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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 133


Chapter 133: Four-Winged Black Devil Bug

With Ye Chen's competition against Shi Potian done, almost all the outstanding disciples of the top five martial institutions' had engaged in the competition, at this moment, the rest of them showed no more intention to fight.

’’Junior brother Ye, are you okay?’’ Seeing that Ye Chen's face was turning more and more pale, Luo Hanshan thought that he was not that well after forcibly launching the 'Heart Refining' move.

Ye Chen shook his head and responded, ’’No big deal, Brother Luo, you don't need to worry about me.’’

’’In the future, you should not use this skill too often. It's way too dangerous, either you could kill the enemy with it, or the enemy would kill you after you are exhausted.’’

’’I understand, thank you, Brother Luo.’’

Lou Hanshan was a nice person, he was patient, humble, generous and always encouraging towards other disciples, he never liked to put on airs just because he was the second top-ranked disciple or the leader's son. He would always make people feel warm.

Luo Hanshan grinned and continued, ’’You're a treasure of our Sky Cloud Martial School, how can I not worry about you?’’

Hearing his words, the Head Elder and the Fourth Elder grinned as well.

The sun was almost setting, and the competition neared its end.

Zhuang Qingxian stood up and said, ’’My honoured guests, although the competition is over, our celebratory dinner is just going to begin. Hopefully, you will all attend the celebratory dinner tonight.’’

’’Sure, we rarely come to this beautiful Emerald Valley, and we're not at all in a rush to go back home.’’

’’Well, since Leader Zhuang has kindly set a dinner for us, let's just have some fun together!’’

’’Of course, Leader Zhuang, we will certainly attend the dinner.’’

The dinner was very rich, and everyone was enjoying those delicious dishes with pleasure.

In a secret meeting room of the Emerald Martial Palace.

The meeting room was brightly lit, Elders of the top five martial institutions had been sitting straight in that room.

Sitting in the main seat, Zhuang Qingxian took a glance at all the elders present, and began talking.

’’I called this meeting because I have something important to announce.’’

The Head Elder of the Rudra Martial School was a beautiful lady, who looked around thirty-five years old. She asked, ’’I'm just wondering what kind of important thing it is, is it something concerning the top five martial institutions?’’

’’About the top five martial institutions?’’

Once the pretty lady let the question out, all the others slightly frowned, they seemed to be pondering something.

Zhuang Qingxian nodded and said, ’’It's indeed regarding the top five martial institutions, however, at this moment it's not too serious. Half a month ago, the intelligence department of our Emerald Martial Palace by chance found a branch stronghold of Ghost Corpse Mountain. Although they didn't manage to get in, judging from the outside defenses, without a doubt it's one of the Ghost Corpse Mountain's important strongholds, which was set up especially for training a new generation of ghost guards.’’

A branch stronghold of Ghost Corpse Mountain!

Ghost guards!

Everyone gasped when they heard this.

The devastation of the [Evil Earth Martial School] was still vivid in their minds.

The Ghost Artist was one of the one-hundred and eight great ghost warriors of the Nine Evil Cult, he was immeasurably powerful. Although he hadn't recovered from his serious injuries yet, and wouldn't reach his peak level, the leaders of the few top-ranked institutions could still never fight against him evenly, not even if they join hands. The Ghost Artist used to live in the Ghost Corpse Mountain. Although the Ghost Corpse Mountain was destroyed during the great battle, the name of the Ghost Artist remained and became a banner of his force.

Except for the five ghost slaves, who had been loyal and devoted to him since the beginning, the Ghost Artist also had large groups of ghost guards under his command. Those ghost guards were divided into four grades, the low-grade ghost guards were the weakest among them, comparable to Late Condensing Reality Realm martial artists;medium-grade ghost guards comparable to Early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists;high-grade ghost guards comparable to Mid Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists;above the high grade, there were top-grade ghost guards, who were as powerful as Late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists. Every grade of ghost guards had a group leader, who was the most powerful one among the ghost guards of that grade.

If the things were this simple, these leaders wouldn't have to worry too much like this. After all, recovering his peak-level was not going to be that easy for the Ghost Artist, and even training ghost guards could not be done within a short period of time.

