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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 140


Chapter 140 - The Gathering of the Geniuses from the Nine Nations

Luo Hanshan looked really serious as he said, ’’Brother Ye, we must be careful on this trip to the Heavenly Dream Ancient Region, a lot of young powerful warriors on the Hidden Dragon Ranking have come.’’

’’Young warriors on the Hidden Dragon Ranking?’’ Ye Chen's eyebrows twitched, he remembered that Zhuang Fei had been ranked 68th last year in the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Of course, he had only been at the peak of the Late Condensing Reality Realm back then.

Luo Hanshan said, ’’In the Hidden Dragon Ranking last year, all the warriors who were ranked fiftieth and more were all at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm, while the ones that were ranked up to the fifties were all at the Early Clasping Yuan Realm, and the top ten were all at the peak of the Early Clasping Yuan Realm;while the top three were all at the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm.

They represented the top of the younger generation of the North Zhuo region. They might even be stronger than the older generation. Especially the top three, I heard that with their power they could already compete with the top five leaders of our Windy Nation.’’

’’The top three could compete with the top five leaders?’’

Not just Ye Chen, even Zhu Mei and Xu Jing looked surprised. All their eyes landed on Luo Hanshan, who was the only one in the Sky Cloud Martial School that had attended the Hidden Dragon Ranking in the past decade, although he had eventually been eliminated.

Luo Hanshan nodded heavily, ’’If you've never watched the Hidden Dragon Ranking, you would not know how powerful they are. If you are in the top ten of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, you will have the title of North Zhuo region's monstrous talent. And the top three can already compete for the title of worldwide genius, if they have the luck and the opportunities, they might even be able to enter the Sea of Soul Realm and maybe even the Life and Death Realm. They are the most powerful generation of the past century. When I say that they could compete with the top five leaders, it was already one and half year ago, god knows how powerful they are now.’’

’’That powerful?’’ Zhu Mei was pretty relaxed, she had never thought too highly of herself, even though she was the Eldest Sister disciple of Sky Cloud Martial School. But, as a person with such status, she still had her pride. Even so, she could not help but frown when she heard his words.

’’I know that you won't believe me right now, but you have to know that the top three of the Hidden Dragon Ranking came from the top three nations in the North Zhuo Region. They have an inhuman comprehension ability, and the martial arts they trained were ten times better than ours. And they never lack any resources. Just from these three factors, you could probably already imagine the level of their power.’’

'Compare to them, my power now is definitely not enough!'

Ye Chen let out a breath, he asked, ’’Brother Luo, who are those powerful warriors from the Hidden Dragon Ranking?’’

As his eyes focused at the group on the east side, Luo Hanshan said, ’’The man in the blood-red robes with the gold colored designs on it is Mo Wuxue from the rank 7 martial institution in the Rudra Nation - the Evil Blood Martial School. He's twenty-two years old right now and was ranked fifty-four in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. People call him the 'One bloodless blade'. I heard that one year ago, he had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, which was even earlier than Zhuang Fei. His blade art is just like his title, brutal and efficient.’’

Ye Chen followed Luo Hanshan's line of sight. Seven hundred meters to the east, among seven disciples dressed in blood-red robes, a pale-looking teenager was particularly noticeable. He was wearing blood-red robes with a gold colored design, he was slim and tall, his gracefulness had a hint of evil and murderous aura, and looked extremely dangerous.

’’This man is dangerous!’’ Ye Chen had an extremely powerful soul power, which was especially good at observing various auras. Due to this, he could tell that this Mo Wuxue was even more powerful than Zhuang Fei. If Zhuang Fei was a strong and relaxed fighter, then Mo Wuxue was a huge furious snake, once he attacked it would be the time for his opponents to die.

