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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 144


Chapter 144: The Tomb (Part Two)

’’Such great power!’’

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows. All the people present were either at pre-Childe-level or at the Childe-level, but they couldn't even handle a single punch, and even half of them were killed or injured right away.

’’Ah! A powerful martial artist who was at the top of the Hidden Dragon Ranking is coming in!’’

’’This fist strength is as great and heavy as the mountains...It's Lin Yue, ranked 70th in the Hidden Dragon Ranking.’’


During every journey into the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region, more than sixty percent of the disciples that died were killed by powerful martial artists who had topped the Hidden Dragon Ranking, only a small part of them have died while hunting ancient demonic beasts. In the eyes of those ordinary disciples, these martial artists in the Hidden Dragon Ranking were all killing machines, therefore, they have to immediately run away as soon as they see one or they would certainly die.

No one noticed who had taken the lead, but all the surviving people suddenly started to yell and began fleeing in all directions. Soon, only Ye Chen and seven to eight dead bodies were left in the hall.

A series of clear footsteps came closer and closer, along with which a muscular silhouette appeared in Ye Chen's sight. That man was over two meters tall, and as sturdy as a hill. He was none other than the top-ranked disciple, named Lin Yue, from one of the rank 7 institutions, Dragon and Tiger Martial School, of the Elephant Mountain Nation;he was also the one ranked 70th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Lin Yue took a glance at all those dead bodies lying on the ground, he then turned around and looked at Ye Chen, he asked a bit surprised, ’’Why aren't you running?’’

In his eyes, Ye Chen was nothing special, he was just an ordinary advanced Condensing Reality Realm martial artist that hasn't even achieved the peak level yet. With his own Early Clasping Yuan Realm power, he wouldn't pay any attention to a kid like this.

’’Why should I run? I'm also interested in the treasures in there.’’

’’Hehe, you look quite confident, but people who are weak yet still remain ambitious always end up dying fast, they don't even have a chance to stand out from the crowd.’’ said Lin Yue with both his hands held behind his back. He didn't even take a good look at Ye Chen. He was not at all worried that Ye Chen might launch a surprise attack.

’’You can find out whether I'm weak or not.’’

Ye Chen clearly knew that the only way to prove himself is to show his power, otherwise, others would only see him as a pushover, and would never end up taking him seriously.

Lin Yue's expression slightly changed. This kid clearly knew that he was someone in the Hidden Dragon Ranking, yet, he was still acting so confidently, he didn't understand where Ye Chen get his confidence from. 'Does this kid really think that he can evenly compete against me? Or is he just being stupid and reckless?' thought Lin Yue.

'It can't be that he is just a stupid and reckless boy, otherwise, why would his institution send him into this region? Just for letting him get himself killed?' thinking of this, Lin Yue laughed out.

’’Good, you sound brave enough. If you can take a punch from me, I, Lin Yue, will never stand in your way.’’

’’A punch? Sure.’’

Ye Chen was also not planning to start a huge fight against this Lin Yue, because he wasn't sure that he could kill this guy. Of course, this guy could not kill him either.


Ye Chen pulled out the Hidden Cloud Sword. At that moment, his appearance seemed to have changed entirely. A fierce and powerful aura suddenly shrouded him, it then began condensing and purifying;finally, Ye Chen looked like a shining sword that had been silently accumulating power and was about to pierce through the entire universe.

’’Such a sharp sword aura. Hm? No, it felt a bit like sword intent. Has this kid already comprehended the sword intent?’’

Lin Yue didn't want to believe that Ye Chan had already attained sword intent, instead, he thought that it was just some special aura due to a certain kind of martial skill. As he pondered this, Lin Yue abruptly let out a loud shout and threw out a heavy punch.


Before the roaring stream of fist power was entirely released, the ground had already cracked open and sank in, while the walls near him began to let out creaking sounds and then suddenly started to collapse.

This punch was powerful enough to kill an ordinary Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist, or to shatter a hundred meter tall mountain. It was truly amazing.

Ye Chen's hair and clothes fluttered backwards, it looked as if he was going to be blown away and be crushed by this swooshing, gigantic stream of power at any moment.

