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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 147


Chapter 147: Kill three with one move

In total, there were three Low-rank Earth Realm martial art manuals and five top-rank Mortal Realm martial art manuals on the shelf, if he was to trade all these for spirit stones, he would get nine-thousand, two-hundred and fifty low-grade spirit stones, almost equal to Ye Chen's entire savings, which without a doubt was already huge.

Packing those manuals, Ye Chen glanced around the room.


A one-foot long, yellow calabash was tied with a red line and was hanging on another wall.

Ye Chen crooked his fingers towards it, and instantly, the yellow calabash fell down into Ye Chen's hands. Ye Chen slightly shook it and heard a small rubbing noise that was probably made from some small objects within.


Without thinking too much, Ye Chen hurriedly unplugged the calabash and a dense aroma immediately gushed out.

He took a round pill in his palm and gave it a close look. That round pill was about as big as his little finger, it looked like a crystal, with a faint yellow lustre, and emitted an extremely delicate aroma. Ye Chen took a single breath of that aroma and even felt some improvement in his Zhen Qi.

Although he failed to identify the name and effects of these pills, he clearly knew that they were certainly special.

He packed the calabash as well, and once again looked around the secret room. After finding nothing else of value, he slightly let out a sigh and started walking out.

This tomb was incredibly large and had countless paths crossing over each other, only god knew exactly how many crossroads were present in this tomb, it was a typical maze.

At first, Ye Chen was still very curious about this tomb, but towards the end of his search, he started to get sick of those complicated paths. Anyone would feel annoyed if they had to blindly move around in such a dark tomb, with routes filled with such tedious turns;besides, the treasures buried in this tomb were not as many as Ye Chen expected, he had already been really lucky to find the secret room.

As he walked past a junction in the path, a beam of sword light suddenly darted over.


Without even sparing a glance at the enemy, Ye Chen swung his sword in that direction.

Followed by his move, a disciple thudded against the ground, with his hand pressed on his own neck and eyes wide open.

Ye Chen found a low-rank Earth Realm martial art manual in that disciple's bag, and let out a bitter smile. This guy was also probably stuck inside this tomb, but at this stage, instead of trying to find an exit, he intended to kill Ye Chen and seize the valuable stuff he was carrying. So, Ye Chen could only say that he deserved to die.

On the other side of the tomb.


A wall collapsed along with Lin Yue's yell, ’’Damn it! Where the hell is the exit?!’’

He had not been as lucky as Ye Chen, and had only found a low-rank Earth Realm manual and three to four top-rank Mortal Realm manuals, and nothing else. Even worse, when he had finally prepared to leave, he realised that he couldn't even find the way out, and was completely stuck inside the tomb.

’’I don't believe that there's no way out in front of me!’’

Lin Yue began moving straight forward in rage, without any concern, he shattered every single wall that appeared in front of him.

Compared to Lin Yue and Ye Chen, Yin Wuqing seemed to be a lot calmer.

He took out a tiny, exquisite wooden mouse from his inner pocket, and put a small piece of low-grade spirit stone in the mouse's belly.


The wooden mouse instantly activated, it turned around and ran towards another direction. Closely following the mouse, Yin Wuqing quickly arrived at the intersection where he had come in from. Another wooden mouse was left there in a corner, and it now stuck together with its partner, the one that had guided Yin Wuqing to that place.

’’This pair of Lovesick Mice are indeed amazing.’’ He picked up the two mice and walked into the gigantic swirl and soon disappeared.

Two hours later.

Finally, Ye Chen found his way out. Although this was not the same entrance as the one he had come in from, he couldn't care about it, he just stepped out immediately.


A gale of wind roared across his ears. Ye Chen opened his eyes and found that he was in a boundless empty space, there were only drifting clouds surrounding him. As he headed downwards, the earth was quickly enlarging in front of him - meaning that he was dropping swiftly.

It turned out that he was in the air, to think that there was such a magical and unexpected exit from the tomb.

Launching the Crane Shadow Steps, his body instantly turned much lighter and nimbler;in the meanwhile, he raised his arms, and glided towards a highland in the distance.