Afraid of attracting Mo Wuxue's attention, Luo Hanshan soon turned away and looked towards a person on the north-east side, ’’That person is called Yuan Hengying, he is also from a rank 7 martial institution in the Rudra Nation - the Sky Eagle Castle, he is twenty-three years old now, and was ranked 59 in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. He was also known as the 'Killer Eagle'. His cultivation level was about the same as Mo Wuxue, but he was more brutal. Mo Wuxue kills for the sake of killing, and he does it for fun. Both of them are monsters, rumor says that the people they have killed are countless, and they are now both Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.’’

This time, Ye Chen had already spotted Yuan Hengying. It was not that he had a higher cultivation level, in fact the truth was that Yuan Hengying was actually not as powerful as Mo Wuxue, it was just that he had an extremely powerful murderous aura, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. There was an old saying in the True Spirit Continent, ’’If you kill one thousand opponents, your murderous aura will grow as well’’, it meant that a warrior's murderous aura would continue to increase as he killed people. When a warrior killed more than ten thousand opponents, his murderous aura would turn into Evil Qi. The Evil Qi would not only increase the warriors' fighting strength, it could also pressure his opponents mentally. The only person in the Sky Cloud Martial School who managed a thousand kills was Meng Chong. Although his real power was not actually higher than any of the others, his murderous aura had boosted his sword arts, and allowed him to kill his opponents in just one attack. However, compared to Yuan Hengying, it was like an ant being compared to an elephant, they were not at all on the same level.

Touching his nose, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'This is a true killer right here! He had probably killed more than ten thousand people! However, Mo Wuxue is almost at the same level, seeing that his murderous aura is starting to change into Evil Qi, he must also have killed about six or seven thousand people already!'

Ye Chen could not help but let out a forced smile. Until now, he had only killed less than fifty people, and they had mostly been for the missions.

Ye Chen had stared at him too long, Yuan Hengying in the dark robes turned his head, and then smiled for a second. His white teeth looked kind of creepy under the reflection of the sun.

Suddenly, Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei turned quite pale. Yuan Hengying's Evil Qi was too strong, even though it was just one glance, it had an aggressive impact on other people. People who were not strong enough might have puked out blood, because if the Evil Qi was to accumulate in the human body, it might do even worse damage.

The weird thing was, when Xu Jing saw his horrible look, she looked just the same as always, still carrying that peaceful expression.

As for Ye Chen, with the help of his half-step sword intent, it would be impossible for Yuan Hengying to hurt him with the Evil Qi as the sword intent could cut through any evil.

Yuan Hengying looked a little bit surprised, He saw that only two out of the four people were affected by his Evil Qi, and the other two were not at all affected. It would have made sense if the unaffected two were Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, but they were only at the Late Condensing Reality Realm.


'These kind of people are the best ones to kill.' Yuan Hengying licked his lips.

After a while, Luo Hanshan was finally able to calm himself, he was afraid of looking at Yuan Hengying again, so he carried on introducing the other young warriors from the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

’’Cai Yueyao, from the rank 7 martial institution of Rudra Nation - Moonshine Martial School, she was ranked 64 in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking, she is known as the 'Moonshine Phoenix'. She uses the [Water Moon Slim Sword], which allows her to hurt people with the minimal effort.’’

’’Lu Shao, from the rank 7 martial institution of White Wonder Nation - the White Dear Cave. He was ranked 61st in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. When it comes to speed, he could be ranked within the top thirties. He could kill people in the blink of an eye without even being detected.’’

’’Hong Qianjun, from the rank 7 marital institutions of White Wonder Nation - Mountain Martial School, he was ranked 69th in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. He has the title 'Thousand Pound Palm'. His palm strength had reached beyond one thousand pounds, it's just like a mountain pressuring down on a human. People who are not as strong as him would be beaten with a single touch, without any chance to fight back.’’

’’Xue Heng, from the rank 7 martial institution of the Sky Snake Nation - The Invisible Martial School, he was ranked 57 in the last Hidden Dragon Ranking. He was called the 'Invisible Hand', he is proficient when it comes to killing people without being noticed. Most of the time, his opponents would have already died before they even realize that it was him that has killed them. So, there is rarely someone who is not terrified when they fight against him.’’


