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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 134


Chapter 134: Silver Light Thunderbolt Bomb

Before the Head Elder's voice faded, shrill swishing noises came from afar.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Three silhouettes stood on clouds, drifting up and down along with airwaves.

’’Hehe, all five of them are here.’’ All three of them were in black outfits that had golden edges, and long cloaks decorated with patterns of ferocious ghosts. At this moment, the middle-aged one, who seemed to be the leader, fixed his eyes on the Wind Vulture and laughed in a cruel, creepy manner.

The Head Elder clearly knew that these three people were none other than the ghost guards from the Ghost Corpse Mountain, however, in order to be sure he still asked them.

’’Who are you?’’

’’The people who are going to harvest your lives!’’ said the leader.

At the same time, he suddenly pulled out a long sword and swung it forward.


The thick layer of cloud was torn apart by a fierce stream of power, while a gigantic streak of sword Qi that was over ten meters long swiftly flashed across the air and appeared right in front of the Wind Vulture.

’’You sneaky bastards!’’

The Head Elder growled out, his hair and moustache fluttered in the air. He then pointed his finger at the streak of Sword Qi.

Followed by another sudden puffing noise, the streak of Sword Qi was punctured and instantly shattered.

’’Sky Scorching Palm!’’

Seeing the enemy launch another attack, the Fourth Elder also immediately made his move. His scorching red palm hacked out in the air, even evaporating a large piece of a cloud.


The leader of the ghost guards launched the counterattack right away. He pressed his right palm in the air, and a tens of meters long black stream of Zhen Qi swooshed out of his palm. It easily crushed the palm attack of the Fourth Elder, it then came roaring towards the Wind Vulture and the people standing on its back, like a fierce dark cloud.

The Head Elder had been fighting against another ghost guard. Seeing that the sky suddenly darkened, he instantly realised what was going on. e stamped his feet on the Wind Vulture's back in a calm manner;along with his move, the vulture quickly descended below the cloud.

The Zhen Qi attack almost scratched the Wind Vulture's body, and continued to shatter a huge piece of cloud. Great shockwaves spread out, stirring up a tsunami of clouds.

’’Don't even think about running!’’

The third ghost guard, who hadn't yet launched his attacks yelled out as he darted down and blocked the Wind Vulture's way.

The Head Elder's face went even more dark, he ordered the Wind Vulture to dive at its highest speed, intending to bring this fight to the ground.

A great gale blew across them. The human silhouettes, which were as small as ants, continued to enlarge rapidly.

When they were about a thousand meters high from the ground, a gigantic hand condensed from Zhen Qi suddenly pressed down at a shocking speed;the shrill noise of air splitting was as loud as thunder, and as terrifying as the collapse of a mountain.

The Wind Vulture was a powerful fifth-stage beast, it shook its wings and increased the speed once again. It dodged the gigantic Zhen Pi palm and left an arc in the air in a breathtaking manner.

Finally, the Wind Vulture landed on a flat mountaintop.

’’You three! Don't get separated! Han Shan, release the Silver Light Thunderbolt bombs if it's necessary!’’ said the Head Elder once the vulture landed.

Lou Hanshan seriously nodded and said to Ye Chen and Xu Jing, ’’Don't worry, we can just stay aside and watch, they can't harm us.’’

Ye Chen was not too worried about his own safety. Surely, the school must have given the two elders quite a lot of life-saving treasures, since they were sent out. As for that Silver Light Thunderbolt bomb the Head Elder mentioned just now, although Ye Chen hadn't heard about it before, judging from the Head Elder's words, it sounded quite special.


The mountain suddenly shook. The Head Elder and the leader of the Ghost guards had already started their fight. Both of them were powerful Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, every single move of theirs could shake a mountain. Some demonic beasts living in the surrounding areas that didn't manage to flee in time were all turned into meat paste.

On the other side, the Fourth Elder and the Wind Vulture had each started fighting against a ghost guard.

Although the Fourth Elder was not as powerful as the Head Elder, as a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, and with the medium grade Earth Realm martial art, Sky Scorching Palm, which could burn and detonate anything with a slight touch, his battle effectiveness was no worse than the Head Elder. As for the Wind Vulture, even though its power was only comparable to a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, with its amazing speed, it could certainly keep the enemy busy for a while.

