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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 143


Chapter 143 - The Tomb (Part one)

He was killed too fast. Perhaps even in the end, he probably did not manage to figure out how he died.

However, this was no longer any of Ye Chen's business, he was only in charge of the killing part.

He had a treasure sword around his waist and held the Iron Spear in his hand. Ye Chen's feet slightly touched the ground, he then floated up to the tree branches like a gust of blue smoke. He flashed again and then completely disappeared.


Once Ye Chen left the area, countless bugs came out of the marshland and devoured Qiu Heng's body and head, leaving nothing behind, not even the bones.


The marshland Ye Chen was present was not the only where place such deaths took place. In some other places the killings were even more brutal.

In the endless mountains.

The bloody Qi rushed towards the sky.

’’Run! 'One bloodless blade' Mo Wuxue is coming!’’

’’What?! Mo Wuxue?!’’

’’F*k! We are so dead!’’

Outside an ancient-looking cave, seven martial disciples ran out while crying. Some of them even used some self-sacrifice spells just to speed up a little bit, someone even threw out exploding pellets behind him.

’’Since you are already here, why are you all rushing to leave?’’

The air wave that was brought up by the explosions was torn apart. Mo Wuxue who was wearing gold colored cloths walked out from it, he sneered and threw out a blade attack with his thin bloody red blade.

There was no obvious blade light or any blade Qi, one could only see a blood red line drawn by his blade. However, those running disciples' heads fell off one by one without spilling even one drop of blood. It seemed as if there was an invisible power sealing all the blood from coming out, it was extremely bizarre.

One Bloodless blade. Killing people without spilling a single drop of blood. It was indeed the power of the Head Disciple of the Evil Blood Martial School, the 54th ranked contestant of the last Hidden Dragon Ranking.

At the same time in another place.

Right next to a lake.

Yuan Hengying looked towards the people who really wanted to flee but were too afraid to do so, and said in a vicious manner, ’’Besides the disciples from the Sky Eagle Castle, there is only one result for you if you come across me, Yuan Hengying. That is death.’’

Hearing this, these people looked extremely pale. They had found a Fish Dragon Plant which was worth seventy thousand gold. The last thing they had expected when they were fighting against each other was that the most terrifying warrior in the whole nine nations - Yuan Hengying - would come there. Yuan Hengying had the title 'Killing Eagle', he killed every opponent that he ever encountered. When comparing the reputation, he might be even more famous than the 'One Bloodless Blade' Mo Wuxue, since the latter only killed for the sake of killing. So, if you did not purposely try and mess with him, there was a huge possibility that you could walk away alive. However, Yuan Hengying was way different, he would kill when he was in a good mood, he would kill even more when he was in a bad mood;he would still kill when he was just calm. In other words, he did not need a reason or a certain mood to kill. Once you encounter him, you could only hope that he was in a weird mood that he would let you walk away alive. Otherwise, your chances of living might be even lower than for a dead tree to come back to life in spring.

Clearly, the Killing Eagle was in his normal state right now, which meant that he would kill.

’’However, I have changed my mind - I will give you three breaths time instead. Whoever could run away within that time, I will let him live.’’ Yuan Hengying really enjoyed this kind of atmosphere, where he got to play God and had control over other people's lives. This would not be his first time doing so.

'Three breaths of times! Then I will live!'

Everyone's eyes brightened. Most of them were at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm, within a breath's span they could cover more than one hundred meters. The ones with faster speed could even cover two hundred meters. With three breaths worth of time, there might actually be a chance for them to survive.

’’And? Why are you still here? I might change my mind any second.’’

Yuan Hengying licked his lips, as a murderous intent flashed through his eyes.


Under the pressure of being killed, everyone present accumulated their Qi to its limits, they started flying out with a speed faster than ever.

After the first breath, the slowest person was already one hundred meters away.

After the second breath, the slowest person was already two hundred fifty meters away.

After the third breath, the fastest person was already one mile away.

’’Eagle Pack Broken Soul!’’

Yuan Hengying yelled hysterically. He placed both of his hands in front of his chest, and then pushed them out aggressively.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!


The dark blue colored Zhen Qi formed dozens of Zhen Qi eagles. They flew out in different directions all starting from Yuan Hengying, as fast as lightning.


As a scared cry came out, the slowest martial disciple's head was cracked open by the claws of the Zhen Qi eagle, his body slid out dozens of meters, without making a sound.

Then it was the second martial disciple, the third, the fourth... then there was only one left, who had already ran over one thousand meters.

’’Not bad, you could even make it that far, but if you think you could really run away from me then you are just dreaming. Eagle Pack Formation, Hit the Sky!’’

All the Zhen Qi eagles combined together and turned into a gigantic eagle, which waved its wings. Then, two dark blue Qi blades shot out.

At that moment, that martial disciple seemed to have sensed his death approaching. He took out a dark red iron ball. It was a Red Light Fire Ball which was just as valuable as the Silver Light Thunderbolt Bomb, it could easily kill a warrior at the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm. But obviously, he would not dare to target it at Yuan Hengying, he threw it towards the Qi blade that was headed towards him, while yelling, ’’Explode!’’


The red light brightened and then exploded, the two Qi blades were shattered in a second.

’’Yes! I've dodged the bullet.’’

