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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 128


Chapter 128 - Duel

Luo Hanshan murmured in shock, ’’Did Brother Ye just break into the Late Condensing Reality Realm?’’

Just then, Cheng Jun had forcibly stepped into the eighth level of the Natural Great Destructive Power, it already gave a huge shock to Luo Hanshan. After all, such things were truly rare, stress couldn't always urge warriors to achieve a breakthrough, otherwise, entire world would be thrown into chaos as people would start deadly fights every single day. The stress could only provide an opportunity for warriors to achieve a sudden improvement, however, he never thought that Ye Chen would achieve a breakthrough right after Cheng Jun, additionally, what Ye Chen had attained was an improvement of cultivation, he had directly broken into the Late Condensing Reality Realm from the Mid Condensing Reality Realm;moreover, judging from his vast, perfectly stabilised Zhen Qi vibrations, it seemed that his Late Condensing Reality Realm cultivation was even more solid than many ordinary warriors of the same level.


Taking a huge step forward, he suddenly released streams of fierce airwaves. Ye Chen's entire body seemed to have merged with the eye of a storm, from where shocking amounts of sword Qi rose directly up into the air.

He gripped his sword in one hand, while the other hand simply swung down in the air.

’’My sword!’’

’’What the hell! Why did my sword fly out on its own?!’’

Many Emerald Martial Palace's inner disciples had been watching the competition, and quite a few of them carried swords. But just now, all of their swords flew out automatically, they darted towards Cheng Jun together with the great stream of Sword Qi that was being let out by Ye Chen.

A couple of inner disciples who were relatively stronger managed to grab ahold of their swords, however no matter how hard they tried to control their own sword with their Zhen Qi, those swords still continued to shake so intensely that it almost threw those disciples into a panic.

An Emerald Martial Palace's inner Elder let out a cold snort while he slightly waved his hand in the air. As soon as he made this move, the connection between Ye Chen's sword Qi and all the other swords was instantly cut off.

Without all those extra swords, the huge stream of sword Qi released by Ye Chen seemed to be slightly less terrifying, yet it was still incomparably fierce. A tremendous white coloured airwave was brought up by the sword Qi and followed closely behind it, it was as if there was a flowing cloud that was swiftly changing forms and pushing the sword Qi forwards.


The sword Qi and the blade silhouette clashed against each other. In the very next second, the blade silhouette was cut into two, while the sword light which had shrunk by about thirty percent still violently bumped against the protective purple crystal screen around Cheng Jun's body.

A stream of fresh blood spurted out and a bone-deep wound appeared on Cheng Jun's chest. This was only because the sword Qi had suddenly changed its route and rose up into the air the moment it touched Cheng Jun's body, otherwise Cheng Jun would have long since been killed.


Once again, Cheng Jun let out a mouthful of blood, which also contained faint streams of sword Qi that even cracked the ground. Cheng Jun's face instantly turned deathly pale, his body started swaying as if he was going to kneel on the ground.

Suddenly, a silhouette darted over, it landed beside Cheng Jun and held him.

That was one of Emerald Martial Palace's inner elders.

’’Four attacks, he defeated Cheng Jun with only four attacks. In the final attack, he also showed slight signs of the true sword intent, didn't he?’’

’’Hm, I think so. I too felt a sharp stream of sword Qi that seemed to pierce right into my heart, I just thought it was only an illusion.’’

’’I heard that once true sword intent is released, it could vanquish all kinds of evil energies!’’

’’What kind of special talent does he have, how on earth did he manage to touch upon the true sword intent before all of us?! So unfair!’’

Some people were surprised by Ye Chen's achievement, some exclaimed out, and of course, most of these people were jealous of him. At their age, stepping into another stage would become very difficult, therefore, they could only strengthen their strength in other aspects. Without a doubt, sword intent and saber intent have both been desired by all the warriors, if these two non-physical objects could be purchased with wealth, these people would definitely give out whatever they had to obtain them.

On the Sky Cloud Martial School's side, the Head Elder and Fourth Elder had both been unnecessarily alarmed, but instead they now both showed delightful smiles. Ye Chen's outstanding performance had already been witnessed by everyone, after they get back to the Sky Cloud Martial School, they would certainly report this to the leader.

Luo Hanshan shook his head, he looked at Xu Jing and said, ’’Amazing, he is indeed amazing. Perhaps, he can come out of the Windy Nation along with us to go to the South Zhuo area to fight against those extremely talented younger generation warriors, what do you think?’’

Xu Jing didn't answer his question, instead she threw out a question of her own, ’’Now, you're also a Childe-level warrior, aren't you?’’

Luo Hanshan remained silent, but his eyes started shining brightly.

The inner elder who was holding Cheng Jung had already cleared all of the remaining sword Qi out of Cheng Jun's body. Seeing Cheng Jun's horrible wounds, the elder abruptly turned to Ye Chen and yelled harshly, ’’This was just a competition, but you launched your attack so maliciously! Let me teach you how to be a nice and decent man!’’


