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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 129


Chapter 129 - The Purple Qi in the East

’’Alright, the [Heaven Holy Spring Spell] had indeed lived up to its reputation. Now, take my second attack!’’

Yu Yue took a step forward, which cracked open the floor, the power in his body continued to increase in an aggressive manner. He twisted his wrist and threw out another blade attack.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The blade attack was like a lightning bolt slicing through the sky. The distance of twenty steps was covered in the blink of an eye.

Nangong Yun did not dare to ignore the attacking power of the blade light. The water waves around him suddenly increased, they carried the power of an ocean. They formed a defensive layer between the blade light and himself.


The liquidized Zhen Qi was splashed everywhere. Each drop had an unbelievably strong attacking power, it was enough to kill a normal Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

’’[The Mountain Cracker: third movement]!’’ Yu Yue was about to perform the third movement.

’’Yu Yue, you think you can beat me?! [Water Wolf Ten Shadow Kill]!’’

Without any delay, Nangong Yun drew another full circle in front of him with his right arm. The water-like Zhen Qi came out and formed countless wolves, they started to brutally attack Yu Yue.


A devious looking wolf jumped on Yu Yue and took a bite on his defensive Zhen Qi.

Yu Yue laughed and then shook his body. The next second, that Zhen Qi wolf disappeared completely. Without skipping a beat, he cleaned out all the other Zhen Qi wolves using his blade.

’’[Water Wolf Hundred Shadow Kill]!’’

The first attack was only a preparation for the second attack. With enough time, Nangong Yun intensified his aura, even his friendly face started to look cruel. Both of his hands started to draw circles in the air. The ocean-like Zhen Qi water wave was compressed into a small clump and was then thrown out.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

The half-man-sized water ball suddenly exploded. Ten huge wolves were aggressively running towards Yu Yue, this terrified the rest of the young warriors present. They could not help but think how they would be instantly killed if they were the ones facing those attacks.

Yu Yue could not look any more serious. His opponent was way more powerful than he had expected. However, his brave personality made him fearless. He thought about it and ran towards the attacks.

’’Mountain Cracker: the fourth movement!’’

’’Mountain Cracker: the fifth movement!’’

’’Mountain Cracker: the sixth movement!’’

’’Mountain Cracker: the seventh movement!’’

He threw out four blade attacks continuously. Most of those Zhen Qi wolves were shattered instantly, only a couple of them were left. However, the situation was even more intense than before. Nangong Yun's Qi had increased even more aggressively.


The ground started to shake. The water-like Zhen Qi around him kept expanding, it looked like some horrible creature was about to be born to destroy the world.

'I should not wait any longer!'

Yu Yue could feel a chill crawling up his back. He knew that if he waited any longer, it would not end well for him. He accumulated all the purified Zhen Qi into his arms, and then held them high up in the air. The sudden aura created a huge air flow, which then turned into a gigantic whirlpool.

’’Mountain Cracker: the eighth movement!’’

He threw out a blade attack. The Qi flow around Nangong Yun was cut into two parts, it almost turned them into solid objects. From that, one could tell how powerful that blade attack was.

Nangong Yun's robes started to dance in the air, he suddenly twisted both of his hands.

’’Tiger Shark Attack!’’


The water-formed from Zhen Qi was finally shaped into a twenty-meter-high terrifying tiger shark. It shook its head and tail, while swallowing down that blade light as well as Yu Yue himself.

Ouyang Ming could not help but gasp. 'How the heck is even this Nangong Yun so powerful? Besides, in the beginning of the fight, weren't they evenly matched, he had almost been beating Yu Yue like a punch bag.'

’’Turning Zhen Qi into solid objects... indeed impressive.’’ It was also Ye Chen's first time to see this level of fight, it was not something a normal Late Condensing Reality Realm warrior could compete with.


The Tiger Shark's tail suddenly exploded, a blade light stabbed into Nangong Yun's defensive Zhen Qi layer.

Nangong Yun's face went pale all of a sudden, blood leaked out of the corner of his lips. He could not help but back out for more than ten steps.

He looked over to Yu Yue's side.

Right then, one could see him standing there like a champion, with blood all over him. He had just used all his power to fight off that tiger shark.

’’You are so much more powerful than half a year ago.’’ Nangong Yun said slowly.

Yu Yue showed his teeth as he laughed, ’’Too bad I lost...’’

He didn't even manage to finish his sentence before he spit out a huge chunk of blood.

Nangong Yun shook his head, ’’I had also just run out of energy. Let's just call it even.’’

’’I had lost! There's no argument in that. Who do you think I am? Train as hard as you can, because the next time, I will not be beaten!’’

It seemed like Yu Yue was seriously wounded, he struggled a little as he turned to leave.

Nangong Yun smiled, and returned to his seat.

’’Your blade attack had only slightly missed, otherwise you would have been able to take out that Zhen Qi tiger shark.’’ When Yu Yue sat down, Lin Qi who was sitting right next to him suddenly said.

Yu Yue froze a little, he looked at Lin Qi with a complicated look.

The head master of the North Snow Martial Academy smiled as well, although Yu Yue had lost, but he had at least wounded Nangong Yun which was not bad at all. And they had Lin Qi, who still hadn't started yet.

Shi Potian was slightly surprised by Nangong Yun's power, but he did not care much about it. In this competition, there were only two people he wanted to beat, one of them was Luo Hanshan, who used to be one of the top four Childe. Once he was able to beat him, he would be able to officially get the Childe title, otherwise it would not be proper. But, he was fairly confident about it, he knew that he was only lacking a ceremony of some sort. Of course, before everything else, he would have to take care of Ye Chen, and destroy the half-step sword intent, making his life miserable.