Gazing at Lin Yue with a pair of piercing eyes, Ye Chen swung the Hidden Cloud sword.


A thin beam of sword light appeared in the air, swishing straight towards the stream of fist power. At that moment, even the bright crystal light in the hall seemed to have dimmed down, only a dazzling beam of sword light remained visible.

Followed by a series of sizzling noises, hundreds of thunderous booms rose in the air within a moment, the sound was so loud that it could even destroy people' eardrums;after that, another even greater boom burst out, and both of them were sent flying backwards.

’’Sword intent, this is true sword intent!’’

Stabilising his body, Lin Yue looked at Ye Chen surprised.

While flying backwards in the air, Ye Chen pushed the sword back into its sheath in a practiced manner, and then nimbly landed on the ground. He then raised his head and said, ’’Thank you.’’

Lin Yue responded, ’’As I said, I will not step in your way. But you shouldn't think that you can do whatever you want with only your sword intent. During the last Hidden Dragon Ranking, I've met quite a few disciples who have comprehended the sword intent, however, none of them managed to achieve the top place.’’

’’I am certainly aware of that.’’

Ye Chen was way smarter than that. He never thought that sword intent would make him invincible, he didn't even believe that he could kill this Lin Yue with it. Sword skills were only one part of a whole three-thousand kinds of martial art forms that existed within the martial world, and the sword intent was only a small accomplishment in the sword skills;gaining the sword intent didn't mean that he was already powerful enough to look down upon the rest of the world.

After all, all those legendary martial artists that could stand above the whole world had unbelievably high achievements in their cultivation. However, none of them had managed to step into the top realm and make an eventual breakthrough.

Neither of them wanted to continue this fight, and were about to each open a door among the three closed doors when another series of footsteps came closer.

These footsteps sounded extremely regular, the interval between every two steps was exactly the same. It sounded like the person was capable of doing this as soon as he was born, yet, it also sounded like he was intentionally walking in this manner. If you had to describe it with one word, it would be 'duplicate', indeed, only this world could perfectly explain the crazy regularity of his footsteps.

Although neither of them saw the incoming person's face, both Ye Chen's and Lin Yue's expression immediately changed.

’’This man must be powerful, and these footstep sound so familiar.’’ Lin Yue knitted his brows, trying to recall.

’’It's Yin Wuqing! People call him 'Prince Devil'!’’ Lin Yue abruptly shouted out in a low, strained voice.

'Prince Devil', Yin Wuqing!

Ye Chen quickly searched for information regarding this 'Prince Devil' in his head. He was the top-ranked disciple of the Sky Serpent Nation's rank 7 institution, Brute Devil Martial School, and was ranked 45th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. Among the thirteen Hidden Dragon Ranking martial artists that came here from all nine nations, he was one of the two, who hadn't yet broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm.

’’I think he hasn't broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm yet, has he?’’ Ye Chen had already asked Luo Hanshan about this. Luo Hanshan had told him that almost all of the top-50 in the Hidden Dragon Ranking were in the Clasping Yuan Realm, then how did this Yin Wuqing obtain a rank in the top 50? And that was even a year and a half ago.

’’Haven't you heard about the 'Prince Devil' before? Even early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists should be afraid of him. Even the 'One bloodless blade', Mo Wuxue and the Killing Eagle wouldn't want a direct confrontation with him.’’

Ye Chen shook his head. He had only recently stepped into his current stage and didn't know much about the news of outside world, maybe the four young masters of the Windy Nation would know more than him.

’’The Brute Devil Martial School is the same as the Evil Blood Martial School, both of them worship evil powers and their disciples all practice dark arts. This Yin Wuqing's Martial art is even more special, it is called 'Earth Devil Body Strengthening'. This martial art mainly focuses on the cultivation of human body, it allows the martial artists' body to become as solid as metal, and it can never be harmed by any kind of weapons, or even flames or water. Apart from this, martial artists who practice this art can only improve very slowly, however, every step forward means a breakthrough. That is a terrifying art with which Yin Wu Qing defeated a few early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists and managed to rank in the top 50 of the Hidden Dragon Ranking. By now, even though we have all broken into the Clasping Yuan Realm, no one dares to despise him.’’