Luo Hanshan introduced eight people in a row, he then stopped and said, ’’There are three huge nations in the North Zhuo Region, ten medium nations, and twenty-four small nations. Even though the disciples from nine nations that had come this time are a lot, there are only thirteen of them in the Hidden Dragon Ranking. Rudra Nation as the top of the twenty-four small nations has four warriors that were in the Hidden Dragon Ranking;the medium nations - White Wonder Nation and the Sky Snake Nation - are behind the Rudra Nation, they only have three of them. And our Windy Nation have the Emerald Childe, Zhuang Fei, which adds up to eleven people. And the rest of the five small nations only have two people all together. Of course, the Hidden Dragon Ranking was already one and a half year ago, god knows how many more powerful warriors have appeared since then. There might be other new Clasping Yuan Realm warriors appearing in front of us, you never know.’’

'The Rudra Nation is not simple!'

Ye Chen had already heard ages ago about how powerful the Rudra Nation was. As the top of the twenty-four small nations, they had more geniuses than the normal medium nations. A normal medium nation would have five times more land than a small nation, and within a normal medium nation, there would be hundreds and thousands of martial institutions, competing with each other aggressively. A normal small nation would never be able to compete with it, but Rudra Nation was an exception.

Zhu Mei nodded, ’’In the Hidden Dragon Ranking, the three big nations had taken up forty percent of the places, the twenty-four small nations had taken up thirty percent, and in that thirty percent, the Rudra Nation had taken up twenty-five percent all by itself. Even if the medium nations are included, the Rudra Nation could be ranked 4. Hence their reputation in the North Zhuo Region.’’

’’However, among all the young powerful warriors present, there seems to be no one ranked fiftieth or higher.’’ Ye Chen said suddenly.

Zhu Mei and Luo Hanshan glanced at Ye Chen with a weird look on their face.

Luo Hanshan forced a laugh and said, ’’Brother Ye, don't you realize? Ninety percent of the people who were in the Hidden Dragon Ranking were all from the rank 7 martial institutions. Only one or two were from a rank 8 martial institution. None of them were from the rank 9 martial institutions. And even the rank 7 martial institutions could be separated into different ranks. The Emerald Martial Palace and the North Snow Martial Academy could only be counted as normal rank 7 martial institutions. The Evil Blood Martial School, the Sky Eagle Castle and the Moon Shine Martial School from the Rudra Nation can be regarded as medium rank 7 martial institutions. The true powerful martial institutions are mostly from the medium nations, so even if they don't have many powerful warriors, the quantity of warriors is way higher, that is why they could be ranked in the top fifty. And the three huge nations are even more impressive, besides the rank 7 martial institutions, there are even rank 6 martial institutions. The top ten of the Hidden Dragon Rank were all from rank 6 martial institutions, without exception.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’So, only the powerful martial institutions can produce the most powerful disciples, even in Rudra Nation.’’

’’Yes, that is the logic. Although there might be exceptions, it does not prove anything, it could only mean that they were lucky. However, if the exception joined an even more powerful martial institution, he might become even more powerful.’’

Luo Hanshan suddenly looked at Ye Chen and said, ’’Actually, you can be counted as half a monster. If you manage to fully comprehend the sword intent, then you would truly be counted as a monster. Too bad that you don't have enough time to grow, otherwise it will not be impossible for you to compete with the geniuses in the Hidden Dragon Ranking.’’

Hearing him, Zhu Mei glanced at Ye Chen with admiration, ’’Comprehending the sword and blade intent is something that every sword artist and blade artist dreams about. Even among those monsters in the Hidden Dragon Ranking, rarely anyone has ever learned it. I have to say, you have plenty of potential in this area.’’

Ye Chen laughed. He had already fully comprehended the sword intent, but he was still trying to get used to it.




In the desert, ten huge demonic beasts have flown over from different directions. A lot of people were on those beasts;they were obviously from other martial institutions.

’’The last two warriors from the Hidden Dragon Ranking are here.’’Luo Hanshan said slowly.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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