A little further from the highland, there was a vast basin, in the middle of which, a fight was taking place. Three people had encircled someone, it seemed that they intended to kill him. The grassland under their feet was already stained by blood.

’’Yuan Hengkong, I have given you what you wanted, don't push this too far!’’ The disciple, who was encircled by the three people was wearing a blue outfit. He was none other than Luo Hanshan.

One of the three people, who seemed to be the leader among them, proudly laughed out loud and yelled, ’’I want that treasure, and also want to kill you, what can you do about it? You can only blame yourself for being too weak!’’

’’You're just taking advantage of the fact that you've more people, if you're really that brave and powerful, just fight against me by yourself. If I lose, I will die and will have nothing more to say about it, but if you lose the fight, I won't kill you. How about that?’’ Luo Hanshan said with a serious, darkened face. He clearly realised how bad his current situation was, he would certainly die if he let this fight carry on like this;he could only wish that Yuan Hengkong would accept his challenge, so that, in a fair fight, he could find an opportunity and leave much more easily. As for killing this Yuan Hengkong, he didn't even think about that. This guy was the younger blood brother of Yuan Hengying, who was also known as the 'Murderous Eagle'. Yuan Hengying was a complete conservator, not to mention his blood brother, even if you kill his dog or one of his chickens, he would definitely intend to slaughter your entire family for revenge, and if he were to kill his younger brother, it wouldn't be a wise decision.

Yuan Hengkong responded scornfully, ’’Why would I give up my advantage, do you think I'm an idiot? Cut the crap, just go and kill him!’’

Followed by his order, the three of them, each launched their moves towards Luo Hanshan.

’’The Purple Qi, Great Monument Suppression!’’

Facing three enemies who were all about as powerful as himself, Luo Hanshan activated all of his Zhen Qi, and made a broad bridge of purple Qi that extended from his body into the air, through which, the purple Qi would provide an inexhaustible power to him. Right after that, Luo Hanshan released an enormous purple monument to shield himself.

Along with a series of thunderous booms, the attacks launched by the three enemies violently shook the purple monument and left countless cracks on it.


As a core disciple of the rank 7 institution, Sky Eagle Castle Martial School, although Yuanheng Kong was way less powerful than his brother, he was still an absolutely fierce martial artist. Holding a pair of huge purple-golden hammers, he madly struck the monument.


The purple monument that was condensed from his Zhen Qi shattered and dissipated into the air, while Luo Hanshan, who was shielded by it before, now had streams of blood gushing out of the corners of his mouth.


Yuan Hengkong laughed out again as he swung his hammer towards Luo Hanshan's head.

’’Get lost!’’

Luo Hanshan suddenly growled out as his eyes popped out and threw a solid punch right towards the hammer.


Sparks were sent into the air, while an earth-shaking shock wave spread out in all directions, even weeding the grassland.

At this moment, another disciple sneakily moved behind Luo Hanshan and abruptly launched a palm attack towards his back. The palm attack directly ripped apart his protective Zhen Qi and firmly struck his back.

As he let out a mouthful of blood, Luo Hanshan's face turned even paler, it seemed that he was injured internally.

’’Try and take my hammers!’’

Yuan Hengkong had a malicious look, he took a step forward and then leapt high into the air;at the same time, his purple golden hammers released a dazzling golden light, while they were once again swiftly swung towards Luo Hanshan's head.


At this extremely dangerous moment, a sharp stream of sword Qi darted over from afar, and hacked at Yuan Hengkong's hammers.

Both his hammers were forced out of his hands, shocking him pretty badly. He hurriedly stepped backwards once he landed on the ground, and then turned to join the other two.

Luo Hanshan turned around and took a look, and said in surprise, ’’Ah, Junior Brother Ye!’’

A young man nimbly landed beside Luo Hanshan, that man was none other than Ye Chen. As he glanced at Luo Hanshan, Ye Chen furrowed his brows and said, ’’Senior Brother Luo, you're hurt.’’

’’Compared to my life, these wounds are nothing.’’ seeing that Ye Chen had showed up, Luo Hanshan silently let out a long sigh of relief. The possibility of him surviving was now rising rapidly, as the two of them could join hands and fight back. At least, they could now launch a proper counterattack, instead of him standing there alone, coughing out blood and letting his enemies decide his fate.