However, the reason why Ghost Artist could rank above the average among the one-hundred and eight ghost warriors was not because of his personal power, instead, it was due to his ghost guards training skills. He gained a secret book from an unknown source, which had recorded a mysterious method that could largely stimulate the potential of the human bodies. The secret method recorded in that book could allow the powers of ordinary people to improve at the rapid pace of those legendary geniuses, and make them achieve a certain stage within only a couple of years. But of course, what came along with this magical improvement would be huge side effects. Because of the overdraft, all ghost guards who had cultivated themselves according to that book could never survive over forty. A very few of them, who manage to have their fortieth birthday, would suffer a bad physical failure. It was like gathering and using their whole life energy within a short time, in order to achieve an amazing level of power.

Due to the above reason, every single one of those ghost guards in the Ghost Corpse Mountain was brutal and evil, they all tried to enjoy their lives as much as they could before forty, nothing else mattered to them.

’’Leader Zhuang, do you think we should, um, destroy this branch stronghold?’’

’’Exactly, we can never leave a chance for the Ghost Corpse Mountain to raise again. By all means, we have to weaken them as much as we can before the Ghost Artist fully recovers. Otherwise, in a few years, all five top-ranked institutions, even the entire Windy Nation will have to face a real disaster.’’

As the most powerful one among the five top-ranked institutions, aside from keeping the other four institutions under control, the Emerald Martial Palace was also responsible for eliminating all possible crisis for the Windy Country, if not, the Emerald Martial Palace itself would be the first one to suffer.

Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder nodded and responded, ’’Indeed, I agree with Leader Zhuang's suggestion. Do we have a plan yet? And here is another thing, we don't yet know exactly how strong that branch stronghold is, I'm afraid that some unexpected situation might take place if we launch the attack rashly.’’

Purple Sun Martial School's Head Elder snorted scornfully and said, ’’When did the Sky Cloud Martial School become so cowardly? It's nothing but a branch stronghold of the Ghost Corpse Mountain, how powerful can it be?’’

The Fourth Elder, who was tall and sturdy, responded, ’’Why don't you, the Purple Sun Martial School go ahead and spearhead the attack?’’

’’We're facing a common enemy, the five top institutions should stick together. If we spearhead the attack, that would be a violation of the rule, don't even mention that.’’ The Purple Sun Martial School's Head Elder glared at the Fourth Elder of the Sky Cloud Martial School, and said while his face slightly twitched.

Seeing the two of them arguing, the Rudra Martial School's Head Elder shook her head and said, ’’Let's just listen to Leader Zhuang.’’

Zhuang Qingxian briefly pondered and said, ’’I think, each of our five top-ranked institutions should send out a group of warriors and jointly attack the branch stronghold. Among each group, the number of Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors should be no less than three, Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warriors no less than seven, and over a hundred Early Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Of course, we can also take some of the disciples and let them attain some battle experiences.’’

’’Good, let's just do this! When should we launch the attack?’’ The North Snow Martial Academy's people had always been vigorous and fast, just like their sword skills.

’’Eighth August!’’

Zhuang Qingxian then continued, ’’Tomorrow morning, you all have to be extra careful and cautious when you head back, I suspect that we have Ghost Corpse Mountain's people mingled in, who might launch a sneak attack at you.’’

If they were not facing the Ghost Corpse Mountain, a formidable common enemy, Zhuang Qingxian would never remind them in such a kind manner. However, all the people present were top-ranked elders of the five top-ranked martial institutions, and that would be a great loss for the entire martial art world if any one of them dies;besides, it would also be disastrous if those talented disciples, who could possibly become the pillars of their institutions be murdered.’’

In consideration of the long-term and overall situation, Zhuang Qingxian had to remind them, otherwise, if any of these institutions were truly attacked on their way back, some of them would certainly have doubts about the reliability of the Emerald Martial Palace, and it would be much more difficult to form a union of the few top-ranked institutions. As for the Emerald Martial Palace itself, as the tyrant of the Windy Nation, losing one or two inner elders or talented disciples wouldn't be that much of an issue, therefore, Zhuang Qingxian was not too worried about that.

