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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 141


Chapter 141 - The Opening of the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region

Shoo! Shoo!

Even though the beasts hadn't landed yet, two young figures had already jumped off, they were as fast as lightning.

One of them was as bulky as a mountain, he was at least two meters and two inches tall which was even bigger than Xiao Ye;the other one looked more feminine, his eyes shone with a cold light, like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity to attack.

’’Lin Yue, the top disciple of the rank 7 martial institution - Tiger Dragon Mountain from the Elephant Mountain Nation;Wei Dongshe, the top disciple of the rank 7 martial institution - Blue Bamboo Martial School from the Thousand Thread Nation. Those two have already reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, they were ranked 70th and 66th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking.’’

Listening to Luo Hanshan's words, various thoughts filled Ye Chen's mind. Among the thirteen warriors of the Hidden Dragon Rank, there were only two of them who haven't reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, but even they should not be underestimated, since it was already a matter of one and a half year ago, and they managed to be in the Hidden Dragon Ranking with the power of the peak of Condensing Reality Realm. Their fighting power was probably even more powerful than the North Snow Childe and the Duanmu Childe. Not to mention that one and a half year had already passed since then.

In contrast, the cultivation level of the childes in the Windy Nation was less impressive.

’’Hehe, so many people have already come. There seems to be a lot of familiar faces.’’ Lin Yue twisted his neck, making the bones produce cracking sounds.

Wei Dongshe scanned the crowd, and then sneered, ’’Besides the people from the Hidden Dragon Ranking, the rest are all losers. I hope they won't encounter me, otherwise I will kill them all.’’

’’I see that you are still full of murderous intent. But I would watch out for Zhuang Fei if I were you. In the Hidden Dragon Ranking, you punched him quite badly. This time, I think he will come seek revenge.’’ Lin Yue added fuel to the fire.

’’He barely counts as an opponent. I will gladly satisfy his needs.’’

Although the two of them weren't talking too loudly, most people with good hearing had already heard their conversation.

On side of the Emerald Martial Palace.

A couple of core disciples seemed to be pissed off by their comments.

’’This guy is so arrogant. Does he really think he could win against our Senior Brother without any struggles?’’

’’Whatever, our Senior Brother has already reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, he will lead the Emerald Martial Palace to the next level. Who is he to stop him? How ignorant.’’

Zhuang Fei stopped their chattering, he said without any emotions, ’’I will kill him once I am in there, so stop talking.’’


The disciples all stopped chattering at once as requested.

The night soon came.

The night time in the [Scorching Ancient Desert] was colder than expected, there was even a layer of ice that formed over the surface of the sand, it was as hard as iron.

’’Damn desert.’’

Some of the martial disciples who just came out for the bathrooms could not help but shiver and curse at the cold weather.

In the thick tent, Ye Chen was sitting with his feet tugged under his body.

Right now, his Zhen Qi had almost reached the peak of the Late Condensing Reality, it was still lacking some stability which forbid him from pushing it all the way through to the next level.

On the True Spirit Continent, different people trained in different ways. Some of them preferred to accumulate Zhen Qi for a big improvement, while some would rather improve step by step;there were also people trying everything they can to reach the one realm that they got stuck at for an unbearably long time due to them burning away all of their Qi.

Currently, Ye Chen belonged to the second group of people. He trained one stage at a time, with both his feet on the ground. It was not because he did not want to be like the first type, but rather that he really didn't have the time to accumulate progress since his real training time had been less than two years, there was no way for him to compare with the others. As for the third type, the downside of it was that it costs too much, rarely anyone would choose that option.

The good thing about taking one step at a time was that it allowed one to master their power faster, and use hundred percent of their power to its limit, without wasting anything.

It was one silent night.

Noon of the second day.

More people from other martial institutions had arrived, which included the Purple Sun Martial School, North Snow Martial Academy and the Rudra Martial School from the Windy Nation. Of course, it also included the only rank 9 family from the Windy Nation - the Duanmu Family.

’’So many powerful warriors.’’

Ouyang Lie and the group gasped, their pride suddenly disappearing.

As he took a glance, Ye Chen was slightly shocked, because Yuan Xuemei was also here. 'I don't think she was even ranked in the top six of the Rudra Martial School! But she did have great comprehension, maybe the leader of the Rudra Martial School wanted her to have more opportunities.'

’’Another group of people coming to die.’’

Yuan Hengying and Mo Wuxue sneered.

On the third day.

A red sun rose up from the east, dyeing the Scorching Ancient Desert in a blood-red color.

’’The Heavenly Dream Ancient Region will be opening in half an hour, hand over all your storage rings.’’ The Head Elder gathered the four of them and said.

Luo Hanshan looked curious, ’’Head Elder, why?’’

The Head Elder laughed, ’’You will have to blame me for this. I forgot to mention it earlier, the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region is located in the gap between spaces where a small universe was formed. However, the universe there is unlike the one we are in, it rejects all foreign objects. The storage rings are made of space crystals which will be especially strongly rejected. If you bring it with you when you enter, they will be crushed into ashes by the huge pressure of the space.’’

The four of them immediately understood, they took off their storage rings and handed them to the Head Elder.

Putting away the storage rings, the Head Elder said, ’’Don't worry, the storage rings are your personal belongings. Without your permission, we will not look into them.’’