The area shook intensity, Ye Chen couldn't help but take a series of steps backwards. the Head Elder suddenly showed in front of him and smashed the aggressive stream of power with a single slap and yelled back at that inner elder, ’’Cheng Yue, don't you dare push this too far! Ye Chen has already shown mercy! Do you really think that our Sky Cloud Martial School's disciples are all pushovers?!’’

’’You!!’’ That Emerald Martial Palace's inner elder named Cheng Yue, was Cheng Jun's grandfather, and had always had great expectations of him. Today, seeing that Cheng Jun was defeated by Ye Chen with only four attacks, and was also injured quite seriously, Cheng Yue only felt blood surging to his head, and nearly lost his mind in his rage.

Zhuang Qingxian gave a complicated glance at Ye Chen, then shouted out at Cheng Yue, ’’Aren't you ashamed enough yet? Just take Cheng Jun and go take care of his wounds.’’

After Cheng Yue took Cheng Jun away, Zhuang Qingxian took a long and deep breath, then said in a resonant voice, ’’All competitors should remember this, don't push things too far in the arena. I hope you can restrain yourself, don't lose yourself in the fight.’’ Just now, Ye Chen had shown mercy and spared Cheng Jun's life, therefore, Zhuang Qingxian couldn't say much about it, otherwise, he would probably give others an unjust impression, which would not be good for his reputation.

The competition carried on. The competitors were all talented younger generation disciples from other powerful institutions, while the top-ranked younger disciples from the most influential institutions still thought that it was not time for them to step into the arena yet.

Shi Potian was now very displeased. He had just glanced at Ji Xueyan and found that she had been staring at Ye Chen all the time and didn't even notice his gaze. This made Shi Potian feel that he was being completely neglected. Previously, although Ji Xueyan never showed any particular interest in him, she had at least given him enough respect;in his eyes, their relationship was quite close, and there was a chance for that girl to fancy him. But now, that small hope was completely gone.

’’Ye Chen, you shouldn't think that you're marvellous just because you've defeated Cheng Jun. You can't even imagine how great the true Childe-level power is. After a few more fights, I will let you know the difference between us, then you will know what despair feels like. I will destroy your half-step sword intent and make you beg for your death.’’ Shi Potian's expression remained unchanged, but deep inside, he was roaring in rage. He already had a plan that could completely crush Ye Chen's confidence. Sword intent possessed by an unconfident sword artist could easily vanish, not to mention that Ye Chen hadn't yet gained the true sword-intent.

As he viciously glanced at Ye Chen, Shi Potian's eyes were filled with an evil aura.

Among Emerald Martial Palace's inner disciples, Ye Xuan was sitting on a chair, she stared at Ye Chen with her eyes popped out as if she couldn't quite believe what had just happened. Just now, if the inner Elder hadn't made his move, her sword also would have certainly flown out and merged with Ye Chen's Sword Qi. She couldn't understand how that Ye Chan, who always used to be so dumb and had such poor talent, suddenly become so talented, And he had been growing more and more powerful, now he almost reached the peak among all of the Windy Nation's younger generation warriors.

’’Junior Sister Ye, he won't be able to enjoy his victory for long, next Senior Brother Shi will surely teach him a good lesson.’’ Next to Ye Xuan, Cui Shiming said in a low voice.

Ye Xuan briefly paused and then responded, ’’It isn't that easy, is it?’’

’’You've misjudged Brother Shi. Not to mention Ye Chen, even Young master North Snow from the North Snow Martial Academy and the Young master Duanmu from the Duanmu family can't be sure that they could win against Senior Brother Shi. Brother Shi is now a true Childe-level martial artist, he only lacks a title.’’ Cui Shiming was quite proud when he said this. He clearly knew that once Shi Potian launched his attack, he would definitely make his opponent pay a heavy price. As for what that price would be, he could only wait to find out. However, he also realised that he had to cultivate even harder than before. This Junior Sister Ye Xuan was also pretty talented. In terms of power, she was currently as strong as him, which meant that she could probably surpass him in the near future, this also brought him some sense of crisis.

’’I, Yu Yue, am challenging Rudra Martial School's core disciple, Nangong Yun.’’

After another fight ended, Yu Yue, the 'Aggressive Blade' abruptly walked out, and challenged Nangong Yun, who was also known as the 'Rain Man'.

’’Aggressive Blade, Yu Yue, before Lin Qi showed his talent, Yu Yue was recognised as the second ranked disciple among all North Snow Martial School's younger generation disciples.’’

’’Yu Yue's blade skills are incomparably violent, although Lin Qi's is much more mature than before, he still won't win against Yu Yue easily.’’

