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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 135


Chapter 135: Injured severely in an explosion


An enemy fiercely hacked at Ye Chen's defensive layer with a long blade, this made the defensive layer instantly dim down.

Ye Chen didn't even turn his head around, he only swung the sword backwards and swiftly cut the enemy's head into two sending streams of red blood and smashed white brain matter up into the air.

’’Kill this kid! He has comprehended the half-step sword intent, we can't let him live!’’

’’Exactly! Kill him! Lord Ghost Artist will certainly reward us! He might even teach us more powerful martial skills!’’


Ye Chen, Luo Hanshan and Xu Jing had already killed over twenty ghost guards, however, more and more ghost guards continued to come onto the mountaintop. In the span of a breath, two to three enemies would rush up and join the fight. Seven to eight among these ghost guards had their eyes fixed on Ye Chen, filled with a fierce killing intent.

’’King Corpse Punch!’’

’’Flashing Ghost Shadows!’’

’’Devil Sword!’’

’’God and Ghost Claws!’’

Every one of these ghost guards had their own martial skills that they had mastered, and each of them sent out waves of violent power towards Ye Chen.

’’Clouds have No Limitation!’’

Ye Chen also launched his counterattack as. A tremendous streak of Sword Qi tore apart those power streams that had already merged into one;after that, the remaining force of that sword Qi swooshed across the group of ghost guards.

Followed by a series of puffing noises, the bodies of the three ghost guards who were in the middle of the group had suddenly been sliced into a few parts and was distributed on the ground. Even the protective Zhen Qi of all the others had been shattered by the afterwaves of the Sword Qi, this made them cough up huge amounts of blood.

’’All Evil Creatures Die!’’

On the other side, Xu Jing released an enormous, roaring stream of pure golden fire, it swept across the air in a dazzling manner. All the ghost guards within five zhang radius were all struck down by the flame's power, unable to struggle back up from the ground.

’’Great Monument Suppression!’’

Seeing more and more ghost guards reaching the mountaintop, Luo Hanshan finally activated his Zhen Qi. A huge cloud of, even more dense purple mist burst out of his body. Meanwhile, he crossed his fingers and abruptly launched a heavy punch directed downwards with both of his hands. Along with his movements, an over ten meter tall, gigantic purple monument pressed down from the air, it immediately smashed four ghost guards. Faint purple shockwaves spread out, sending all ghost guards that were rushing over in an attempt to encircle Luo Hanshan, flying into the air as they vomited blood.

In the air, the leader of the ghost guards was enraged when he saw this. He gritted his teeth and pressed his palm down. Instantly, the tens of meters wide, dark palm that was condensed from Zhen Qi, swooshed down and almost shrouded a larger part of the mountain. Ye Chen, Luo Hanshan, Xu Jing and many ghost guards were all in the Zhen Qi palm's attack range, it seemed that the leader of the ghost guards was going to kill all of them together.

’’Ah!! Run!!’’

Seeing this, all the ghost guards on the mountaintop howled out as they immediately turned around to flee in all directions.


The ground sank about three feet. Most of those ghost guards failed to survive, and were all shattered into clouds of bloody mist, not even leaving a piece of bone.

Thin blood streams gushed out of Ye Chen, Lu Hanshan and Xujing's mouths, ears and noses. All three of them were shocked and even slightly frightened. This attack was launched by the leader of the ghost guards, who was thousands of meters away from them, high in the air. The attack didn't even strike them directly;however, their bodies couldn't endure even this amount of the huge pressure. If this terrifying attack actually struck their bodies, none of them would survive.

Abruptly, Luo Hanshan let out a resonant growl.


A dragon-eye sized, pure transparent crystal ball appeared in his hand, which contained a sphere of red light within it. At the first glance, one would probably think that the crystal was red.

Activated by Luo Hanshan's Zhen Qi, that crystal ball suddenly exploded.

In the very next moment, eye-piercing red light broke out from the crystal ball and formed a light shield and firmly enveloped Luo Hanshan, Ye Chen and Xu Jing. That light shield was a foot thick and had dense red power streams flowing inside it.

