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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 124


Chapter 124 - The Emerald Childe

In the Green Willow Mansion.

After refreshments, Ye Chen went to the main yard of the Head Elder's house.

In the open ground, Luo Hanshan and Xu Jing were already there waiting.

Shortly after, the Head Elder walked out of the lobby along with the Fourth Elder. The Head Elder studied the three of them, and then said, ’’Let's go!’’

On the road.

The Head Elder reminded Ye Chen, ’’When you compete with someone, don't make it personal and allow them to get you all worked up. Remember, you represent the whole Sky Cloud Martial School, not just yourself.’’

’’I understand.’’ Ye Chen nodded.

Luo Hanshan who was walking on the side, laughed: ’’Unless someone specifically targets you, I don't think there will be anything embarrassing that will take place tonight. Plus, you have me and your Senior Sister Xu Jing to back you up.’’

Right now, Luo Hanshan was different from how he was half a year ago. Back then, he had just recovered his title as a martial genius and he had an urge to prove himself, that was why he agreed to that three palm attacks battle;but the Luo Hanshan now was friendly, calm and confident.

’’Hanshan, I know that you had a big breakthrough in the past six months, but don't underestimate Liu Wuxiang and Shi Potian. Those two are not simple.’’ The Fourth Elder interrupted.

Luo Hanshan said, ’’Don't worry, Forth Elder, I know what I'm doing.’’

The main buildings of the Emerald Valley were blocked from the outside world by a huge river. There were three great stone bridges across it, they were sixty meters long and fifteen meters wide, they could fit ten horses side by side at the same time and it would still not seem crowded.

At the moment it was filled with people who were walking on these stone bridges, all of them were headed towards the Emerald Valley.

After they crossed the bridge, an Outer Elder of the Emerald Martial School welcomed them.

’’Welcome, the celebration dinner will be held in the Baohua Plaza, please follow me.’’

The Head Elder nodded and followed behind him.

Shortly after, the Baohua Plaza mentioned by him appeared before the group. It was a thousand meter wide plaza, decorated in white with just a hint of blue. It had a slight shine to it and seemed to be made of huge pieces of emerald, it was extremely grand.

The seating had already been settled. One third of the people were already seated, and the rest started rushing to their seats.

’’This way.’’ The Outer Elder of Emerald Valley brought the group from the first table to the second. The first table was reserved for the people from the Rudra Martial School, and the one in front of them were the tables for the North Snow Martial Academy and the Purple Sun Martial School. From this, it could be seen that the Sky Cloud Martial School had been placed last in the top five.

The Head Elder did not make a fuss about this, he just nodded and sat down.

The Fourth Elder, Ye Chen and the rest of the group sat down in turn.

Ye Chen turned his head, and saw Yuan Xuemei who was smiling at him, looking very pretty. At the opposite side, the very tall Ouyang Ming was checking out Luo Hanshan, which brought a smirk to his face, then he looked at Ye Chen and his scornful expression became even more apparent.

’’Second Brother, is that Hanshan Childe really that powerful?’’ An ugly-looking teenager who was sitting next to Ouyang Ming asked.

Ouyang Ming said casually, ’’Why are you bringing up things from the past? He's no longer at the level of the other childe, the Hanshan Childe has become a joke.’’

’’I think, the Windy Nation should rearrange their top four childe. The Emerald Childe is not on the same level anymore;Hanshan Childe should be kicked out as well. Then there will be two places left in the top four childe. Eldest Brother and Second brother, you should be able to make it. I had already thought about your titles too, Eldest Brother would be called the Thunder Childe, and you would be the Godly Kick Childe.’’ The ugly-looking disciple was pretty good at paying compliments, so he praised without hesitation.

Ouyang Ming slightly froze 'The 'Godly Kick Childe', that sounds pretty good...'All of a sudden, he straightened his expression and pretended to scold the ugly-looking disciple, ’’Watch your mouth. How could I deserve the childe title?’’

The ugly-looking disciple knew that Ouyang Ming was not actually mad at him, so he said, ’’I am only telling the truth, Second Brother, it's just that you showed your talent a little late. If you can beat the Hanshan Childe today, you could definitely be in the top four childe!’’

’’I will definitely beat the Hanshan Childe, I just hope that he could at least make me use all of my strength.’’ Ouyang Ming squinted his eyes.

On the other side, Ye Chen unnoticeably sneered. With his powerful soul power, he had heard every single word of their conversation. 'This Ouyang Ming and that ugly-looking teenager are just too arrogant. Not to mention the Hanshan Childe, even the 'North Snow Fast Blade' is not that simple to take down.'

By the time that the red sun rose from the east, the plaza was already almost filled. Only the leaders of the Emerald Valley had yet to arrive.

Shortly after, the door to the palace on top of the Baohua plaza opened and a group of people walked out.

The person walking in the front was about forty years old and looked very handsome. There was a long beard on his chin, and he presented more of a scholarly vibe than that of a brutal warrior, leaving a perfect first impression.

’’Leader Zhuang, how are you!’’

’’Leader Zhuang, congratulations!’’

Below, all the powerful leaders from various parties stood up and greeted with their hands held together.

The middle-aged man's face was full of smiles. He waved and asked everyone to sit down. He had an indescribable aura that made it apparent that he was indeed the leader of the Emerald Martial School - Zhuang Qingxian.

Ye Chen frowned slightly. Without knowing the reason, once he saw Zhuang Qingxian, he couldn't help but think of Yue Buqun from those xianxia novels he had read before.

There were eight Inner Elders following Zhuang Qingxian on both sides, they all looked mysteriously powerful. 'They could definitely compete with the Head Elder, the two in the front might even be more powerful than our Head Elder.'

They were followed by the top three core disciples of the Emerald Martial School. They were Liu Wuxiang who looked extremely cold, Shi Potian who had a classy taste, and the extremely beautiful Ji Xueyan.

Then there was another male disciple who had extremely pale skin, and an appearance that was prettier than most women. An evil light flashed through his eyes.

Zhuang Qingxian waited until the group of people found their seats, then he said in a loud voice, ’’Today is the celebratory feast for my son - Zhuang Fei. Thank you all for coming all the way to the Emerald Valley. I, Zhuang Qingxian, am pleased to have you all here!’’

’’No, leader Zhuang, we should thank you for inviting us.’’

’’Yah, the no. 1 martial institution of the Windy Nation, how could I not come?’’

’’The celebratory dinner is about to start, why haven't we seen your son yet?’’

Zhuang Qingxian laughed, he was happy with the atmosphere. He knew that after today the Emerald Valley would be able to significantly strengthen its position as the tyrant of the Windy Nation, standing above all the other four martial institutions.

’’Everyone please wait for a bit;my son should show up at any second.’’

As he spoke, a young figure walked out of the palace.

It seemed like he had an invisible aura that was attracting the whole crowd, everyone looked towards him.

The teenager was about eighteen years old. On his clean cut face were a pair of bright eyes like the stars in the sky;his body was slim and tall, he wore a green robe, looking very tasteful. Each step he took was as if it contained some magic, shaking everyone's hearts.

Seeing him, Lin Qi's eyes burst out with a strong desire to fight, but it soon calmed down. In the eyes of Ouyang Ming, there was more jealousy and ambition than there was a desire to fight. He tightened his fist.

As for Luo Hanshan, he seemed very calm. No one knew what he was thinking. But Ye Chen could sense that he was sighing with emotion.

No need to say who that teenager was.

It was indeed the Emerald Childe - Zhuang Fei himself. The No.1 existence among his generation in the Windy Nation.


Translated by: Sheryl

Edited by: Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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