, he delivered the same words to Zhu Mei and Xu Jing, he told them to prepare for a deadly fight. Silently, he already made up his mind that he would definitely teach this Yuanheng Ying a lesson, even if it might cost him his life.

Zhu Mei and Xu Jing both slightly nodded and silently activated their Zhen Qi, they would launch a full strength attack once Yuanheng Ying makes the move.

The entire area fell into a deadly silence and a fierce murderous aura gradually spread out.

The other Hidden Dragon Ranking martial artists such as Mo Wuxue, had been watching this scene with interest. Compared to other institutions, the Sky Cloud Martial School was relatively small, yet, their people were indeed united and brave, it seemed like they were ready to risk their lives and fight against Yuanheng Ying;however, bravery never equalled power, when against the truly strong ones, all kinds of bravery was useless.

Liu Wuxiang and Ji Xueyan seemed to not be able to bear watching this, both of them turned their eyes towards Zhuang Fei.

Zhuang Fei said blandly, ’’The Heavenly Dream Ancient Region is a dangerous place, you shall focus on your own safety and don't mind about others' businesses.’’

’’Our Senior Brother is right, this has nothing to do with us, if they die, we can only say that they were asking for it.’’

’’Maybe they did ask for it, by provoking Yuan Hengying.’’

Another few Emerald Martial Palace's core disciples even grinned seeing this.

On the Purple Sun Martial School's side, Ouyang Ming said excitedly, ’’Cousin, it seems like that Yuanheng Ying is going kill them and complete the mission for us!’’

’’Hehe, when everybody is sent out and the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region is locked again, the faces of those few Sky Cloud Martial School's old dudes are going to be really funny.’’

Many of the others also began whispering to each other.

’’These four people are so dead, who doesn't know that Yuanheng Ying has always been a cruel slaughterer?’’

’’I only wish that after Yuanheng Ying is done with them, he won't turn towards us. Should we just leave now and come back after this dangerous situation is over?’’

’’Oi, Junior Brother, do you really want to die? That murderous eagle will definitely kill us once he sees us run.’’

Ye Chen wasn't distracted by all those conversations, instead, he had a piercing gaze and had activated his Zhen Qi to the peak point, he merged it with the sword intent, and kept it perfectly under his control.

’’Good, you guys are genuinely brave, but that might not be a good thing. Today, you're all going to die, I, Yuanheng Ying, never let anyone I wish to kill, survive.’’

While speaking, he abruptly shook his body;the dark cyan Zhen Qi coiling around his body suddenly transformed into an enormous eagle, and let out a long shrill roar. Simultaneously, a strong sense of power swiftly spread out, and caused the air to ripple like water, it seemed to be oddly sticky.

’’Guys! Look at this! Yuanheng Ying is launching his move!’’

’’Hm? That one also seems to be launching a deadly move.’’

Some of the others showed a surprised look. In their eyes, Ye Chen gripped the sword hilt with his right hand, even before he pulled the sword out of the sheath, a dazzling beam of light had already swept across the air and cut all the surrounding plants into pieces, it was as if those plants were attacked by an invisible and incredibly sharp sword.

Showing a malicious grin, Yuanheng Ying seemed to make his move, the Zhen Qi eagle spread its wings, preparing to dart out. Right in the next moment, the multi-coloured light column suddenly changed.

The tens of miles thick light column began shrinking rapidly. In just two blinks of an eye, the light column had shrunk to a hundred meters thickness, and stood right in the middle of the lake.

’’The light is gone, let's go in!’’

Some disciples couldn't wait for the light to completely disappear, and instant darted out and leapt high into the air, and dove into the water like a fish.

Seeing nothing horrible had happened this time, all the others also rushed out towards the lake. Without any hesitation, they all jumped into the lake.

Along with a series of water rippling sounds, most of the disciples had jumped into the lake and only tens of people were left on the ground.

’’Let's go.’’ Zhuang Fei led the Emerald Martial Palace's disciples into the water.

