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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 148


Chapter 148: Deracinate magical light

In a thriving woods.

Luo Hanshan slowly let out a long breath that had a slight scent of blood, he then opened his eyes and said, ’’My internal injuries can't possibly recover within a short period of time. Fortunately, I feel that about seventy to eighty percent of my power has now recovered.’’

’’No rush, this Heavenly Dream Ancient Region was unlocked not that long ago, we can wait for a few days.’’ said Ye Chen.

’’Earlier, if you hadn't shown up in a timely manner, I would've been long dead by now.’’ Thinking about what had happened earlier, Luo Hanshan's heart was still fluttering with fear.

Ye Chen responded with a grin.

In the next few days, Ye Chen and Luo Hanshan hung around in the ancient region, they looked for any valuable stuff during the daytime;during the nights, Luo Hanshan would sit still in meditation to heal his wounds, while Ye Chen would focus on absorbing Yuan Qi from spirit stones, he was trying to reach the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm.

That morning, after they finished their meditation and opened their eyes, they saw a magnificent, multi-coloured stream of light that swooshed up from the East, thousands of miles away, it seemed to connect the heaven and the earth.

’’The Heavenly Dream Battle Palace is opening!’’

Ye Chen nodded. The most precious things in the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region were not those treasure weapons, ancient martial manuals or spirit medicines, instead, it was the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace, which could help martial artists break into higher realms of cultivation. Normally, you wouldn't even find a trace of it, and it would only appear and open at a certain time period. Some say that a certain amount of bloodshed was required for the opening of the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace, which was not completely unreasonable. Over a hundred years ago, in order to prevent the high death rate, those top-ranked institutions once came to an agreement to forbid their disciples from carelessly starting deadly fights against one another, and those that broke the agreement would be severely punished. As a result, even until the disciples were automatically sent out of the ancient region, the Heavenly Dream Battle Palace did not open.

’’The Heavenly Dream Battle Palace is about to open, Brother Luo, Let's go!’’


Both of them leapt up into the air and flew towards the multi-coloured light stream.

Once the multi-coloured light stream appeared, all the disciples from different institutions immediately saw it.

’’Haha! The Heavenly Dream Battle Palace finally opened! As long as I can get in there, I have one chance in ten to break into the Clasping Yuan Realm!’’

’’I have already been stuck at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm for a whole year now, this time I have to break through!’’

’’Hm, you few old douches have been troubling me constantly, when I become a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, I'll first crush you all.’’

’’Yeah, just say whatever you want. You can soon find out how I will destroy you in the Heavenly Dream Palace.’’

Whether they had been exploring the ancient region alone or in a deadly fight against others, most of the disciples instantly dropped everything in their hands and rushed towards the multi-coloured light stream as fast as they could.

Airwaves as sharp as blades, swished across their faces.

Ye Chen and Luo Hanshan looked like two gigantic birds, as they swiftly flew across the air;occasionally, they would briefly land on a mountaintop to take a short break, and would then fly back into the sky.

As his ears slightly shook, Ye Chen lowered his head and saw what was happening down on in a valley.

Beside a crystal clear stream of water, a young girl was confronting against a young man.

The young girl's forehead was covered in sweat, and had tens of smooth rips on her clothes, they seemed to be made by a sword. Judging from those cuts, it looked like the one who had cut her clothes might have been perfectly controlling the power, those cuts had only reached her clothes, and not even a little bit of her skin was harmed. As for the young man, he carried a sword, with a proud smile on his face, his clothes were extremely clean, it looked like he was pretty confident about winning this fight.

’’Little beauty, you are indeed not a bad martial artist, but sadly, It's me, Young Master Chun, you're facing right now. You should just give up on fighting back and try to be a nice girl.’’ The young man wore a vivid green outfit, his eyes were filled with pride and desire, a pair of narrowed eyes were fixed on the girl's exposed skin as he licked his own lips from time to time.

The girl's face looked frost-cold as she said, ’’I never thought that a disciple from a decent and famous institution will do such an evil and sneaky thing. I'd rather die instead of submitting to you.’’

’’Hehe, you can't die that easily in front of me!’’

