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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Dragon Beheading Kick and Great Monument Kingly Punch

A series of thunderous booms rose in the air. That was just a simple kick, yet, it managed to release waves of long-lasting violent power that roared towards Luo Hanshan. Luo Hanshan stood perfectly still and thrust both of his arms forward. Large amounts of Yuan Qi that had been absorbed by the purple Qi, condensed into a gigantic millstone. It blocked the streams of power released by that kick, it was as tremendous as a volcanic eruption.

In the next moment, a dazzling purple light burst out, it was so bright that people couldn't even directly look at;thunderous booms came right after that, and even intensely shook the entire area.

’’He did it! Lou Hanshan blocked the attack!’’

’’Judging from what happened just now, Luo Hanshan had achieved the ninth-level of the [Purple Extreme Art], no wonder he was so confident about fighting against Ouyang Ming.’’

’’Young Master Hanshan began shining again, it seems like he wouldn't let anyone take his Childe title away!’’

’’You're right, after all Luo Hanshan has built a solid foundation before, even if he had been temporarily surpassed, he can definitely last longer than ordinary martial artists when it comes to a battle.’’

Although most of the people were shocked, none of them felt too unexpected about Luo Hanshan's performance. He was the famous Hanshan Childe, how could he be weak? Besides, as he tried to push Luo Hanshan back with only a single kick, it more or less made it seem that Ouyang Ming had been looking down on Luo Hanshan. But then again, no one knew exactly how much power Ouyang Ming used.

Liu Wuxiang, who had once competed against Luo Hanshan with three moves, showed a faint smile. 'Back then, I only used eighty percent of my power, now you're finally qualified to have an even fight against me.'

The Purple Sun Martial School's Head Elder now had a very dark face. He previously thought that Ouyang Ming could definitely win against Luo Hanshan, but he never thought that Luo Hanshan would suddenly become as powerful and potentially dangerous as he was before. Although his cultivation stayed at the same level, he abruptly achieved the ninth-level of the Purple Extreme Art. Fortunately, he hadn't reached the peak level of the ninth-level yet, otherwise, once he made a connection with the Purple Lotus, he would become nearly invincible unless his opponent was at a much higher level than him.’’

’’The Sky Cloud Martial School is rising again!’’ said another Purple Sun Martial School's elder with worry.

Their Head Elder snorted coldly and responded with a Zhen Qi transmission, ’’Zhu Lieyang was prepared to kill that kid named Ye Chen, but he was lucky and managed to survive. This won't happen the next time. The next time, we'll let him kill this Luo Hanshan as well. We will just kill these damn kids for good, so that the Sky Cloud Martial School can never raise again, and we will tread on them forever.’’

’’Exactly, once the Sky Cloud Martial School rises, they will definitely cause trouble for us, so we have to prevent that from happening.’’

Their voices had been condensed into a slight stream of power, and weren't transmitted out, however, Ye Chen sensed a fierce killing intent from them.

’’Those two old things must be planning something awful, I'm not exactly sure if they're targeting me.’’ Ye Chen fixed his eyes on the arena, but he had still been thinking about all the possibilities of those two elders' plans. He was quite confident about his senses, he could grasp even the slightest trace of killing intent directed towards him. Nevertheless, Late Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists were extremely powerful, that killing intent was emitted for only a brief moment before it completely disappeared.

With a bitter smile on his face, Ye Chen slightly shook his head. He was still way too weak and was only at the lowest level of Windy Nation's martial artists. Only Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could protect themselves well. Currently, if anyone tried to launch a deadly, sneak attack at him, he couldn't even resist.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen couldn't help but feel slightly lost.