The huge Zhen Qi palm pressed on the light shield and caused crunching sounds, as if that light shield would break at any moment and they would all be smashed by that gigantic palm.

Nevertheless, the light shield had eventually made it, and the Zhen Qi palm gradually dissipated in the air.

’’This is?’’ Ye Chen's expression slightly changed. That dragon-eye sized, red crystal ball, took out by Luo Hanshan just now, was almost exactly the same as Ye Chen's blue crystal ball. And that blue crystal ball was given to him by Ye Hai.

Did these two crystal balls have the same origins? Can his blue crystal also explode into a protective light shield? What was the name of this kind of crystal ball? Did Ye Hai know how to use this crystal ball? Within a second, a series of questions flashed across Ye Chen's mind, he hesitated for a while, but he didn't ask Luo Hanshan about that crystal ball.

The leader of the Ghost guards seemed as if he couldn't believe that the Zhen Qi palm had actually failed to kill the three kids. With his Late Clasping Yuan Realm power, he could even kill three early Clasping Yuan Realm warriors from thousands of meters away, not to mention three Late Condensing Reality Realm kids. However, that light shield that appeared suddenly was way too powerful, it even managed to wear down the Zhen Qi palm, and ruined his plan.

’’Purple Light Paradise!’’

The Head Elder was extremely frightened after he saw what had happened just now. If the Leader of the Ghost guards had successfully killed these three kids just now, he had no idea how he could have explained this to the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Luckily, Luo Hanshan had quite a good life-saving treasure with him, and managed to save all three of them from this deadly danger. Thinking of this, the Head Elder activated his Zhen Qi and released a fierce beam of purple light.

The Ghost guard's leader paused only for a brief moment before he swiftly moved and dodged this purple light beam.

Followed by a loud puffing noise, a bottomless deep, thumb sized hole appeared on the ground - the mountain seemed as if it was entirely pierced by the purple light.

Ninety percent of the light shield's power was consumed when fighting against the Zhen Qi palm. Therefore, it quickly became thinner and then transformed into pure Yuan Qi, dissipating into the air.

Lou Hanshan wiped off the cold sweat from his own forehead. They were so close from death just now. Fortunately, Luo Xinglie had given him a Yuan Guang ball before he came. Yuan Guang balls were found five-thousand years ago, in the remaining site of the Puppet School, a legendary, super powerful, rank 5 institution. They had also found the manufacturing instructions of the wooden guards from the same place.

’’Are you guys okay?’’

Ye Chen had great amount of soul power that perfectly protected him from the strike. Except for a little bit of blood that was pressured out from his ears and nose, he was all good. As for Xu Jing, she was protected by the powerful golden fire, so she was also not injured.

’’Good, good.’’

At this moment, only a few ghost guards were still alive on the mountaintop. Most of this group of ghost guards died under the gigantic Zhen Qi palm launched by their own leader, so unworthy. But of course, to Luo Hanshan, Ye Chen and Xu Jing, this was the best result. Otherwise, they would have had to spend a lot more effort to kill all those ghost guards After all, the three of them were only Late Condensing Reality Realm martial artists, they had very limited amount of Zhen Qi, that could only support them for a quick fight. If the fight lasts too long, problems would certainly occur. Although they had loads of medicines that could replenish consumed Zhen Qi, they couldn't consume too much of them continuously. They had already taken it a few times earlier, if they do that again, a possible reduction of Zhen Qi would happen to them, and they could also suffer a Zhen Qi turbulence inside their body.

After killing off the last few ghost guards on the mountaintop, each of them took out a piece of low-grade spirit stone and began absorbing Yuan Qi contained in it, to replenish their consumed Zhen Qi.


On the other side of the mountaintop, the fight between the Wind Vulture and another ghost guard continued. The Wind Vulture swiftly flew around the ghost guards ceaselessly scratching him with its sharp claws, while the ghost guard with the sword maintained the same method of counterattack. It was that every time he found a weakness of the Wind Vulture, he would immediately let out a fierce stream of Sword Qi and always came close to hurting the vulture.