Yuanheng Ying's look had changed a few times during this short period of time. At this moment, he had two choices, the first one was to let Ye Chen and his fellows go, and then he himself could go into the water immediately, while the second one was to kill them before he went into the water. The second choice might take a little more time since the sense of power released by Ye Chen was especially strong and fierce, Yuanheng Ying clearly understood that he couldn't possible kill all four of them with only one or two moves.

’’You're in luck, just pray that you don't run into me inside the palace.’’ After he briefly pondered, Yunheng Ying went with the first choice. The Heavenly Dream Battle Palace was extremely magical, he wanted to go in immediately, and couldn't afford to waste anymore time. Turning around, Yuanheng Ying directly jumped into the lake, along with the silhouette of the Zhen Qi eagle attached to his body.

Ye Chen and the others slightly sighed in relief.

’’Fortunately, this light column has shrunk so timely.’’ Lou Hanshan's clothes were even soaked by cold sweat. He raised his head and looked around the lake, it was now completely empty.

Zhu Mei nodded and said, ’’Although that Yuan Hengying is a total bastard, without a doubt, he's horribly powerful, especially that hell like aura of his, which is naturally increasing after he killed more than ten thousand people, it is as if he was bringing hell with him, and everywhere he tread would become an ocean of blood.’’

’’Let's just get in!’’ Among the four of them, Ye Chen was the calmest one. Just now, he was well prepared for a deadly fight, even though he was far less powerful than Yuanheng Ying. His power roughly equalled Lin Yue, ranked 70 in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking, he might barely win against Lin Yue if he used the [Heart Refining], nevertheless, Yuanheng Ying was not like Lin Yue. Yuanheng Ying was at least thirty percent more powerful than Lin Yue, and was ranked 59th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking, Ye Chen couldn't possibly defeat him just with the sword intent and his Late Condensing Reality Realm power.

Therefore, if the fight had started earlier, only two results could be expected;the first one was that, Ye Chen would be killed and Yuanheng Ying would be severely injured, as for the second one, both of them would die and no one would actually win the fight.

Ye Chen didn't want either of these two possible results.

Followed by another series of water rippling noises, the four of them also leapt into the lake together.

Water splashed out while they dove deep into the lake. By now, not a single person remained on the ground.

’’Such immense pressure!’’

Once they dove into the lake, all of them felt that their protective Qi was being pressed hard inwards.

Ye Chen activated his soul power and swept across the surrounding area, and found that contained in the lake was not just water. Within the water, there was a kind of multicoloured unknown liquid, it was denser than the water and seemed like a liquid crystal.

’’This is not normal water, be careful!’’ Ye Chen told the others.

As they dove deeper and deeper, the water pressure grew greater and greater.

When they were over a hundred meters deep, their protective Zhen Qi shields that were originally three feet away from their skin had now been pressed to less than two feet away from the skin;apart from this, the great amount of pressure had brought an equally great resistance, their moving speed had been reduced to an unpleasant degree.

Suddenly, streams of blood surged up from below.

’’Is there a fight happening down there? But the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace is so close, why would they waste their time fighting?’’ Ye Chen frowned, he felt that something was wrong.


Without catching his attention, something abruptly broke his protective Zhen Qi shield, and let a fierce stream of water flood into his shield and struck him tens of meters away.

’’Brother Ye!’’

Lou Hanshan clearly saw the thing that had attacked Ye Chen. It was a weird looking fish, it was as slim as a shuttle, it was about five feet long and had sawtooth-shaped teeth that were shining with a cold light. That fish moved way too fast, it had already bit through Ye Chen's protective Qi when Luo Hanshan saw it, he didn't even have a chance to stop it.


Xu Jing was the first one who attacked it, she directly punched on the fish's belly. Two flame circles appeared behind her head, they were blazing and supported her with a large amount of power, even though she was under the water.

Streams of water gushed out from the fish's jaws, it fled for over ten meters and then stopped.