'I sure hope so!' Ye Chen was really worried that the Head Elder would check his storage ring, because he had stored more than ten thousand low grade spirit stones, and a low rank treasure blade, and another mid rank spirit stone. He had no idea how valuable his belongings were, but he had never seen any Inner Elder wearing a mid-rank storage ring.

Ye Chen forced a laugh. 'Maybe I am just being paranoid, why would the Head Elder take my storage ring? It is almost impossible. '

Of course, Ye Chen was not ashamed of it. His motto was to be careful and cautious. If he did not have this habit, he would have made huge mistakes by now. Even if he trusted them, there was no need for him to share every single detail about himself with them.

The cyan rainbow got brighter and brighter, that surreal light door had become solid as if it was made out of crystals, hiding itself in the cyan light.

Half an hour passed by in the blink of an eye.


The light door opened slowly, the loud noise terrified people.

The Head Elder let out a deep breath, he then said with a serious face, ’’You should all enter now. But remember, no matter where you are transferred to, keep calm, and do not panic!’’

’’Yes, Elder.’’

The four of them were about to enter the door.


’’Haha, the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region is controlled by you martial institutions, how come we can't enter? Today, no one is going to stop me.’’

Two human figures flew towards the light door extremely fast, bringing up the sand behind them. They were so fast that that their speed was almost close to the speed of sound, making a loud high-pitch sound.

'Two Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors!'

Ye Chen stopped, he was surprised that they had managed to hide with everyone watching.

The most bizarre thing was that all those Elders from different martial institutions did not stop them. Some of them shook their head with pity, but most of them were sneering.



Then, something shocking happened. The two of them were like moths that were attracted to the flame, they were burnt the second they touched the blue shine, leaving nothing behind, not even the storage rings on their fingers.

’’Fools, if everyone could enter, it would not be just the two of you. All those powerful warriors from different martial institutions would have already gone.’’

’’The rules of the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region are really weird, only people who have a bone age that is not older than twenty-four can enter. Even those powerful warriors who are in the Life and Death Realm and are able to change their bone ages could only barely do it.’’

A lot of people who had sensed what had happened with their soul power started talking. Ye Chen suddenly understood why those elders did not try to stop them, it was because they already knew this would happen. However, it was not hard to understand though. The Heavenly Dream Ancient Region had been discovered for a while now, all those martial institutions should have quite a good understanding about it, or else they would not let their best disciples enter without hesitation.

’’I am going to enter now.’’

The top disciple of the Evil Blood Martial School, Mo Wuxue made the first move. His body turned into a bloody shine and entered the light door, and then completely disappeared.

It was almost at the same time that the other powerful warriors from the Hidden Dragon Ranking followed after him, they entered the light door extremely fast accompanied by various colored Zhen Qi, creating quite a beautiful scene.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The next second, it was like a plague of locusts, six hundred martial disciples rushed to the light door all together. Some of them started to fight with each other, and exchanged palm attacks.

’’Let's go in as well!’’

Seeing that everyone had already gone in, Luo Hanshan could not wait any longer, so he jumped towards the light door.

’’What a view!’’

It was Ye Chen's first time seeing so many young powerful warriors gathered together, he could not help but make a comment. Then he shook his head, followed Xu Jing and calmly entered the light door.

’’Ouyang Lie, Ouyang Ming, the two of you don't forget: kill every Sky Cloud Martial School disciple you meet, do not let them go easily. If the conditions allow, you can join the other martial institutions and assassinate them, especially that brat called Ye Chen.’’ The Purple Sun Martial School Elder passed the message to the top disciple Ouyang Lie and the second disciple Ouyang Ming with his Zhen Qi.

An evil light passed through Ouyang Ming's eyes, he then responded with his Zhen Qi, ’’Don't worry, Elder. Even if you did not remind us, I would still take out the top four disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School. As for that Ye Chen, although it will be tricky, it won't be impossible, there will be a time when he will have to fight against someone tough.’’

’’Good. That was exactly what I meant.’’ The Purple Sun Martial School Elder sneered.

Ouyang Lie said without hesitation, ’’As long as I am there, those four would not be coming back alive.’’

’’If so, I am counting on you then.’’

Shoo! Shoo!

The two of them entered the light door with their unspeakable purpose.

The other four Purple Sun Martial School disciples also followed them.

On the side of the Sky Cloud Martial School, the Fourth Elder noticed those mysterious movements, he passed on the message to the Head Elder with his Zhen Qi, ’’Those bastards from the Purple Sun Martial School are not planning something evil, are they?’’

The head Elder said, ’’From the moment they entered the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region, everything is in their hands. We will have to believe that they will make it out alive. It would be nice if they could kill some of the Purple Sun Martial School disciples before coming back.’’

’’Huh, Luo Hanshan and Xu Jing are pretty brutal when it's necessary;Zhu Mei is still quite soft on people. As for Ye Chen, I could not quite get a read him, I wonder if he would go easy on people or not.’’

’’Don't underestimate Ye Chen. In the critical moments, he would be more brutal than anyone else.’’

Once he entered the light door, Ye Chen felt the space around him twisting, he could not see or sense anything, even though his eyes were open the whole time. Then, his body became lighter and lighter, it was like he was traveling through time, the speed was inhumanly fast.

He had no idea how long it had been.

Ye Chen appeared in a huge marshland. Besides the grey bubbly marsh around him, there were some weird looking giant trees, and also some odd sizzling sounds.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz


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