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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 131


Chapter 131 - Fast Blade and Stone Man

Seeing Luo Hanshan's bland face, Ouyang Ming was instantly enraged.

’’Dragon-Slaughtering Style!’’ Growled Ouyang Ming.

Along with a resonating voice, he launched a blade-sharp sideways kick. The fierce airwaves tore the air apart and hacked at the purple monument producing long and shrill swishing noise. Right in the next moment, the dragon silhouette appeared once again, but it had already broken into a few parts.

A cracking noise came from the purple monument along with which the monument was quickly covered in cracks, it then suddenly exploded.

At that very moment a silhouette darted out from the shattered monument's silhouette. A gigantic hand grabbed the monument and then blocked Ouyang Ming's kick that had come swooshing down in the air.

’’Great Sky-shattering Monument!’’

’’Try to shatter my Dragon-beheading kick!’’ Ouyang Ming senthad thrown two more kicks towards the stone monument continuously. Due to the counterforce, his body was now floating in the air. Seeing that Luo Hanshan had rushed over, he showed a vicious grin and then launched the Dragon-Slaughtering Style. It was the most violent movement of the Dragon-beheading kick. The frightening amount of power stream released by him swept across the air along with a shrill swooshing sound, seemingly capable of directly crushing Luo Hanshan's soul.


Luo Hanshan was struck down to the ground, and took over ten steps backwards. However, Ouyang Ming also didn't manage to take advantage, he was sent flying back into the air and nearly fell over, until he finally landed on the ground and staggered.

’’Just give it up!’’

’’Great Monument Suppression!’’

Without any hesitation, the two of them started another round of fighting. Storm-like attacks were madly thrown out one after another. Ouyang Ming's Dragon-Beheading Kicks were incomparably fierce, they were almost as powerful as any of the medium-grade Earth Realm martial arts, every kick he threw out could make people feel a deadly sense of danger. In others' eyes, he could even win without a fight.

As for Luo Hanshan's Great Monument Kingly Punch, although it was slightly weaker than the Dragon-Beheading Kick, his Purple Extreme Art was extremely magical. At the ninth stage of the Purple Extreme Art, the martial artist was able to form a connection with the Purple Qi allowing them to increase the effectiveness of his or her art. Therefore, Luo Hanshan could now fight evenly against Ouyang Ming without being disadvantaged.

Three-hundred moves!

Five-hundred moves!

After they had made their six-hundredth move, Zhuang Qingxian realised that he couldn't let the two of them continue fighting like this. Judging from the current situation, they would probably have to make over two-thousand moves if they really wanted to determine the winner. However, the both of them were in relatively at the lower stages of cultivation, so, forcibly using over two-thousand moves could easily cause them to die from exhaustion, even Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could hardly release more than two-thousand moves during a single bout.

After letting out a massive stream of power and separating the two of them, Zhuang Qingxian stood up and said, ’’You two, just stop here! This is just a performing competition, determining the winner is not necessary.’’

Sky Cloud Martial School's Head Elder nodded. He had already realised that Luo Hanshan could never win against Ouyang Ming on that arena, but of course, neither could Ouyang Ming defeat Luo Hanshan. It would all be meaningless if they continued to fight like this.

The Head Elder of the Purple Sun Martial School snorted coldly, with a darkened expression.

Lou Hanshan didn't launch another attack, and only slowly let out a long breath, then said blandly, ’’It seems that you can't possibly defeat me today.’’

’’You couldn't defeat me either.’’ Ouyang Ming responded while suppressing his boiling blood.

’’We will end this fight in the future, you're welcome to challenge me for the title of Childe anytime you want.’’ After he finished saying this, Luo Hanshan walked back to his seat.

Zhuang Qingxian retracted his stream of power and then continued, ’’Anymore challengers?’’

’’Leader, allow me.’’ Liu Wuxiang, who had remained silent all this time, walked out and said.

Zhuang Qingxiang seemed to be slightly surprised, he asked, ’’Wuxiang, who would you like to challenge?’’

Liu Wuxiang's pair of cold eyes fixed on Lin Qi's body, he then said, ’’I have heard that your blade is very fast, even faster than the Young Master North Snow's blade, I was just wondering if it's true.’’

Lin Qi stood up and responded, ’’You will lose.’’

’’It's still too early to say that, don't you think?’’