’’However, that 'Rain Man', Nangong Yun is also pretty talented. It is said that he was tutored by the leader of the Rudra Martial School himself, and had been practising the '[Heaven Holy Spring Spell]'.’’

’’Heaven Holy Spring Spell? Isn't that the early stage spell of the legendary [Godly Water Spell] secret art, the most powerful martial art possessed by the Rudra Martial School?’’

People began whispering to each other excitedly. Although the competition between Ye Chen and Cheng Yue had been fantastic, it was not a Childe-level fight.

At present, except for Young Master North Snow and Young Master Duanmu, the martial artists who had truly gained Childe-level power were Shi Potian and Liu Wuxiang from the Emerald Martial Palace, Qin Yulian from the Rudra Martial School, Zhu Mei from the Sky Cloud Martial School, Ouyang Lie from the Purple Sun Martial School and Lin Qi from the North Snow Martial School;all the others who had nearly achieved Childe-level were only just nominated. 'Aggressive Blade' Yu Yue and 'Rain Man' Nangong Yun were two of them.

Of course, the recognised Childe-level martial artists were not more powerful than these nominated disciples by a hundred percent, and the nominated Childe-level disciples might be able to completely defeat recognised Childe-level martial artists;regarding this, people could only take guesses based on small clues, and none could actually be sure without a real fight taking place.

Nangong Yun walked out with a friendly smile and said, ’’Yu Yue, I knew that you would challenge me, we still haven't ended our fight from half a year ago!’’

’’Exactly, between you and me, we have to find out who is the winner this time. Nowadays, there are just too many talented people, if we don't work harder and break past our limits, there won't be a place left for us at all.’’ Yu Yue was over two meters tall, and looked especially sturdy. He stood straight and had a fierce aura spreading out from his body, as if his entire body had transformed into a solid and sharp blade that could swiftly launch a deadly attack anytime he wanted.

Nangong Yun responded seriously, ’’In that case, let's begin. I wish that I can achieve a breakthrough in stress as well.’’

’’Madness Blade!’’

Like a roaring tiger, Yu Yue took the first step forward. From tens of steps away, he split the air and came darting towards Nangong Yun along with a hazy silhouette of a blade.


Nangong Yun waved his hands in the air and let out Zhen Qi that looked like water streams, which then transformed into tens of beams of sword light in the air and swished towards the blade silhouette.

Seeing Nangong Yun's move, Ye Chen praised with some surprise, ’’What a stunning skill! He condensed his Zhen Qi to resemble water-like qualities, but much heavier than real water. A drop of that kind of Zhen Qi water would probably weigh hundreds of kilograms, I'm afraid even tens of these drops can be unstoppable.’’

Luo Hanshan was a knowledgeable person, he explained to Ye Chen, ’’The leader of the Rudra Martial School is quite a mysterious woman, no one knows where she came from. Without any signs, she suddenly rose high in the world of martial artists and then founded the Rudra Martial School, one of the five famous institutions. The top grade martial art possessed by the Rudra Martial School is called 'Magic Spring Spell', it is incredibly magical. It's said that at the peak stage of this spell, a drop of Zhen Qi water can weigh ten thousand kilograms, and that the martial artist could even control the rain with this spell;for example, he or she could instantly raise the amount of rain in a certain area. This Heaven Holy Spring Spell is the early-stage of the Magic Spring Spell, although it's only as effective as twenty percent of the Magic Spring Spell, it's already terrifying.’’

Ye Chen nodded. He had heard about the leader of the Rudra Martial School before, although she was a woman, she was no less ambitious than any man, and she single-handedly turned the Rudra Martial School into one of the top five famous institutions. In terms of comprehensive strength, the Rudra Martial School was even slightly better than the current Sky Cloud Martial School. Nevertheless, the Sky Cloud Martial School was actually more powerful before, it was just that it had been trapped by the Purple Sun Martial School and had lost many of its powerful disciples, it had also been downgraded from the rank 8 to rank 9;the current Sky Cloud Martial School was still trying to recover from that.

Facing the heavy Zhen Qi water streams, Yu Yue showed absolutely no fear. He raised his solid and gigantic black blade and madly hacked down at those water streams, even causing those Zhen Qi water streams to splash everywhere.

’’The Eighth Mountain-Smashing Style!’’

Suddenly, Yu Yue leapt high into the air and simply swung his blade down.

Followed by a loud sizzling noise, Nangong Yun's Zhen Qi water streams were split off layer by layer. The openings in water streams expanded quickly, and drops of Zhen Qi water even fell on the ground and pierced countless deep holes in the ground.

’’Water Screen Unification!’’

Nangong Yun took three steps backwards, crossed his fingers, and then pushed his palms forward.

Along with a loud clattering water sound, the remaining water streams quickly merged together into a water sphere which bumped against Yu Yue's blade, forcibly pushing Yu Yue over ten steps back.


Translated by: Law

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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