Late at night.

The starlight dimmed down, the moon was hiding behind the thick clouds.

The world turned deep and dark.

A flying bat that had four wings and shaped like a chopstick, rose into the air from the yard of a luxury mansion, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Inside the Green Willow Mansion, where the Sky Cloud Martial School's people were staying, Ye Chen began reading the Sword Law once again from the beginning under a crystal light.

He had learned quite a lot from the competition between Shi Potian and himself. Through that, he gained a deeper understanding of sword skills. Fights between other younger generation talents had also taught him a lot. He realised that he was still far away from his limits, therefore, he was now trying to get more out of the Sword Law book.

Along with every page he turned, Ye Chen's eyes shone brighter and brighter.

In other accommodations, all younger generation martial artists who had attended the competition this afternoon were not sleeping. Just like Ye Chen, they had gained a lot in regard to their primary martial arts, as long as they could completely digest these comprehensions, they would certainly achieve some great improvements and would be able to surpass their opponents who were at the same level as themselves.

Deep in the night, the Emerald Valley was peaceful and quiet.


At dawn, Ye Chen and the others from the Sky Cloud Martial School came to the entrance of the valley, prepared to leave.

Followed by a shrill whistle that contained a fierce stream of Zhen Qi, the Wind Vulture darted over from a mountaintop not so far away, and landed in front of the five of them.

Hopping on the vulture's back, the Head Elder said in a low voice, ’’Conserve your strength and store up your energy during our way back, be prepared to fight any moment.’’

’’Head Elder, what is going on?’’ asked Luo Hanshan in surprise.

The Fourth Elder shook his head and responded, ’’Don't ask, maybe we're just worrying too much.’’

Hearing this, Ye Chen's and the other two' expression slightly changed. 'Is something big happening? Last night, during the dinner, the two elders were called out for a meeting by the Emerald Martial Palace's leader, this must be the reason.' thought Ye Chen.

The Wind Vulture swiftly rose up into the layer of clouds and raised its speed to supersonic, and then darted out like a lightning bolt.

In the afternoon.

The Wind Vulture had already travelled over twenty-thousand miles away from the Emerald Valley.

An odd-shaped flying bug that quickly flew past the Wind Vulture, instantly caught Ye Chen's attention. Soon, he found a couple more of such bugs. Those bugs were tiny, and the Wind Vulture had been flying at lightning speed, therefore, neither did the Head Elder nor the Fourth Elder notice these bugs.

After he found the ninth bug, Ye Chen couldn't help but ask out, ’’Head Elder, what are those bugs?’’

The Head Elder turned around and took a glance at Ye Chen, he found that he seemed quite serious, so he hurriedly ordered the Wind Vulture to stop and quickly checked the surroundings. Immediately, he found a chopstick-like flying bug.

’’Come over here.’’

The Head Elder raised his hand and said, and that bug was attracted to his palm easily as it let out high-pitched screams, it seemingly had no power to resist.

The bug was about four inches long, thin and black, it had four pairs of thin, black and shining wings. Its head was round, covered in thick compound eyes, it looked extremely weird and scary. At that moment, the chopstick bug which had been struggling hard on the Head Elder's palm, seemed to have broken out of the screen of Zhen Qi.

With a single glance, both the Head Elder's and the Fourth Elder' faces went dark.

’’Four-Winged Black Devil Bug.’’ said Fourth Elder, word by word.

’’What? Do you mean the Four-Winged Black Devil Bug raised by the Ghost Artist, one of the one-hundred and eight Ghost Warriors? It's said that these bugs can fly amazingly fast, and can be used to spy, besides, they can even fight against third-grade demonic beasts with their tiny bodies.’’ said Luo Hanshan in shock.

He was the son of the Sky Cloud Martial School's leader, therefore, he knew quite a lot about the great war against the Nine Evil Cult, this allowed him to recognise these bugs once he heard the name.’’

’’Exactly, just get ready to fight! Every single move of ours is already under the enemy's watch, I assume that they're not far away from us!’’ said the Head Elder in a harsh tone.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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