He seemed relieved, both his mood and his body relaxed a little.


Out of nowhere, another Qi blade shot towards him and went right through his head.


The martial disciple died without being able to shut his eyes.

Yuan Hengying landed on the dead body lightly, and said calmly, ’’I told you, all the people who encounter me have only one ending, no exceptions. The three breaths of time thing was just a joke, don't take it seriously man.’’

As he waved his hand in the air, three Red Light Fire Balls flew out from the dead body's pocket and landed in his hands. He sneered and then disappeared in the air.


The marshland was extremely dangerous, sometimes being fast was not a good thing.

Just earlier, Ye Chen had already learned that, he had to slow down to only sixty percent of speed to try and conserve some energy.

As one spear attack went through the beast that had come out of nowhere, Ye Chen stood on the branch of a huge tree. He was looking over towards the distance, but there was nothing ahead.

’’Is this the end?’’ Ye Chen frowned.

Without much hesitation, his body floated forward, and then he started to fly like a bird.

This was a dark cliff, in which was the marshland;while out of this was just emptiness. It was complete emptiness. It was as if there was a barrier that was blocking the space outside, making it invisible to the human eye.

Ye Chen remembered that the Leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School - Luo Xinglie once said that the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region was a magical place. The entrance of a treasure cave could be in a mountain, or under the water, or it might even just be at the bottom of the cliff. Ye Chen hesitated for a second, and then took a leap.

He trained the Crane Shadow Step Art, which allowed him to float in the air for a long period of time. If there was anything unexpected down there, he could just come back up anytime he wanted. If he did not want to give it a try, there was no other way to go besides turning back, which might waste a lot of his time.

Time was money, especially in the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region.

When he fell about five hundred meters downwards, Ye Chen realized that he was still nowhere near the bottom. With all the clouds reducing the visibility around him, he decided to fly back up.

But right at that moment, the space below him suddenly started to shake dramatically. It formed into a whirlpool which sucked Ye Chen right in.


His feet touched the ground, Ye Chen finally managed to let out the breath was holding.

Just like the Leader had said, the entrances could be anywhere. It all depended on if you were brave enough or not, because if he did not jump it would mean that he would miss a great opportunity.

He slowly let out a deep breath and started to scan the surroundings.

After studying his surroundings, he realized that he was in a dark stone-like hallway. And on each side of the hallway, there was a small stone platform every hundred meters. Arm-thick candles were laid in the middle of the platform, they continued to flicker, sometimes bright and sometimes dim.

With the enhancement of the sword intent, Ye Chen was not terrified of such dark creepy places, he started to walk deep into the hallway.

After he walked about a few hundred meters, there was another path to the right side of the hallway. He could almost hear someone talking in it.

’’It seems like I am not the only one here!’’

Ye Chen gave it a little thought and then stepped into the path without making a sound.

At the end of the path, there was an ancient luxurious lobby. The crystal light at the top of the lobby looked like it had never gone out before. Its soft and warm shine gave the whole place a feeling of safety. Ye Chen looked down, on the side of the lobby, there were three doors. On each door were carved different things. At the moment, there were a bunch of martial disciples who were fighting against each other, trying to be the first one to enter the doors.

’’My Head Brother disciple is Xue Heng, the 57th ranked contestant of the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Whoever messes with our Invisible Martial School would be killed! So piss off already!’’

’’Huh! I am a disciple from the White Deer Cave, our Head Brother disciple is Lu Shao. Everyone else should just leave.’’

’’In this Heavenly Dream Ancient Region, none of that matters. If I kill you right now, no one would ever know who actually killed you. Don't be silly, die now!’’

The exploding sounds of Qi was heard from different parts of the lobby, shaking the crystal light at the top, it looked like it was about to fall down any minute.

Ye Chen was planning to stand back and watch, but he could hear that there were people approaching from behind. If they were only normal martial disciples, he would not care at all, all he needed to do was to kill them all. However, the footsteps of the person approaching had a magical sound, which was filled with power. Even Ye Chen could feel the pressure.

'An Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior!'

A thought flashed through his head, Ye Chen took one step out of the pathway and into the lobby.


The fighting stopped for a beat, everyone's attention landed on Ye Chen.

After seeing the cloud pattern on Ye Chen's sleeves, some of them started to sneer.

’’Sky Cloud Martial School from the Wind Nation... a disciple from a rank 9 martial institution dares to come here, I don't think he knows how to spell death.’’

’’I have never killed anyone from the Sky Cloud Martial School, but I have killed a disciple from the North Snow Martial Academy, it was so easy! I really wonder how those people were trained.’’

’’Let's kill him first.’’


These people had been fighting for a long time without a result. Now that Ye Chen was here, they all started to approach him with a murderous intent, it was almost as if Ye Chen was already dead to them.

Ye Chen sneered. 'A bunch of idiots. If it was not for that person in the pathway, I would have already taken care of you. But let's just wait for a bit for now.'


Those people had not even started attacking yet and the air flow in the pathway had already changed. A huge Zhen Qi fist suddenly shot out of the pathway. It was extremely pure and as powerful as a mountain.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost half of the people present were killed by the after wave. Their bodies were blown to the side. Even then, the power of the Zhen Qi fist hadn't dissipated, eventually it shattered a huge column into pieces.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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