’’My blade is based on its speed, I will either be defeat by faster speed, or I will be the one to defeat others with my speed, there is no another possibility.’’ Lin Qi's bland, ice-cold and expressionless face looked even colder than Liu Wuxiang's.

’’I think I've heard about this before, now I would like to take a shot at you all the more.’’ Liu Xuxiang showed a great passion for battle, the fierce aura created by him was no worse than the aura created by Ouyang Ming and Luo Hanshan, it was even slightly stronger.

He walked towards Liu Wuxiang step by step, then stopped thirty steps away from him, and then took out a blade from his Storage Ring.

Ye Chen's gaze changed slightly. He noticed that Lin Qi hadn't chosen to fight using the low-grade treasure sabre. Instead, he was using the Air splitter sword, it seemed that Lin Qi would like this fight to be fair, and was planning to defeat Liu Wuxiang with nothing else but his true power.

’’Just show me what you can do!’’

Cyan streams of airwaves rose from Liu Wuxiang's body which seemed to be especially sharp and dense, just like a chainsaw. The air that made direct contact with these cyan air streams instantly twisted even letting out loud sizzling noise.


At the exact same moment that Lin Qi pulled out his sword he had already disappeared. A straight and bright stream of white light suddenly darted out and fiercely clashed against those coiling cyan airwaves which were protecting Liu Wuxiang.


That layer of dense cyan airwave was easily cut apart, while Liu Wuxiang didn't even have enough time to react.

’’So fast!’’

Liu Wuxiang's pupils instantly shrunk, at the same time, he was also deeply shocked as if he had been struck by a tsunami. Even though he had already known just how powerful Lin Qi was, and had heard that Lin Qi had probably already reached Young Master North Snow's level, he would never have thought that Lin Qi would be this fast. He was so shocked that even his reaction speed was slightly slowed.

Not daring to waste another moment, Liu Wuxiang immediately strengthened the cyan layer of flowing airwaves surrounding his body, which then seemingly turned into a powerful full body armour that he could automatically wear on his body. That armour looked incomparably thick and solid, it had huge, sharp horns thrust out from its every single joint;at first glance, Liu Wuxiang looked like a legendary ancient devil. It was nearly invincible.

However, followed by another series of ear-piercing metal clashing noises, Lin Qi's fast blade struck down once again.

No one could grasp his silhouette, people could only see a dazzling white stream of blade light sweeping across the air which then hacked on Liu Xuxiang's cyan armour that was condensed from Zhen Qi, over and over again.

’’Thirty-first move!’’


A dense, almost solid blade light exaggeratedly extended tens of meters long, and suddenly punctured Liu Wuxiang's waist and then came out from his back.

Silently taking out the blade and then putting it back into its sheath, Lin Qi walked back to his seat.

’’What happened? The fight hasn't ended yet, is it?’’

’’Has Lin Qi realised that he can't defeat Liu Wuxiang and decided to not go on?’’

While people were wondering why Lin Qi was acting in a strange manner, Liu Wuxiang's cyan armour suddenly burst out with a wave of popping noises, and then exploded into a cloud of smoke. Soon, it dissipated into the air, only leaving behind a pale silhouette standing in the arena.

The entire area instantly fell into a deathly silence. But right in the next moment, waves of shouting and exclamation rose into the air.

’’Liu Wuxiang lost!’’

’’With only thirty-one moves, Lin Qi has defeated him!’’

’’Liu Wuxiang is a recognised Childe-level Martial Artist, but he was just defeated by Lin Qi, doesn't that mean that Lin Qi is already at the same stage as Young Master North Snow and Young Master Duanmu? Or is he perhaps even more powerful than those two Young Masters?’’

’’He is indeed the 'Fast Blade', extremely fast, without any useless extra moves.’’

Yu Yue curved his lips upwards. These people probably didn't know that back in the North Snow Martial School, Lin Qi had already competed against the Senior Brother, Young Master North Snow;they had fought evenly and the winner had not been determined. But in Yu Yue's eyes, Lin Qi had won, because he was still improving and never stopped.

Lou Hanshan spoke a few words, ’’The 'North Snow Fast Blade', is exactly as his name states.’’

’’Look through all of the martial arts in this world, all solidness can be broken, only speed is without a fault. High-speed does not merely mean being fast, it also means to have a great attack force. When the speed reaches a certain stage, even a leaf or a piece of paper could slice open an iron armour, and kill a person without even being noticed.’’