Tens of meters away, Ye Chen forcibly calmed down his surging Zhen Qi. He was slightly startled as he thought, 'This fish's teeth are incredibly sharp! My Zhen Qi shield didn't work at all, it cracked my Zhen Qi shield just like a biscuit. I'm glad that I activated my body boosting spell and protective skill earlier, not letting it bite off a piece of my flesh, otherwise, this would have been waymore worse.'

Ye Chen quickly moved back to the others, and said, ’’I'm ok!’’

Lou Hanshan said with a face filled with worry, ’’If I guessed right, these are Ancient Cannibal Fishes. Their teeth could cut most of metals very easily, and they're ten times more fierce than ordinary cannibal fishes.’’

Zhu Mei said, ’’Brother Ye, the martial arts you had been practising are of relatively low grade, they might not be able to protect you from these fishes' attacks, why don't you come over here and stay in the middle of us.’’

’’Indeed, all of our arts are of the low-ranked Earth Realm, this will allow us to block group attacks launched by two or three Ancient Cannibal Fishes.’’ Reminded by Zhu Mei, Lou Hanshan also realised that Ye Chen's Pure Jun Zhen Qi was only a Mortal Realm art, it was no worse than most of the low-ranked Earth Realm arts as an attacking skill, but it was far less powerful as a defensive skill;besides, Ye Chen's Zhen Qi was also not as pure and the quantity not as high as the others, this made him the weakest among the four of them.

Ye Chen shook his head and said, ’’Earlier, I was just distracted by the blood stream that came from below, I'll be more careful.’’

After being attacked once, Ye Chen did not dare to be even a little bit careless now, he spread his soul power out, and covered ten meters in radius around him, with which, he could immediately sense even the slightest movement made by something within that area.

They continued to move downwards. The water pressure also increased and more and more Ancient Cannibal Fishes showed up. At first, they were only a couple of fishes, but now, they began to show up in small groups.


Ye Chen swung his arm backwards and threw out a move accurately, as if he had eyes on his back.


The water was split into two as a huge stream of sword Qi flashed across.

In the next moment, a small group of Ancient Cannibal Fishes were crushed, blood poured out like a cloud, blocking people's sight.

Further below, a plot was emerging.

’’Do you want to die? How dare you be in my way?!’’ Hong Qianjun, 69th on the Hidden Dragon Ranking, growled out with a fierce gaze. A strong stream of Zhen Qi spread out along with his resonant voice.

Ouyang Ming gulped and said, ’’Hong Qianjun, one of our Purple Sun Martial School's inner elders is from your family, eh, one of those branches of your family, this time, we want to make a deal with you.’’

’’What deal?’’ said Hong Qianjun in a frosty voice.

’’Kill a person for us.’’

’’Don't be ridiculous, what are you? Why do you think that I will kill a person, just for you? I can kill you right now though!’’ Hong Qianjun meant only half of what he said. He was just scaring them in order to squeeze more benefits out of them, as for killing them right now, he was indeed planning to do so if the price they offered was not desirable, he didn't care about wasting a bit of time.

Ouyang Lie, the top-ranked core disciple of the Purple Sun Martial School responded blandly, ’’You'll get fifty thousand pieces of low-ranked spirit stones after you kill him.’’

’’Hehe, what do you think I am, a beggar?! I want a hundred thousand stones for the effort I'm put and twenty thousand stones for the time I'm going to spend. And I'll kill you right now if you dare to bargain.’’

’’Okay, as you wish.’’ Ouyang Ming said. However, his heart was bleeding at this moment. One hundred and twenty thousand low-ranked spirit stones equalled forty-eight million gold;if he had a choice, he would rather pay eighty million gold, because spirit stones were much more rare and precious, and only a small amount of stones were available in every auction. This time, the budget offered by their inner elder was a hundred thousand low-ranked stones, as for the extra twenty thousand, his cousin and himself had to cover it.

’’Hehe, good, who would you like to kill? And, I'm warning you now, I am not going to accept any denials after I killed your guy, you should know that our Multiple Mountain Martial School's people never let others own our money.’’

Ouyang Ming said in an evil tone, ’’Ye Chen!’’


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