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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 126


Chapter 126 - The Purple Sun Fire Sword

In the middle of Baohua Plaza, Xu Jing and Zhang Qing stood at a distance of thirty steps from each other.

’’Although this is just a performance, that doesn't mean I will hold back. I hope that you can at least last a little bit longer.’’ The surface of his storage ring flashed and a huge purple sword appeared in Zhang Qing's hand. This sword was almost half a human's height, the body of the sword was very thick making the sword look very heavy.

Xu Jing didn't take out any weapon, she casually said, ’’Against you, I only need ten moves to win.’’

Zhang Qing's expression froze slightly and then he sneered, ’’Okay, good. I would like to see just how you are going to beat me in ten moves, just don't end up biting your own tongue.’’


Zhang Qing held his sword with both his hands, and then raised it high up in the sky. Beams of purple-red light accumulated at the tip of the sword, and then attacked towards Xu Jing who was in front of him.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Three burning sword lights shot out, burning all the air around them.

There was no expression on Xu Jing's face. A huge circular halo of fire accumulated behind Xu Jing's head, looking exceptionally bright. With the help of the halo, Xu Jing's Qi increased rapidly. She then continuously threw out three punches directed at the incoming sword lights.


The explosion sounded like fireworks. The sword lights shattered into pieces before they could even close the distance to Xu Jing's position to one meter, triggering a huge wave of Qi as they shattered.

’’You're going to lose!’’

Naturally, Zhang Qing did not expect the three sword lights to be able to beat Xu Jing. If he had actually managed to beat her with just that, then there wouldn't be any fun to it. The moment Xu Jing shattered his sword lights, he stepped out and turned into a shadow and attacked her from a different direction.

The heavy sword made a horrifying high-pitched sound as it tore the air apart. It was not hard to imagine just how powerful the strike was. Even with the protection of the defensive art, it would be almost impossible to directly block this attack.


The crowd stared in shock as Xu Jing reoriented herself and threw out a punch covered in golden light directed at the sword body itself.

The huge sword in Zhang Qing's hand was almost blown away. Although his sword was not a low rank treasure sword, it was definitely one of the top swords in the normal rank. Seeing that his sword combined with his aggressive Zhen Qi was still not enough to fight off Xu Jing's punch, he was immensely shocked.

’’Piss off!’’

Xu Jing's punch blew away the huge sword in his hand, an almost-solid golden light appeared around her and continued to spread rapidly.


In this critical moment, a six-sided purple Zhen Qi shield appeared around Zhang Qing. With one side facing the front, and the other five faced different directions, completely protecting Zhang Qing.

But he still underestimated the power of the golden light. Even after the shield appeared, he was still pushed backwards.

Ye Chen smiled unnoticeably. Frankly, he was not at all worried about Xu Jing as he knew that Xu Jing had not even used half of her power yet. And the most impressive part about her was that she could display power comparable to 80% of her power or sometimes even 90% by only using 60% of her power.

Of course, Zhang Qing also had not used all of his power, but it would be really really difficult for him to beat Xu Jing.

’’What the heck is Zhang Qing doing? Why hasn't he used all his power yet?’’ On the side where the disciples from the Purple Sun Martial School were present, Ouyang Ming who was sitting on his chair frowned and said.

The ground of Baohua Plaza, that was as hard as steel cracked open. Zhang Qing stopped his body and said in a low voice, ’’You are someone who is worthy of me using all my power.’’

As he finished speaking, a purple-red light appeared around Zhang Qing's body. It was like a burning fire, it continued to turn hotter and hotter. Eventually, it followed Zhang Qing's hands and was absorbed into the huge sword. The sword looked like it was on fire, it was almost as bright as the sun in the sky.

’’The Purple Sun Fire Sword!’’

Zhang Qing sliced down with his huge sword, the purple red light then turned into another huge sword that was ten meters long, and came attacking towards Xu Jing.

That unbelievably huge sword was way too powerful, it drained all the air in front of it, an unbearably loud sound that resembled a wave of water crashing against something shook the whole plaza.

’’This sword attack is pretty powerful, it looks like his opponent is about to lose.’’ At the Emerald Martial Palace's table, Shi Potian was sitting calmly. He looked like he was enjoying what he was seeing.

Luo Hanshan looked a little bit worried, Zhang Qing's power was indeed out of his expectations, and it wasn't an easy martial skill either. It was specifically targeted at those warriors who preferred head-on clashes, and unfortunately, Xu Jing was indeed that kind of warrior.

’’Brother Luo, don't worry. Sister Xu Jing will definitely win. Until now, it was only an appetizer for her.’’ Ye Chen said.

’’Oh! I sure hope so.’’

Luo Hanshan did not know why Ye Chen was so confident about Xu Jing, but it would definitely be great if she could win.


Zhang Qing accumulated all of his Zhen Qi into one sword attack, his face looked a little bit flushed.

Right in the instant the Purple Sun Fire Sword was sent out, Xu Jing's eyes turned fierce.

A wave of golden light shone and another ring of fire accumulated behind her head, covering the first ring.

Luo Hanshan yelled out in a low voice, ’’The eighth stage of the [Golden Three Realm Art]!’’

With the help of the two halos, Xu Jing's Qi increased by three times, the thick golden light had completely turned solid, shooting to the sky.


Holding her two hands forward, Xu Jing blocked the huge purple sword, giving it no space to move. She then accumulated her power, and the huge sword shattered in the blink of an eye. Zhang Qing was blown away and blood came spitting out of his mouth.

’’Three moves, this is all you've got.’’ Xu Jing said calmly as if nothing had happened.

’’You!’’ Zhang Qing stood up from the floor, he spit out another chunk of blood after hearing her.

Zhuang Qingxian glanced at Xu Jing with surprise in his eyes, he said in a loud voice, ’’Great! The first battle is finished, who else wants to go?’’

Shi Potian stared at Ye Chen, he communicated via Zhen Qi with the good-looking teenager sitting right next to him, ’’Cheng Jun, you get up there and have a go at that Ye Chen. If you cannot take him down, then I will have to do it myself.’’

He wanted to go up himself, but after giving it some thought, he realized that it was not that good of an idea. Ye Chen had just become famous, and he was still not yet an official core disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School;on the other hand he was already one of the top four core disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace.

So even if he won, it would still be frowned upon. Letting the No.1 inner disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace Cheng Jun go up there would be better, although he was not a core disciple yet, his power could still be ranked amongst the top fifteen of the core disciples. If there were no surprises, it should not be too hard for him to beat Ye Chen.

Cheng Jun, who was even prettier than some of the women replied, ’’Brother Shi, Ye Chen had only learned the half step sword intent, his cultivation level is not high, there's no need for you to go up there yourself, I can take him down with ease.’’

Shi Potian nodded, ’’Remember, you shouldn't let him go too easily.’’

’’Don't worry, I have trained the '[Inborn Splitting strength]', each attack will make him lay in bed for at least half of a month. As for the rules, they only said we should be polite. Are we really supposed to restrain our power and fight like children? Wouldn't that be too boring?’’

Shi Potian nodded lightly, then looked at Ye Chen with an evil grin, he thought, 'it seems like there is no need for me to do this myself. Cheng Jun could break you easily.'

’’Leader, I would like to challenge Ye Chen from Sky Cloud Martial School.’’ Cheng Jun stood up and walked onto the stage.

Zhuang Qingxian laughed, ’’Okay, you are the No.1 inner disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace, and Ye Chen is the No.1 inner disciple from the Sky Cloud Martial School, perfect.’’

’’Ye Chen, do you dare accept?’’ Cheng Jun looked at Ye Chen.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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