’’Do you know which realm the Earth Devil Body Strengthening belongs to?’’ asked Ye Chen.

’’I heard it's a mid-grade Earth Realm martial art.’’ said Lin Yue.

'Ah, a mid-grade Earth Realm art, no wonder. It's higher ranked than my Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell, I think the art our school leader, Luo Xinglie's cultivated is also a mid-grade Earth Realm art.' thought Ye Chen.

As the footsteps stopped, a young man appeared in Ye Chen's and Lin Yue's sight. This young man was neither too tall nor too short, he had a slim body shape that even seemed a bit scrawny. However, in Lin Yue and Ye Chen' eyes, he was nowhere close to a scrawny young man. Just by standing there, he made both Lin Yue and Ye Chen feel that he was an extremely dangerous martial artist, it was as if he was a weapon instead of a human being.

’’Lin Yue, are you going to stop me?’’ said the young man while staring at Lin Yue with a frosty gaze.

Lin Yue laughed out loud and responded, ’’How dare I stop you, the famous 'Price Devil'? We have three doors here, let's each take one.’’

’’Why? Is this kid qualified as well?’’ said Yin Wuqing as he turned his head towards Ye Chen.

Lin Yue shook his head and said, ’’Don't misjudge him, he had already comprehended the sword intent. Just now, he faced a punch from me with a stream of Sword Qi, and the winner was not determined.’’

’’Ah, in that case, he is indeed qualified.’’ Yin Wuqing seemed a bit surprised. After all, all the people who had managed to attain the sword intent were absolutely fierce and powerful, he had met a few of them during the Hidden Dragon Ranking, and because of that, he would not dare despise Ye Chen.

’’Good, let's all mind our own businesses. I, Lin Yue, will not be afraid of anyone anyway.’’ While speaking, Lin Yue walked towards the middle door.

Yin Wuqing walked towards the right door.

Ye Chen didn't care which door he opened, as he wouldn't know what was inside before he opened it.


Lin Yue seemed to be having a problem. In front of the door, an invisible layer was blocking his way, preventing him from opening the door directly.

’’Just break!’’

Lin Yue immediately threw out a punch. Tremendous amount of fist power swooshed out and condensed into a sharp stream which bumped against the screen.

Followed by a buzzing noise, the power stream stirred up waves of ripples on the screen, yet, the screen remained unbroken.

Lin Yue refused to believe that he couldn't break this screen. He activated his Zhen Qi and threw out another three punches in a row.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The invisible screen shook in an intense manner, it then twisted and seemed to be on the verge of shattering. Seeing this, Lin Yue launched the fourth punch right away and finally broke the screen.

On the other side, Yin Wuqing had a scornful grin, he raised his slim and beautiful hand, and directly punched the screen in front of his door, without using even a trace of his Zhen Qi.


The invisible screen was punched hollow by his hands, before it bounced back. Then, Yin Wuqing made the second and third move.

He didn't release the fourth punch, instead, he buckled the hollowed area of the screen.

A shrill cracking noise pierced into Ye Chen's ear, along with which, that invisible screen was directly torn apart by Yin Wuqing. Ye Chen was seriously shocked by the monster-like power of this guy, it even made his heart start beating loudly. Silently, Ye Chen admitted that this 'Prince Devil' was indeed much more powerful than himself.

After Lin Yue and Yin Wuqing walked into their doors, Ye Chen pulled out the Hidden Cloud Sword and hacked three times on the same spot of the invisible screen.

Puff, the invisible screen shielding the door in front of him was easily broken and quickly dissipated.

Carrying the iron spear, and holding the sword with his right hand, Ye Chen pushed the door open and walked in.

There was nothing but a black coffin that was right in the middle of the room.

’’Is this place a tomb?’’

Ye Chen got a weird and bad feeling. That coffin seemed strange, it was as if something horrible was hiding in it.


At this very moment, a hoarse growl came from Lin Yue's room, following that, there was a ground-shaking fighting noise, which even shook all three rooms and the entire hall.


The thick coffin lid suddenly moved a little bit aside, leaving a slight gap, from which, two green light beams darted out, it was exactly like the gaze of a malicious ghost.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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