’’It's not going to work. This bloody bird moves way too fast, and can always dodge my attack. This will never end if I keep attacking it this way.’’ seeing what had happened to the other ghost guards, this one clearly realised that he had to end this fight as soon as he could.

After another ineffective attack, this ghost guard's face turned vicious. He stared at the Wind Vulture and completely stopped moving, only floating in the air.

The Wind Vulture hovered around in the air for a few times, and then suddenly darted towards the ghost guard from his left side at lightning speed. Even with such a short distance, the Wind Vulture had still raised its speed near the speed of sound.


The Wind Vulture easily ripped apart the protective Zhen Qi of that ghost guard, and pierced its sharp claws into his body, as if it could tear his entire body into pieces in the next moment.


The ghost guard suddenly swung his sword and hacked at the Wind Vulture's body.

Blood shot out like a rain. The Wind Vulture let out a shrill howl, then fell off the mountain.

’’Hehe, today is the day you all die!’’ The ghost guard had no spare time to launch another deadly attack at the Wind Vulture. Instead, he burst out his Zhen Qi and dove down to the mountaintop in a few blinks of an eye.

’’Great Monument suppress!’’

’’Clouds have No Limitation!’’

’’All Evil Creatures Die!’’

The giant purple monument, huge streams of Sword Qi and bright dazzling golden light together headed towards that ghost guard. They all simultaneously made their move and drew back as fast as they could.

’’Won't work.’’

The ghost guard slightly waved his long sword, easily shattering the monument, and dissipating the Sword Qi and the golden light. None of these attacks achieved any effect against him.

Nevertheless, this was all planned. Suddenly, four silver iron balls appeared around the ghost guard, each of these silver balls was connected to Luo Hanshan through a faint and thin wisp of Zhen Qi.


Along with Luo Hanshan's voice, silver lightning bolts roared out from all four silver balls, quickly forming an enormous silver sphere that surrounded the ghost guard.

Lightning bolts like countless silver snakes dazzled across the silver sphere, letting out loud sizzling noises, that even made Ye Chen feel his scalp go numb and made all of his fine hairs stand up.

Previously, Luo Hanshan had thrown four Silver Light Thunderbolt bombs on the mountaintop, forming a huge square formation that surrounded the three of them. If any enemy they were unable to fight against showed up, they could immediately withdraw and let the four bombs launch a surprising and deadly attack. This ghost guard who had just injured the Wind Vulture and intended to attack them, was slightly weaker than the other two, who were fighting against the two elders. He was at the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. His opponent was the Wind Vulture, except for its amazing speed, the vulture apparently could not harm this man, and was trapped by him. It fell off the mountain and its current situation was unknown.

’’Silver Light Thunderbolt bombs could kill early Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, and could severely injure Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Although I have thrown out four bombs all at once, the distance was too long, the enemy might survive this. We should still be careful.’’ said Luo Hanshan with a serious face. The last four bombs were used up, if the enemy survived, they could only fight against him by risking their life. Streams of Zhen Qi poured out of Luo Hanshan's body once again, obviously, he was preparing for a deadly fight.

The three fiery light rings behind Xu Jing's head grew even brighter, as she fiercely gazed at that silver lightning sphere.

Ye Chen had already unified his Zhen Qi and soul power, preparing to make the 'Heart Refining' move. He believed that under the explosive power of four bombs, the enemy would certainly be severely injured, and as long as the enemy was wounded, his 'Heart Refining' move could definitely worsen that wound. If they were lucky, he might even be able to kill the enemy directly.


The silver lightning sphere suddenly broke, showing the silhouette of the ghost guard. His body was entirely burned, no colour of skin could be seen on his face now. Wisps of smoke rose from the bigger wounds, spreading out along with the scent of grilled meat.

’’Bastards! I will make you regret this!!’’ the ghost guard slightly moved his body, but he seemed to have choked on his own blood that was about to spurt out from his throat. The blood surging out of his body was immediately evaporated by the remaining lightning power, so he only coughed out a mouthful of white smoke. He raised his head and stared at the three young martial artists with a pair of devil-like, blood-red eyes.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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