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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 125


Chapter 125 - The Battling Performances

’’Emerald Childe, what a great warrior. Although he is only at the Early Clasping Yuan Realm, he gives people the pressure of a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. He has endless potential.’’ One leader that had a high cultivation level from a powerful party exclaimed.

’’Leader Wang, you haven't heard, right? When Emerald Childe reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, he was ambushed by a mid-rank ghost guard, the Ghost Corpse Artist, yet he killed him with just a single palm attack.’’

’’Mid rank ghost guard! Remember back in the day when the Nine Ghost Cult was still around, the Ghost Corpse Artist was one of the one hundred and eight ghost warriors. His ghost guards were so powerful that they were all top geniuses. Being able to become a mid-rank ghost guard, he would have at least been at the peak of the Early Clasping Yuan Realm!’’

The more powerful you became, the harder it was for you to cross-level challenge other warriors. It was not hard for warriors to cross-level defeat other warriors when they are still at the Mortal Realm. But once the Condensing Reality Realm was reached, it became difficult to beat opponents who were even one cultivation level higher. And once they reached Clasping Yuan Realm, it would be very hard to beat someone that is at a higher realm. In addition, to be able to become a mid-rank ghost guard, they would all be martial geniuses, who were also able to cross-level challenge other warriors.

Having heard the conversation, the crowd looked at Emerald Childe with even more respect. Most of them were at the Mid Clasping Yuan Realm, barely anyone was at the late Clasping Yuan Realm, which meant that they were not confident enough to compete with Emerald Childe.

Emerald Childe scanned the crowd. He stopped at Luo Hanshan, then he said, ’’Thank you all for coming to my celebratory dinner. I, Zhuang Fei, feel honored. In order to show our gratitude, there will be a lot of amazing shows held tonight, I hope they will entertain you all.’’

Then, he said some other things that were appropriate to the event. After that he then stood back and let the leader of the Emerald Valley - Zhuang Qingxian take charge.

Zhuang Qingxian walked to the front and said in a loud voice, ’’Without further ado, the celebratory feast shall now begin.’’

All of a sudden.

The place was filled with music, there were people playing the drums and various string instruments, it created a great atmosphere.

Then, some beautiful maids brought out breakfast and tea.

After the morning tea, the show had officially started.

The first act was called the candle blowing.

On the stage, there was a short bulky middle-aged man who was at the Early Condensing Reality Realm. He laid out thirteen burning candles on the ground in an ’’S’’ shape. Then, he walked ten steps back, and slowly accumulated his Qi.

The crowd had never seen something like this before, so they all seemed pretty interested.


The short bulky man used all his strength and blew out a pile of white Qi. The white Qi resembled flying darts;it easily blew out the first candle. Then it changed its direction of travel and blew out the second one... and then the third one...

When the thirteenth candle was blown out, the crowd started clapping. The applause was so loud that it sounded like thunder.

’’Good, brilliant.’’

’’It is pretty impressive for an Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior to be able to do this.’’

Normally, the Qi that was blown out travelled in a straight line, this was common knowledge. Although it was easy for a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior to do so, no Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would want to perform on stage like this, as it would be considered boring to see a powerful warrior do such an easy trick.

Ye Chen clapped his hands slightly. 'It was indeed amazing. He probably trains a martial art that allowed him to extend his Qi. Along with a long period of training, it should not be hard to do so.'

The show just got better and better. A lot of people in the crowd had been fully attracted to it. There were still some people who were chatting as they continued watching the shows. When they became thirsty, there would be all kinds of fruits and drinks right by them. And if they had any other needs, they could ask the beautiful maids at any time.

Soon, it was already noon.

The lunch was very sumptuous, there were all kinds of dishes, as long as you could see them in the market, you could see them here;the ones you could not see in the market, you could also see them here. And the alcohol was the Blue Ocean, the top rank famous alcohol in the Windy Nation, it was worth three thousand silvers each bottle.

Luo Hanshan took a sip of the wine and then said, ’’After lunch, the true business here will finally start.’’

’’Don't be careless.’’ The head elder only said those three words.

The three nodded, Xu Jing suddenly said to Ye Chen, ’’Shi Potian and that Emerald Martial Palace disciple had been checking you out. Be careful.’’

Ye Chen said: ’’I know.’’

He was already wondering why there was murderous intent in the way Shi Potian gazed at him, even though they had no personal issues with each other. Although he hid it very deeply, it could still not get past Ye Chen's powerful soul power. And the other person should be the No.1 inner disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace. He seemed to be targeting Ye Chen in particular.

On the side, even though the fourth elder kept to himself, he was actually more concerned than anyone else.

Luo Hanshan used to be one of the top four childes. Right now, it was still unknown whether he still had the strength to compete against other childe, he might even struggle when he faced against those second ranked disciples from different martial institutions. The fourth elder wasn't even sure exactly how powerful Xu Jing was among the core disciples. But in other martial institutions, people like the ’’North Snow Fast Blade’’ Lin Qi, the ’’Stone Man’’ Shi Potian, were all already acknowledged to be at the childe level of power.

The good thing was that they had Ye Chen in the Sky Cloud Martial School. Although he still had a lot of space for improvement, as long as he did not lose too badly, he would be able to save them from embarrassment with his half-step sword intent.

As all of these thoughts went through his mind, the fourth elder looked at Ye Chen with a gaze filled with excitement and expectation.


The sun shone brightly in the sky, lighting up the ground and everything on it.

In the Baohua Plaza.

The crowd's expressions were full of excitement;they were all waiting for the finale.

Zhuang Qingxian cleared his throat and laughed, ’’I think everyone knows what is coming up next. That is right. It is indeed the battling performances between the disciples from the different martial institutions and powerful parties. They are supposed to be just performances of battling so it is strictly forbidden to go overboard. If anyone breaks these rules, I will have to punish you personally in the place of your teachers. Also, the battles should be consented, if your intended opponent would not like to take up the challenge, you can't force them to do so. But of course, I personally strongly encourage you all to try it.’’

’’Leader Zhuang, we have been waiting for this moment since the beginning, let's start already!’’

’’Leader Zhuang, the time goes so fast, let's begin while it is still fun!’’

Seeing some people excited, Zhuang Qingxian laughed, ’’Okay! The battling performances have officially started! Which one of the young warriors would like to come on stage first?’’

That ugly teenager from the Purple Sun Martial School stood up, he walked to the open ground and greeted, ’’I am Zhang Qing, core disciple of the Purple Sun Martial School. I would like to challenge the core disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Xu Jing. Xu Jing, do you dare to battle with me?’’

Zhang Qing had a cousin called Zhang Guo, who got into a conflict with Xu Jing during a mission. He was badly injured by her. The rest of the disciples in the Purple Sun Martial School could not let it go since they were rarely disadvantaged. Plus, as one of the top ten inner disciples, it was unacceptable for Zhao Guo to be wounded like that. Ever since then, the powerful disciples of the Purple Sun Martial School kept looking for trouble with Xu Jing, but they did not expect for her to be that strong. No one among the inner disciples could beat her, which was extremely embarrassing.

Right now, there was an opportunity right in front of him. Zhang Qing wanted to teach Xu Jing a lesson for his cousin.

’’Why not?’’ Xu Jing who wore white robes stood up and slowly walked up the stage.

Zhuang Qingxian said, ’’Good, you two, try to control your power. It does not really have to have a winner, just show us what you have learned and accomplished, that would be enough.’’

Then, he stepped back and sat back on that huge chair that was present behind him.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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