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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 142


Chapter 142 - Killing in the Marshland

’’Golden Tip Silver Snake Plant!’’

As he looked around, Ye Chen's attention was grabbed by something on the land ten meters away. It was a grey-colored rough land. And in the middle of that land, there was a little plant that was filled with silver colored scales. On the top of that plant, there was a hint of gold-colored light, with a slight glow.

’’This medicinal plant should be worth fifty thousand gold, it is extremely rare. So lucky, and how random is it to see this here.’’ Ye Chen would have to admit that he was a bit surprised. A plant of that price would be almost impossible to find. If it was refined into a protective pellet, it would be worth at least five million gold. Then it would be something that even Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would fight for.

Without any hesitation, Ye Chen waved his hand in the air. That [Golden Tip Silver Snake Plant] landed in his hands as he willed. However, before he could study it more carefully, that rough land suddenly started to rise. It was divided into three parts. A cold light came together and focused on him.

That was no rough looking ground, it was an alligator-looking demonic beast.


The beast jumped out of water, its ten-meter-huge body attacked towards Ye Chen along with its rotten smell. It opened its huge mouth in the air, and you could see its endless sharp teeth within.

Ye Chen did not panic at all, he instead punched at the beast's head.


His ten-thousand-pound strength along with his purified Zhen Qi could only make the beast take a few steps back, it could not even wound it a little.


With the first punch ending in no result, Ye Chen sent out another punch towards the beast's stomach, bringing up a wind which made his cloths flutter in the air.


This punch not only consisted his thousands of jin strength, it also had an unbreakable sharp light, which punched right through the beast. Its blood soaked the whole marshland.

Ye Chen took out a black bag with gold colored lace. He placed the extracted beast core along with the jade box carrying the Golden Tip Silver Snake Plant into the bag.

He tied up the bag and put it around his waist. Ye Chen's body then flashed and disappeared into the marshland.

He did not walk far before another danger appeared in front of him.

Ten bird beasts that resembled the shape of snakes jumped out from the huge trees on the both sides of the marshland. They attacked Ye Chen from different directions, while making weird sizzling sounds.

’’Tyrant's fist!’’

Ye Chen threw out a punch. A black light formed an umbrella and covered Ye Chen's body. The horrifying weird bird beasts crashed into the black light as if it was an invisible wall, they were all bounced back by the after wave of the punch. Blood spilled from their beaks and their wings were broken. They started to fall into the marshland making it look like it was raining birds, they slowly sank to the bottom of the marsh.

’’The Heavenly Dream Ancient Region is still just the way it was in the ancient times. Even the beasts were from the ancient times, no wonder they are so unbelievably strong!’’

According to the level of the Beast Qi, Ye Chen was able to identify that the alligator beast was a rank 4 beast, and the weird-looking bird beasts were rank 3 beasts without any effort. However, compared to the demonic beasts outside, the beasts here were at least three times or more powerful. That was not all, they also had extremely tough defences which was the reason they were not easily killed by the tyrant's fist.

Without knowing how big the marshland was, Ye Chen had already walked for more than half an hour, but he still hadn't seen the edge of the marshland.

During his exploration, he had encountered countless ancient demonic beasts. Just earlier, a cow-sized snail beast had shot a pile of sticky fluid towards Ye Chen. It was not only sticky like the super glue, but it was also filled with poisonous gas. If it hadn't been for Ye Chen's excellent reflexes that allowed him to avoid the attack while holding his breath, he would have been badly injured.

Eventually, this snail beast was decapitated by Ye Chen with a single sword attack. It was also the first time that Ye Chen had to use his sword since he arrived in this marshland, one could tell from this how powerful that snail beast was.

Stepping on the branches of a tree, Ye Chen balanced himself. He turned his head and looked at the dark burnt ground ten meters away.

On that flat ground, there was a broken stone stele, the carvings on it had been smudged.

And right in front of the stone stele, there was an iron stick inserted into the ground, leaving only one meter of it still outside.


Ye Chen's eyes brightened. He could sense that there was a spirit in that iron stick. A normal weapon would not have something like that, so he was certain that it was a great weapon.

Although he preferred a treasure sword, he was not going to ignore other weapons. In the market, a low rank treasure weapon could be sold for at least a few millions of gold, maybe even three hundred million gold if it was of good quality.

Using the Crane Shadow Step Art, Ye Chen disappeared into the air. When he appeared again, he had already arrived in front of the stone stele.

He reached out and grabbed the iron stick, and then pulled it out with force.


A red flame shot to the sky, burning all the trees in the surroundings to ashes.

This was not an iron stick, it was a dark iron spear, with the length of two and a half meters. There was a mysterious pattern on the spear's body. And the top part of the spear had four sides to it, there was a gap between each part. At a glance, it looked like there was a helix flame burning on top of the iron stick.

’’Low rank Treasure spear, it is definitely valuable!’’

Ye Chen could sense that there was a burning aura floating inside of the iron spear. Even the slightest Zhen Qi could make this burning Qi shoot out and wound people. However, compared to the Tiger Head treasure Blade in his storage ring and Lin Qi's Air Splitter Blade, it was still lacking something. The treasure weapons have the reputation of having their own power, like the blade Qi inside the Tiger Head treasure blade did, even a Mortal Realm warrior could use it to its best. As for Lin Qi's Air Splitter Blade, it was probably the same. And this Low rank treasure Spear contained the power of flame. It would be a perfect match for a warrior who trained the fire attributed Zhen Qi.