Moreover, Luo Hanshan didn't have a clear idea of how powerful Ye Chen was. At the current stage, he only felt that the power released by Ye Chen had been growing more and more fierce, and was already much stronger than it had been before. By his estimation, Ye Chen had reached the same level as the 'North Snow Fast Blade', Lin Qi.’’

Yuan Hengkong threw a glance at Ye Chen and found that he was just a Late Condensing Reality Realm disciple, he grinned evilly and said, ’’We have another one who wants to die. Just now, you sent my purple golden hammers flying, so now I'm going to smash your head in, tear you into five pieces and spread you all over this land.’’

’’Brother Yuan, he has a low-rank treasure weapon with him, let's kill him and get his weapon!’’

’’Exactly, look at that huge fat bag tied around his waist, it must be filled with treasures!’’

Yuan Hengkong picked up his hammers from the ground and said, ’’Be patient, this guy is already dead in my eyes. As for the treasures, I can share some if he has a lot.’’

’’Thank you, Brother Yuan!’’

Ye Chen sneered and said, ’’Well, I'll spare you from death if you can take a single move of mine.’’

’’What a stupid and reckless boy!’’

’’How dare you?!’’

’’Such big talk, you're about to die anyway!’’

All three of them showed fierce murderous gazes as they activated their Zhen Qi and darted towards Ye Chen.


Ye Chen's left foot stepped forward, and he then swung his sword downwards.


A huge stream of sword Qi flashed across the three disciples' waists, then slashed into the ground, it then left a tens of meters long and a few meter deep cut, sending up clouds of shattered plants and soil.

Right in the next moment!

Bodies of all three of them suddenly split up, and then fell to the ground in pieces.

’’What the...?! You killed all three of them with a single moment, and-and with only one move?!’’ Lou Hanshan was extremely shocked and very excited when he saw this, that he even got choked and began coughing. Although he had always known that Ye Chen was powerful and talented, he would never have thought that he could be so amazing at this stage. He had killed three equally powerful disciples with a single move, even Lin Qi couldn't possibly achieve this level, perhaps someone three times more powerful than Lin Qi could do it! However, Ye Chen had not yet stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm, so how could he be so powerful?

'No, that move launched by him just now had dragged all my attention, even my soul and spirit power. Can it be, can it really be...has Brother Ye comprehended the sword intent already? The sword intent that is pursued by all sword artists?!' thought Luo Hanshan.

’’Brother Ye, is-is that sword intent?’’ Luo Hanshan hurriedly asked.

Ye Chen nodded.

’’Ah-ha! I thought so! No wonder you could kill all three of them with a single move! Sword artists who possess the sword intent are able to defeat higher level enemies as easily as they eat and drink, the others couldn't even imagine that!’’ Lou Hanshan was sincerely happy. As the son of the Sky Cloud Martial School's leader, he had always been thinking of the school's future. Now, one of their disciples turned out to be such an amazing genius, someone who could certainly improve the overall power of the Sky Cloud Martial School in the future.

’’However, you have just killed Yuan Hengying's brother, it's not going to be easy to deal with him.’’

After his wave of excitement and delight, Luo Hanshan began to worry about it. The 'Murderous Eagle', Yuan Hengying was far more powerful than his brother, Yuan Hengkong. If he came to know that it was Ye Chen who had killed his brother, he would absolutely chase Ye Chen to the end of the world, no matter where Ye Chen went. Apart from that, although Ye Chen had already attained the sword intent, and was now surprisingly powerful that he was able to easily kill any disciples below the Clasping Yuan Realm, he probably still couldn't rival Yuan Hengying yet.

’’This is a completely empty place, I have also already chopped them, what's the big deal?’’

’’You're right, let's just move away from here as quickly as we can!’’

Luo Hanshan didn't want to spend another second in this place, as he was afraid that someone else might see Ye Chen and himself standing there right next to the three dead bodies.

Soon after Luo Hanshan and Ye Chen left, a human silhouette walked out from behind a big tree, he chuckled and said, ’’If I meet Yuan Hengying later, I can use this, and force him to not kill me.’’


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