Even though Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists could freely and confidently travel across the Windy Nation, they might be as vulnerable as children in the South Zhuo Area or another part of the True Spirit Continent. Beyond the Clasping Yuan Realm, was Astral Reaching Realm. An Astral Ream Realm martial artists could smash a mountain with a single slight move, he could easily destroy a small institution;and above the Astral Reach Realm, there was Sea of Soul Realm, martial arts in this realm could be said to be amazingly powerful. They each possess a tremendous amount of power, that could even slightly change the landforms, and their Zhen Qi was inexhaustible like water in an ocean. Beyond that, it should be Life and Death Realm, martial artists in this realm could each rule a piece of land, such as the Void Emperor, Evil Emperor, Mysterious Queen and Dragon Emperor. These people were the true domineering characters of this True Spirit Continent, they could move mountains and oceans according to their will. And the most frightening matter according to legends was that all Life and Death Realm martial artists were extremely hard to kill. As they already possess an insane rate of self-healing, they could even rebirth from a single drop of blood;in other words, even if a single piece of flesh or a drop of blood was the last thing of a Life and Death Realm martial artist was the only thing that remained in this world, he or she could still rebirth from this piece of flesh or the drop of blood. It was hard to imagine exactly how terrifying these people were.

Nevertheless, even Life and Death Realm martial artists had to continue cultivating themselves. They all wanted to break into an even higher level, and achieve that legendary, mysterious realm, it was still way too far away from Ye Chen. He couldn't even imagine about that realm, even if he tried to imagine, nothing would come to his mind.

Getting rid of all these thoughts, Ye Chen felt that his spiritual state seemed to have improved a little bit, and the stabilised Zhen Qi contained inside his body had now gradually begun surging again.

’’Can ambitious people go further than others?’’ pondered Ye Chen.

On the arena, Ouyang Ming didn't continue attacking, his scornful look had also now turned to a cautious look. He had used ninety percent of his full strength when he launched that kick, but Luo Hanshan managed to completely block it and didn't even take a single step back, that was indeed amazing.

’’Not bad! You managed to block my attack!’’ said Ouyang Ming as he tried to accumulate as much power as he could.

’’Now it's my turn.’’ said Luo Hanshan with a frosty tone and a pair of shining eyes.

’’Great Monument Kingly Punch!’’

Without any more words, Luo Hanshan took a step forward and launched the move. His entire body was instantly wrapped up in a thick layer of purple smoke, while a heavy punch was thrown out towards Ouyang Ming along with an earth-shatteringly powerful strength.

Along with a wave of popping noise, the air was shattered layer by layer. A gigantic hand gripped a purple monument, and swooshed towards Ouyang Ming. Within a moment, the airwaves surrounding that monument paused, and then completely shattered.

’’It's [Great Monument Kingly Punch]! The leader taught Luo Hanshan this as well!’’ Delight showed up on the Fourth Elder's face. Normally, each core disciple could only be taught one low-rank Earth Realm art. All institutions had been strictly preventing their own martial arts from spreading out. The other reason was that it was already difficult to train one art for those disciples. Practicing two arts at the same time was very unadvisable, usually, this could even make a talented disciple an average one. It was far better to master one art first, and then learn others later.

Since Luo Hanshan had been allowed to learn his second low-rank Earth Realm art, the Leader should have already known that he had achieved the ninth-level of the Purple Extreme art, and was qualified for learning the second art. However, not every disciple had the chance to learn the second art. The institution would first determine the loyalty of their disciples. To some disloyal disciples, no matter how talented they were, the leader would never teach them a secret martial art. On the other hand, the institution would neither stop disciples from practising martial arts that were found outside of the institution, at most, some elders would remind them that mastering one art was way more important than learning many different arts.

The Head Elder felt slightly relieved. With the Great Monument Kingly Punch, Luo Hanshan could basically fight against any Childe-level opponent.

’’Break!’’ Ouyang Ming threw out another heavy kick, a stream of blazing power transformed into a gigantic blade and struck on the monument and the hand.


The hand briefly paused while the monument showed signs of cracking.

However, Ouyang Ming's kick was blocked once again.

His face instantly went dark while all of his Zhen Qi suddenly burst out from his body, it directly rose into the air, shining in a dazzling manner.

Ouyang Ming leapt into the air and turned his body, he then heavily kicked that gigantic hand and that monument, which were condensed from Zhen Qi.

’’Dragon-beheading Kick!’’

Followed by a loud cracking noise, the Great Monument Kingly Punch was broken, while all of Ouyang Ming's power was squeezed out of his body.

’’[Blade and kick unification]!’’