A great fight that involved five human warriors and a beast happened right in front of their eyes, but Ye Chen and the other two disciples could only stand aside and watch.

Lou Hanshan brought up the topic, ’’The Ghost Corpse Mountain seems so impatient, it seems like it won't be long before the Ghost Artist fully recovers.’’

’’Ghost Artist?!’’ Ye Chen and Xu Jing turned their heads towards Luo Hanshan simultaneously.

Lou Hanshan explained, ’’Once, there was a huge, powerful sect in the South Zhuo Region, named Nine Evil Cult. The leader of the Nine Evil Cult had a hundred and eight great Ghost warriors under his command, and the Ghost Artist was one of them. The Nine Evil Cult continued to grow more and more greedy, it attempted to occupy the entire South Zhuo Region and enslave all the institutions in that area. Without any choice, all the other institutions gathered together and started a year-long war against the Nine Evil Cult, and finally exterminated the cult twenty years ago. Powerful people in that cult were either killed or ran away, I suppose, the Ghost Artist was injured back then.’’

Was this even real?!

Ye Chen hadn't heard about the Nine Evil Cult, because he was very young. A lot of people in the martial art world might have already known this story.

But this Nine Evil Cult sounded way too powerful. To occupy the entire South Zhuo single-handedly, it should at least be a rank 5 institution! Thinking of this, Ye Chen was shocked once again.

’’What about the Ghost Artist?’’ asked Xu Jing.

Lou Hanshan gave a bitter smile and responded, ’’He was at the Late Astral Reaching Realm at his peak. At this moment, I assume he is at the early Astral Reaching Realm. Otherwise, he couldn't possibly wipe out the Evil Earth Martial School during a single night.’’

Hearing this, both Ye Chen and Xu Jing gasped in shock.

Late Astral Reaching Realm martial artist!

Martial artists at this realm could completely destroy thousands of zhang tall mountains with a single move, while Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could only destroy hundreds of meters tall hills;they were not even at the same level. If the Ghost Artist was to recover his peak strength, not to mention a single institution, all the five top-ranked institutions would probably be exterminated, even if they fought back by joining hands. The difference was too huge, and could never be madeup with numbers.

’’Sky Ghost Mark!’’

’’Purple Light Finger!’’

Up in the air, a mountain-sized dark and gigantic hand made of Zhen Qi bumped against a purple beam of light. Instantly, the surrounding air exploded and swooshed out in huge streams. Even the afterwaves of this great explosion could kill an ordinary early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist;as for Condensing Reality Realm martial artists, they couldn't even survive for a second under the shocking waves of such a terrifying explosion.

At this moment, Ye Chen sensed a wave of slight swishing noises, from all directions.

’’Some people are coming over.’’

These three disciples stood on the mountain top and looked down. Soon, they saw tens, and then more than a hundred dark silhouettes rapidly moving towards the mountaintop.

’’Get ready to fight!’’ Lou Hanshan sounded as calm as usual.

In about ten blinks of eyes, the first enemy, wearing a black outfit, appeared on the mountaintop. The Zhen Qi vibrations of this man were great, revealing his Early Clasping Yuan Realm cultivation.


That man gave a vicious grin, he then suddenly rushed towards Ye Chen and the other two without any hesitation.

Lou Hanshan shook his head, and then threw out a silver bomb that clashed against the Zhen Qi shield around that man's body, along with a loud swish.


Dazzling silver lightning bolts burst out in the air, within which, the man in a black outfit was immediately turned into a puff of smoke;only a ten-meter deep, huge pit was left on the burnt, black ground.

Ye Chen couldn't help himself as his eyes popped out in shock. This Silver Light Thunderbolt bomb is way too powerful! An Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist was struck into nothing, without any chance of resistance! In other words, as long as you had a couple of Silver Light Thunderbolt bombs with you, you could almost kill any early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artist in a second.

’’We don't have too many Silver Light Thunderbolt bombs, after killing those powerful ones, we have to deal with the others ourselves.’’ said Lou Hanshan seriously.

’’Even better.’’ Xu Jing seemingly had been expecting a good fight.