Ye Chen who had seen everything more clearly than anyone had noticed that Lin Qi's attacks were not too powerful. But, once they were enhanced by his speed, his sword was able to cut Liu Wuxiang's armour open easily. Additionally, every time he launched an attack, he had aimed at the weak spots of that armour and he had also been prepared for the final attack.

Hearing his words, Luo Hanshan and Xu Jing both turned their heads around and looked at him, as if they were pondering something. This was the very first time they had heard such a simple and straightforward theory.

Fourth Elder and the Head Elder glanced at each other in confusion, they couldn't understand how Ye Chen could at such a young age, know all these and come to a conclusion with such a straightforward and reasonable theory.

The 'Rain Man', Nangong Yun from the Rudra Martial School shook his head and said, ’’Unbelievably fast. This man should be the most powerful one among us all, except for the three Young Masters, no, perhaps only Young Master Emerald can surpass him.’’

’’Senior Brother, is he really that good?’’ Yuan Xuemei asked in shock.

’’He has already comprehended the profound concepts behind speed. To him, every one of his moves can be extremely fast. If anyone intends to defeat him, that person has to be even faster than him, or in a much higher stage. Of course, there might also be some other ways, but I can't see that far yet.’’

After this fight, everyone had gotten a deeper impression of Lin Qi. Although he didn't have a title of Childe, people had already started seeing him as one of the next generation of Childe.

After watched the fight between Lin Qi, the 'North Snow Fast Blade' and Liu Wuxiang, the ordinary fights suddenly became a bit boring. Everybody began expecting another marvellous competition.

Then the last fight ended.

Shi Potian stood up. It was time.

People curiously looked at him, wondering who he was going to challenge.

’’Ye Chen, you're quite powerful, and you're one of the few young talents of the Windy Nation. I am just wondering if you are willing to accept my challenge. But of course, it will be totally fine if you don't, it would just be a great shame for me.’’ Once he stepped onto the arena, Shi Potian flattered Ye Chen. With these 'nice' words, it was more likely that Ye Chen would accept the challenge and then he could destroy Ye Chen's half-step sword intent, as he had planned.

Just as he thought, no one found anything unreasonable about his challenge. They could still see the scene where Ye Chen defeated Cheng Jun, and had come to learn how talented he really was;maybe he was still too young to confront more experienced martial artists like Shi Potian, but he was definitely qualified for this fight. After all, this is just a performing competition, not some sort of a deadly duel.

’’Sure.’’ Ye Chen knew nothing about Shi Potian's plan, so he only nodded and responded.

A slight curve appeared at the corner of his mouth. Shi Potian silently let out a wave of vicious laugher in his head. Finally, this is the moment he had been waiting for. He was now just wondering what Ye Chen's face would look like, after this fight ends.

The two of them stood face to face.

In the very next moment!

A dazzling, multicoloured, crystal-like light spurted out from Shi Potian's body. Within this light, there were pure golden light streams perfectly merged with the crystal light. This made Shi Potian's body look like a golden, jade and crystal statue. Even his skin, hair and eyes became multicoloured and were stunningly shining, as if his body was not made of flesh and blood anymore.

’’Magical Glass Spell, ninth stage, Golden Glass Body!’’

’’The [Magical Glass Spell] is the most powerful one among the Emerald Martial Palace's defensive arts, once the artist achieved the ninth stage of it, he or she would become nearly invulnerable. Any kind of weapons, even flame and water can't harm their body. He is now many times more powerful than even similar levelled demonic beasts, he was almost invincible.’’

’’With this Golden Glass Body, Ye Chen doesn't have no chance of winning against him. Hm, I'm just wondering how many moves he will be able to last.’’

Ye Chen gave a measured glance at Shi Potian's body, he nodded and said, ’’I have been practising a defence art recently, I would like to find out which one of our arts is more powerful.’’

As he spoke, Ye Chen abruptly shook his body, releasing a dazzling light. However, that was not a crystal like lustre, instead, it was more like the lustre of jade. It seemed as if Ye Chen's body was instantly covered in a layer of jade, the lines of his muscles and the shapes of his face had become even more determined. It was like an exquisitely crafted statue, carved from a top-grade jade piece.

[Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell], the fifth level!

[Golden Steel Jade Body].


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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