The young man gave an evil grin as he flicked his wrist and suddenly launched a move. A fast stream of sword light darted out, it transformed into a warm and gentle gust of wind that was capable of making people powerless and distracted. When the girl realised what had just happened, the sword held in the young man's hand already reached her neck, the cold and sharp sword edge was only half an inch away from her main blood vessel.

In the air, Luo Hanshan said to Ye Chen, ’’This guy is the top-ranked disciple of the Sky Serpent Nation's rank 7 institution, Extreme Lunar Cult, Hidden Dragon Rank 72, he is obsessed of messing with girls. God knows how many ordinary girls and female disciples from those famous families or institutions have been harassed by him. He stays unpunished only because his grandpa is the Head Elder of the Extreme Lunar Cult.’’

’’Since he is nothing but a sluttish douche, why don't we just chop him.’’ said Ye Chen expressionlessly while he pulled out his sword and hacked down.

Beside the river, Young Master Chun was about to grab that girl with his hands, but he suddenly felt a bone-deep cold, and after that, he completely lost consciousness, forever. Behind him, the rapidly flowing stream was suddenly split into two by an over ten-meter long cut, that had abruptly appeared on the ground.

The girl perceived something and instantly activated her Zhen Qi and leapt back.

In the very next moment, Young Master Chun's body split up from the middle;the cut was as smooth as the edge of a mirror. In the meanwhile, blood splashed out in huge streams.

’’Someone's here?!’’

The girl raised her head in confusion, showing a breathtakingly beautiful face. That was Ji Xueyan, a core disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace. She saw two silhouettes swiftly flash across in the air above, they soon became barely visible, but she still recognised Ye Chen at the first glance and had also sensed his Zhen Qi that was way more fierce than ever before,

As she bit her own lip, Ji Xueyan had an extremely complicated look on her face. She clearly remembered that a year ago, she told Ye Chen that, dragons would never cohabit with snakes, therefore, she and Ye Chen could never be together. Nevertheless, judging from the current situation, what she said was indeed true, just that she had become the weak snake while Ye Chen had grown into a powerful dragon, who had soared into the sky, freely pursuing his goal. Thinking of this, Ji Xueyan bit her own lip harder and let blood gushed out in slight streams.

Thousands of miles might sound incredibly far and would take ordinarily people at least half a month to travel, yet the Condensing Reality Realm martial artists only needed half an hour to cover that distance.

As he stably landed on the ground, Luo Hanshan raised his head and said in surprise, ’’This multi-coloured light stream has even covered the huge lake that has a radius of ten miles, no wonder we could see it so clearly even from thousands of miles, it was as if it was right in front of our eyes.’’

More and more disciples arrived, and gathered around the lake.

’’The Heavenly Dream Palace must be under this lake, let's go down there directly!’’ A core disciple from a famous institution didn't stop by the lake and instead darted straight into the light stream.

Something horrible happened in the following moment. The magnificent, beautiful multicoloured light stream was so destructive that the disciple who had darted into it didn't even let out a howl before his body was silently torn apart, it then quickly melted down and merged with the light stream itself. The others who had been following him couldn't stop their bodies immediately, some had their arms dissolved by the light stream, some had their heads devoured, while some had half their body melted in that light stream. Not even a single drop of blood shed out of their wounds.

’’Eradicating magical light! This is Eradicating magical light!’’

Someone shouted out loud.

Hearing this, Luo Hanshan frowned and explained, ’’Eradicating magical light only exists in the third level of the sky - Above Heaven, I never thought it would appear here as well. If this truly is the Eradicating magical light, even Sea of Souls Realm powerful martial artists wouldn't be able to move through it, only Life and Death Realm martial artists could get into the light stream and remain alive with their powerful protective Qi, but that would still be risky.’’

’’Is this Eradicating magical light really that powerful?’’ When he saw this dreamy multi-coloured light stream, Ye Chen did not think that it was harmful, but it turned out that more beautiful things might be more dangerous as well, you could easily fall into a beautiful trap without even a chance to defend yourself.

Luo Hanshan nodded and responded, ’’There are many kinds of Yuan Qi existing in this world. Under certain circumstances, two different kinds of Yuan Qi could merge together and became an incredibly destructive Qi;some of these powerful merged Qi could transform further, into magical lights. Some magical lights are able to heal wounds, some could boost energies, while some are unimaginably powerful and violent, such as this Eradicating magical light, anything or anyone shrouded by it would immediately and entirely vanish from this world, not just the body, but even the soul.