Holding the iron spear, Ye Chen frowned.

'Such a huge spear, where should I put it? I can't just hold it in my hand for the rest of the trip, can I?'

'It's such an inconvenience without my storage rings!'

Ye Chen shook his head and forced a laugh.

Thousands of meters away, four or five martial disciples that were spread out in different places saw that there was a flame sparkling ahead, and their eyes brightened. They then started running in that direction without hesitation.

'Someone is coming.'

Ye Chen was just about to leave when his body froze. After ten breaths, five martial disciples appeared around him, they were all from different martial institutions of different nations. They were all staring at the Low rank treasure spear in his hand, their intentions needed no explanation.

’’Brat, put down that spear.’’

’’Cut off one of your arms, then I will leave you alive.’’

’’What a treasure! It is not something you should have.’’

The five came closer and closer, they all wanted to be the one to get their hands on the spear.

Ye Chen sneered. The five were all warriors at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm. From their Zhen Qi, three of them were at the pre-Childe level, and the other two were already at the Childe level.

’’If you want this treasure spear, it will cost you your life.’’

There was no murderous intent or an evil aura in Ye Chen's Qi. His Qi only had sharpness, it was an unstoppable sharp Qi.

’’You are looking for death!’’

The martial disciple who was closest to Ye Chen started to attack. He threw out a palm attack. A huge Zhen Qi palm headed towards Ye Chen.

These attacks were not powerful enough to make him take out his sword. Ye Chen held the iron spear in his hand, and then stabbed out with it.


The burning flames stabbed through the Zhen Qi palm and pierced his neck.


The head flew out, the neck turned dark due to the burn.

’’He has the Low rank treasure spear, let's attack together!’’

The remaining four people were quite shocked.

’’He will never know how he died.’’

He stabbed out again, the spear attacks were like the endless mountains. It was Ye Chen performing the [Lone Peak of the Thirteen Swords] with a spear.

The martial disciple who was trying to attack Ye Chen from behind did not even get close before dozens of black holes appeared on his body. The deadliest one was on his forehead, because of which half his head was blown away.

One spear attack for one martial disciple, Ye Chen did not even stop for a moment to take a breath. The iron spear continued stabbing in different directions, the red flame burst to the next level. It heavily attacked the left side of another person's waist.

With a cracking sound, that man's body was cut in half, and he then fell into the marshland.

’’Run! This guy is definitely not a normal Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior!’’ The remaining two people finally realised that Ye Chen was not someone they could possibly mess with. Normally, a warrior holding a Low rank treasure weapon could only fight at most two opponents of similar cultivation at once, it was almost impossible to kill three people at the same time. It would have to be someone who had extremely powerful fighting strength.

But it was already too late for them.

One of them was slower and was shot in the head by Ye Chen;while the other made it a hundred meters away. However, he didn't even get to feel lucky before he realized that his chest had been stabbed through by the burning spear. The next second, he was nailed to the tree in front of him.

The huge tree went up in flames, and the sparks from the fire burst everywhere.

As he walked over to take out the spear, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'For me, the childe level is no longer a threat. I guess you all were just unlucky.'

Ye Chen did not leave at once, he suddenly turned around.

’’I think it's time for you to reveal yourself. Don't you think so, my friend?’’


A human figure jumped out and landed on the stone stele in the middle of the marshland.

’’Great. With only a Low rank treasure spear, you were able to kill five martial disciples with the same cultivation level. If it is possible, I don't want to kill you. But you will have to cut off one of your arms. As for that treasure spear, it will be my souvenir, how about that?’’ The new company was a teenager who was in his early twenties. He had thick eyebrows and big brown eyes, he had an extremely evil aura. A poisonous snake had just appeared earlier, he just stepped on it and split it in half.

'Killing a rank 3 ancient beast in a second! He seems strong.'

Ye Chen could tell that his opponent was not simple. In the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region, the rank 3 ancient beasts had extremely strong defense, which even his Tyrant's Fist could not break through. But his opponent could somehow kill it with zero effort. Without any surprises, this guy might even be as powerful as those powerful warriors of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

’’With just you alone?’’

If it was before, Ye Chen would not be so confident of winning against him. But now it was different.

The teenager laughed creepily, ’’I was ranked 75th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. Too bad, the Hidden Dragon Ranking only considers up to the seventy-second rank. But if you compare me with those other normal Peak Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors, then you would die horribly for your lacking judgment. I could kill those people in the blink of an eye.’’

’’Do you want to live or die, make your decision.’’


Stabbing the iron spear into the ground, Ye Chen took out his sword, ’’I will kill you in one sword strike.’’

’’Ah, why are there so many people who want to die so urgently? Don't worry, I will not let you die instantly, I will first cut off your four limbs, and then plug them into a tree.’’

Casually saying such creepy words, Qiu Heng lightly stepped on a stone with his right feet.


The stone exploded and his body has already jumped towards Ye Chen. Although he was still in the air, his powerful attack had already cut those huge trees around Ye Chen in half. The edges of the cuts were so smooth that it was like glass. In comparison, not even Shi Potian's attacks could do this, they were at completely different levels.

'This Qiu Heng is unbelievably strong!'

’’One sword!’’

Ye Chen did not react to his opponent's attack. He shook his head slightly, and threw out a casual sword attack.

’’What the heck? How can I see the back of my body?’’ Qiu Heng could feel that his body was drifting away from him. He could see the back of his body while his opponent started to put away his sword and turned around, this weird sensation terrified him.


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