Soon after, another two enemies in black outfits rushed up, they were also Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists. After all, warriors who could move so fast were all at relatively higher cultivation levels, while lower level warriors fell behind.




A series of booms shook the entire mountain. As one fell, another rose. Only one of those people in black outfits moved swiftly, he managed to dodge the explosion and survived;all the others were torn apart by the string of explosions. That survivor was still injured by the fierce explosive wave, he lost a leg and was badly weakened.

’’Great Monument Kingly Punch!’’

Lou Hanshan's eyes suddenly shone as he launched the first punch.

A gigantic fist condensed from Zhen Qi gripped a purple monument and directly crushed the injured one, into a cloud of bloody mist.

At this very moment, Luo Hanshan completely released his fierce killing intent. He completely seemed like a god of slaughter. Not even a trace of that kindness remained on his face.

One after another, more enemies rushed up the mountain.

Pop! Pop!

Two blazing, fiery circles suddenly appeared behind Xu Jing's head, simultaeneously, the ground under her feet began to crack. She threw out a couple of punches and each killed a Late Condensing Reality Realm enemy.

Ye Chen also moved quickly. His Hidden Cloud Sword was pulled out. Along with the Sword intent, he released an enormous stream of Sword Qi right away. That Sword Qi was like a killing machine, with only a slight touch, those enemies in black would be torn to pieces, all the blood and internal organs that flew out of their bodies would instantly be crushed into puffs of bloody mist by the Sword Qi.

’’Kid! You're seeking your death!!’’

Two peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors circled around Ye Chen. These two were much more powerful than the rest of their enemies, they were no worse than Cheng Jun, the top-ranked Emerald Martial Palace disciple.

However, Ye Chen had already broken into the Late Condensing Reality Realm. With his current power, these two enemies were not a big deal to him. Without saying anything, he released the power of the Hidden Cloud Sword. Corresponding with the Crane Shadow Steps, his entire body seemed to have transformed into a hazy, drifting cloud that darted around the two men in black. Fierce gusts of Sword Qi swooshed across the air, squeezing blood out of the two men' bodies.



The heads of those two men suddenly flew into the air, as blood surged out of their broken necks in huge streams.

’’Kill!’’ ’’Kill!’’ ’’Kill!’’ ’’Kill!’’

More and more enemies continued to show up on the broad and flat mountaintop. Among them, some were of average level, some were at the same level as Cheng Jun, even one or two were almost at the Childe-level. The only fortunate thing was that almost all Clasping Yuan Realm enemies were killed by the Silver Light Thunderbolt Bombs thrown out by Luo Hanshan earlier, or else, even if the three of them could hold on for a while, it would be extremely hard to survive.

’’Astral Realm!’’ Under the great pressure, Xu Jing's potential finally erupted. She activated the ninth stage of the Golden Three Realm Art. Once it was activated, another, even more dazzling fiery light ring appeared behind her head. That loop was half the size of an adult, and was shining with a bright golden light. It made her look like a legendary ancient female warrior, who was as powerful as a hurricane.

Before the three enemies who attempted to attack her sneakily, could make any reaction, they were all struck dead due to the terrifying power released by Xu Jing. Their upper bodies even exploded.

The Golden Three Realm Art was unimaginably powerful.

In the meanwhile, Luo Hanshan had activated the ninth stage of the Purple Extreme Art. A purple air stream appeared behind him, extending into the air like a long bridge. With that purple air stream, Luo Hanshan's power had a large increase. He launched the Great Monument Kingly Punch again, and this time, he was nearly invincible. Everywhere he walked, all the enemies were struck dead without a chance to fight back. Even one who was almost at the Childe-level was beaten by Luo Hanshan with only three punches.

Even though Ye Chen's Zhen Qi was not as powerful as Luo Hanshan's or Xu Jing's, he had the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell. He had reached the fifth stage of this spell half a month ago and gained great defensive strength. With his current defense, even someone almost at the Childe-level couldn't possibly hurt him. He still felt that it was not enough, so he activated the Qi defence of the Pure Jun Zhen Qi Art as well. In this way, he had double protection, one for the inside and one for the outside.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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