Unfortunately, it was not the time for that yet. If he rushed to challenge him, then it would be very suspicious, people would think that he wanted revenge for Cheng Jun. Then it might give his opponent an excuse to refuse to take up the challenge, he might even say that he had used too much of his energy and still needed time to recover, those who did not know any better would believe him and might even support him.

If Shi Potian decided to kill someone, he would not leave his opponent with any chance to back out.

'I will let you live for a little bit longer.' Shi Potian tried to control his temper.

The competing performance was a great opportunity for those disciples from different martial institutions and powerful parties to learn, it not only let them feel the pressure, but it also offered opportunities to achieve breakthroughs. Even if they were not able to have any breakthroughs, it would at least prepare them for their future improvements.

Right then, a martial disciple pointed at Yuan Xuemei for a challenge. Everyone turned their attention towards him, he was wearing yellow robes with a black snake pattern on his sleeves.

It represented the Black Snake Martial School - one of the four rank 9 martial institutions of Windy Nation.

It turned out that this disciple was the top disciple of the Black Snake Martial School. He knew that he had no chance of winning against top disciples from other martial institutions. Only Yuan Xuemei who was not as famous seemed to be an easy target. If he was able to beat her, then he would gain good reputation since being able to beat an outstanding disciple of a big martial institution was not something everyone could do.

Yuan Xuemei just smiled. She was waiting for someone to challenge her so that she could show people that she was not someone to be messed with.

’’[Spring Hit]!’’

She threw out a sword attack. The sword light was like rain drops as they landed lightly on the opponent's defensive Zhen Qi layer.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

That sword attack seemed extremely light and weak, but it actually carried surprisingly powerful energy. That disciple's defensive Zhen Qi was like a piece of tofu, it was filled with holes in no time and eventually disappeared.

Ye Chen's eye brows rose, he recognized that Yuan Xuemei had just performed the [Four Season Sword Art] from the Rudra Martial School. It seemed like that after she had made a breakthrough in her power level, her martial institution decided to focus on training her, and taught her the Four Season Sword Art making an exception, instead of the [Four Season Rain: the Sword Art].

After exchanged ten moves, the top disciple of the Black Snake School did not even manage to touch the edge of Yuan Xuemei's robes;on the contrary, he looked terrible, and was forced to drop out of the competition.

All of a sudden, the whole plaza turned quiet as they saw Ouyang Ming, the second ranked core disciple of the Purple Sun Martial Palace walk onto the stage.

’’It's Ouyang Ming! Another Childe level disciple.’’

’’I wonder who he is going to challenge, is it going to be Liu Wuxiang from Emerald Martial Palace? Or Shi Potian?’’

’’Impossible. The Purple Sun Martial School and the Emerald Martial Palace had been quite close lately, and their disciples had been hanging out together quite often, it is very unlikely for them to challenge each other. I think, he is going to challenge Luo Hanshan from the Sky Cloud Martial School, the Hanshan Childe.’’

’’Eh, how did I not think of that?! Although Luo Hanshan is not as powerful as when he was at his peak, he still has his reputation. Without beating him, it is impossible to steal his title.’’

Hearing the chattering around him, Ouyang Ming sneered at Luo Hanshan, ’’Luo Hanshan, today is the time for you to hand over your Childe title. Stop hoarding it.’’

Luo Hanshan walked onto the stage without any expression, he said, ’’I never cared about the Childe title However, if you want to take something from me, you would have to ask if I would like to give it to you or not.’’

’’Haha, do you think it is still two years ago? With your power now, you are no longer qualified for that title, you should let the people who are worthy to have it.’’ Ouyang Ming sneered.

’’Since you are so confident about it, then come and get it. However, I am afraid that you would not like the result.’’

Luo Hanshan stood thirty steps away from Ouyang Ming, he was wearing blue robes and had nothing in his hands. He looked just like any other guy in the street. But when one looked closer, they could see that he had the aura of a huge mountain that had survived for centuries, waiting to take on whatever that came at it.

Ye Chen said to Xu Jing, ’’It seems like brother Luo had hidden it quite well.’’

Xu Jing said, ’’You can see it?’’

’’Only an instinct. Although I don't like Ouyang Ming, he does have powerful Qi. I am afraid this is going to be a tough battle.’’ Ye Chen scanned the two on the stage with his soul power, he could sense the completely different aura being emitted by those two. If you said that Luo Hanshan was a peaceful huge mountain, or a rock at the bottom of the ocean, then Ouyang Ming would be a mad volcano, waiting for a moment to explode and burn everything around him.

’’If you are able to handle this kick without backing out, then you are eligible for me to use my full power.’’ Ouyang Ming's body slowly floated into the air, which gave people the impression that he was extremely relaxed. However, once he threw out a kick, that feeling had completely changed. That kick was like the outburst of a volcano, that aggressiveness made everyone present feel that something bad was going to happen.

’’This kick, I will take it!’’

Luo Hanshan's pupils suddenly changed color, a bright purple light poured out and formed into a bridge-like purple Qi behind his back, and continued to spread. It looked like it was going to bring something horrible.

’’The ninth stage of [Purple Extreme Art]! The Purple Qi in the East!’’

The head elder's eyes widened, as he said word by word.

Hearing him, Ye Chen started to think. The [Purple Extreme Art] was one of the most fascinating low rank Earth Realm Martial Arts in the Sky Cloud Martial School. The eighth level was known as the [Purple Eye Ice Heart], and the ninth stage was known as the [Purple Qi in the East]. Once someone reached the ninth stage, there would be purple Qi visibly being absorbed into their body which would massively increase their fighting strength. Rumour had it that once someone reached the peak of the ninth stage, they could even bring out a bunch of lotus flowers made of purple Qi, which could be used as a defensive art.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk

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