While they were talking, over a hundred people have already gathered around the lake, and the number was continuously increasing.

’’Luo Hanshan! Brother Ye!’’

Two slim silhouettes swished over and stopped beside Ye Chen and Luo Hanshan.

’’Senior sister Zhu and Senior sister Xu, are you both alright?’’

Zhu Mei smiled and said, ’’We were lucky as we met each other soon after we got in. It's quite a shame though, I think I should give out my position of the top-ranked disciple, as sister Xu Jing is much more powerful than I thought.’’

Xu Jing remained silent.

’’Martial artists ranked in the Hidden Dragon Ranking have also come.’’ Ye Chen saw Mo Wuxue, Yuan Hengying, Hong Qianjun, Wei Dongshe and other Hidden Dragon Ranking martial artists all arrived together, they brought a wave of strong and fierce sense of power that instantly stirred the crowd.

’’Disciples from our Evil Blood Martial School, get over here!’’

’’Sky Eagle Castle's disciples, what are you waiting for?’’

’’Multiple Mountains Martial School's disciples come over here!’’

’’Green Bamboo Martial School's disciples...’’

As early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, the few Hidden Dragon Ranked people gathered all of their fellow disciples once they arrived at the lake, and the other high level martial artists also started to do so.

Behind Ye Chen, not too far away, Ji Xueyan had just arrived. She glanced at Ye Chen's back with a complicated look, and then walked to Zhuang Fei, the Young Master Emerald.

After another half hour, over four-hundred people gathered around the lake. By now, except one or two occasional late-commers who would rush over and join the group, almost all surviving disciples had arrived by the lake.

’’We were around six-hundred in total when we came in, now it's down to over four-hundred. Those who have died were all the most talented disciples of their own institutions.’’ said Luo Hanshan with a sigh.

Zhu Mei responded, ’’Fortunately, our Sky Cloud Martial School is doing pretty good so far. All four of us are still here, but look, some institutions have lost their entire group of disciples, not even a single one of them managed to survive, while some institutions have only one disciple each alive.’’

'All achievements made in Palaces cost great amounts of lives.' Ye Chen murmured in his head.

At this moment, the 'Murderous Eagle', Yuan Hengying suddenly yelled out.

’’Where is my brother? Why didn't he come? Who has seen him? You, you might've seen my brother somewhere, tell me!’’ he randomly grabbed a disciple who came from another institution and yelled in a rude tone filled with an intention of kill. That disciple didn't even dare to look at him.

’’I, I Don't know...’’ said the disciple as he trembled.

’’You don't know, huh? Then why should I let you live?’’


Yuanheng Ying twisted his fingers and directly ripped off the poor disciple's head.

’’Ye Chen, be careful, don't let him find out!’’ Seeing this bloody scene, Luo Hanshan's heart instantly started beating, and he hurriedly sent his voice to Ye Chen by the use of his Zhen Qi.

Ye Chen responded calmly, ’’Don't worry Brother Luo, I've got this.’’

Beside him, Zhu Mei couldn't help but start complaining, ’’This guy is too excessive, how could he just kill someone like that? How could he just do whatever he wants just because he is more powerful than the others?’’

Luo Hanshan gave a bitter smile. Zhu Mei was slightly more powerful than him, however, she was way too gentle and nice.

Yuan Hengying didn't ask the groups that were led by Hidden Dragon Ranking martial artists, instead, he rushed into those average level groups and asked around about his brother. After he killed another innocent disciple, he walked towards the Sky Cloud Martial School's group of disciples.

’’Oy, you, have any of you seen my brother Yuan Hengkong?’’ He swept across the four of them with a glance, and yelled in a cold tone as his blood-red eyes popped out.

Ye Chen remained perfectly calm and responded, ’’Sorry, we haven't.’’

’’Hm?! Kid, how dare you talk to me like this?! Staying so calm in front of my face, that makes you the most suspicious one. Just tell me where my brother is?!’’

Yuanheng Ying approached Ye Chen step by step.

’’Don't be ridiculous, I've already told you that we haven't seen your brother. Your brother has gone missing, but what can we do about that?’’ Ye Chen seemed to be well prepared for a deadly fight as he raised his head and showed a fierce gaze.


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