Seeing this, Ye Chen frowned. He had heard that Ouyang Ming's blade skill was as good as his kick skill long ago. But to a martial artist, being good at every skill might not be a good thing. Instead, one must focus on a particular skill for a period of time, for example, Ye Chen practised both fist skills and sword skills, his fist skill was even sightly better. But currently, he mainly focused on his sword skill, the fist skill had become a secondary. Ye Chen's primary and secondary skills were clearly distinguished.

However, he didn't think that Ouyang Ming could create a unique method that allowed him to combine his blade skill and kick skill. In this way, his blade skill and kick skill could merge into one, support each other, and he could become more powerful than before. Ye Chen was just wondering if Ouyang Ming had created this unification method himself, or if this was only due to the natural quality of the Dragon-beheading Kick, as a martial skill.

Even after breaking the Great Monument Kingly Punch, Ouyang Ming didn't stop. His silhouette flashed swiftly across the air, and then launched tens of fierce kicks in a row.

Lou Hanshan neither stepped back nor dodged them, he simply launched the Great Monument Kingly Punch once again, it thunderously clashed against the fierce power streams released by Ouyang Ming and even shattered the sky.

’’Lou Hanshan, just give up!’’

Ouyang Ming stomped his foot hard against the ground sending himself into the air and then launched another full-strength kick.

A resonant and shrill dragon roar resounded throughout the sky.

This kick directly transformed into a terrifyingly gigantic blade that had been coiled around a broken, faint dragon silhouette, which let out an ear-piercing howl. Younger martial arts that were not yet powerful enough were struck severely by this sound, they suddenly felt dizzy and sick, as if all of their powers were drained out within a moment.

Ouyang Ming was very confident about his Dragon-beheading Kick. In fact, the blade skill and kick skill he had been practising were originally unified, he just forcibly split them up for faster improvement. It was not as Ye Chen had expected, he had not created this unification method himself. With his current power, he was nowhere near the level of creating martial arts or skills himself. If he could, he would have become a legendary martial artist long ago, and except Young Master Emerald, who had already stepped into the Clasping Yuan Realm, not a single one in Windy Nation would be able to evenly fight against him most of the martial artists in this nation wouldn't be able to take even a single move launched by him.

’’The Purple Qi! Great Monument Suppression!’’

The huge, bridge like stream of Purple Qi behind Luo Hanshan suddenly grew even thicker and denser, it was about to wrap around his entire body. Behind that Purple Qi stream, an over ten meters tall monument seemed to suppress the entire space;from the purple monument, countless dead warriors' corpses crawled out while roaring hoarsely, it was as if they were trying to struggle their way back to the living world, and bathe under the sunshine once again. This scene of horror almost shocked all the people present.

’’What the hell is...Which stage is this skill at? So, so terrifying!’’

’’Even if ten of us joined hands, we wouldn't be able to fight against them! A single move launched by either of them would probably crush us into nothing!’’

’’It's...just amazing, I couldn't even imagine this! I thought I was powerful enough to compete against them, but now, I realised that I was talking idiotic nonsense.’’

All those young talents from top-ranked institutions were now dumbfounded, they couldn't even imagine that someone in the Condensing Reality Realm could release such terrifying power. Even some early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists couldn't be that powerful! In other words, these two young martial artists on the arena could even fight against early Clasping Yuan Realm martial artists, and they could even kill them, despite the level difference.

Not only those young talents, even those core disciples from the few top-ranked institutions had their eyes popped out, they weren't even blinking, as they didn't want to miss any slight move on the arena.


The gigantic blade that was coiled around the dragon silhouette heavily hacked against the purple monument, and let out a sky-shaking boom.

Nearly half of the purple monument was hacked off, cracks quickly extended on its surface.

Fortunately, the purple monument eventually managed to block this full-strength kick launched by Ouyang Ming, a peak-level advance Condensing Reality Realm martial artist, otherwise, Luo Hanshan would have certainly lost.

Luo Hanshan's straight back was slightly bent, however, his facial expression remained unchanged. His fierce gaze fixed on Ouyang Ming through the silhouette of the purple monument.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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