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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 123


Chapter 123 - The Sword Law

Hearing him, Shi Potian remembered that just an hour ago Ji Xueyan had had a strange expression on her face, now he thought that it must have been due to her seeing the Sky Cloud Martial School disciple Ye Chen.

Thinking of the fact that the two were once engaged, Shi Potian could not help but feel jealous and angry. The woman he liked was not allowed to be related to anyone in any way. Even if that relationship was already long gone, he was still very upset about it.

'This Ye Chen, I'm going to teach him a lesson.'

Looking at Cui Shiming, Shi Potian asked, ’’You also have some unfinished business with him?’’

A ferocious look flashed past Cui Shiming's face, ’’That guy is very evil and cunning. He tricked me and beat me once, embarrassing me in front of my Senior Sister Ye Xuan.’’

He had liked Ye Xuan for a long time now. Previously, they were pretty close;but ever since he was beaten up by Ye Chen, Ye Xuan would only greet him coldly when they see each other, this really hurt his feelings. He wished he could travel back in time and kill that Ye Chen.

Shi Potian sneered, he knew that Cui Shiming hadn't told him the whole story, but he wouldn't say anything about it.

’’You should leave now!’’ Shi Potian said firmly.

Cui Shiming said in confusion, ’’Brother Shi, are you going to let him off the hook that easily?’’

’’Let him go? What a joke. At tomorrow's celebrating dinner, when all those disciples from different martial institutions are going to compete against each other, I will challenge him. I will embarrass him in front of everyone, maybe even make him lose his mind, then I can rightfully wound him or even kill him.’’ If the time was right, Shi Potian would go and kill Ye Chen right now. With his power level, it should be manageable, the so-called half-step sword intent would be nothing in front of true power.

Cui Shiming was frightened by the tone of Shi Potian. He thought of all those people who had gone against Shi Potian, they had either been killed or they were so badly wounded that they could never practice martial arts again. He could not help but feel satisfied. 'Ye Chen, if you want to blame someone, then you can only blame yourself for being so arrogant and embarrassing me in front of sister Ye Xuan. Wait until you are completely ruined, then I will take care of you... hahaha...'Cui Shiming thought to himself.

Waiting until Cui Shiming left, Shi Potian said to himself, ’’Sister Ji, I will let you know that he is still the same guy. Even if he had comprehended the half-step sword intent, he is still a loser in front of me. Huh!’’


The night arrived and the stars filled the dark sky.

Inside the lakes in the Emerald Martial Palace, there was a bright moon, while the clouds looked like lotuses around it.

Having turned on the crystal light in his room, Ye Chen was reading the sword law.

The sword law was not a martial art manual;it was about ancient sword artists' understanding of the sword arts. Some of the theories were pretty easy to understand, but some of them seemed very abstract with each sentence needing quite a long time to think about.

There were some theories in the sword law that were not even about sword intent, they were about a warrior's attitude, about what kind of attitude would help you get into your best mental state, what kind of attitude would get you the opportunity to have a breakthrough. There were even people that talked about the sword intent, but it all seemed a bit unreal.

’’What a great book!’’ Ye Chen couldn't help but praise the book.

Although this sword law would not directly help improve his fighting power or his sword arts, it would provide plenty of theory and knowledge. Warriors should never underestimate theory, because even though warriors might become powerful without such theories, they would never become a great master. To become a great martial master, they would have to have a great deal of knowledge. They would need them to stand out and create their own sword style and theories. Only then would they be able to use all of their passion, and move to the higher ground.

Fully attracted to the content of the sword law, Ye Chen completely forgot about the time.

Outside of the yard, the moonlight was crystal clear and the stars were shining in the sky.

All of a sudden.

A wave of heavy wind blew in from far away and disturbed the peace inside the yard.

The head-master and the rest of the masters who were all resting looked confused, because for a second, they sensed that something sharp had gone past them, but when they tried to sense it, there was nothing. It seemed to be an illusion.

Xu Jing who was sitting in her training posture opened her eyes, she subconsciously thought about Ye Chen, then she closed her eyes and decided to ignore it completely.

The sword law was only thirteen pages long. Although Ye Chen was taking his time and reading very carefully, he still managed to finish reading the book in under half an hour.


Coming back to reality, Ye Chen felt that his mind had been cleared up.

Placing his palm on the Hidden Cloud Sword, Ye Chen sensed that something mysterious was about to shoot out from the bottom of his heart.

It was his sword intent!

Putting in some thought, Ye Chen realized that his half-step sword intent had become even more stable.

By reaching his current level, he had already entered the hardest time yet, it would take more time for him to have any breakthroughs. Therefore, even the slightest improvement would be very obvious.

Now that he had taken one step further in his half-step sword intent, there was only one thin veil separating him from the true sword intent. Once a cool breeze was to blow on it, that thin veil would be lifted, and the essence of the sword intent would reveal itself.

Letting out a deep breath, Ye Chen talked to himself, ’’I didn't expect that one simple 'sword law' book could make such a big difference, it had saved me a lot of time I would've had to spend training. In the future, as long as I keep trying, I can definitely comprehend sword intent in no time. I owe you a thanks, Yuan Xuemei!’’

Right then, if Yuan Xuemei knew that Ye Chen had gained such huge benefits from the sword law book, she would be shocked. She had spent a lot of time on this book, but she was not able to see what was so special about that book, it had only helped her make her battling style more practical, that was all.

Standing up, Ye Chen opened the window and admired the moon for a while.

Soon, Ye Chen closed the window when he felt that he had calmed himself, and started his daily Zhen Qi training.

One night without any words.

The morning of the second day.

A thin layer of fog covered the lake, making it look very holy.

The quiet Emerald Valley gradually became louder and louder.

The leaders of some important parties who couldn't make it by the night before had slowly arrived. The whole place looked ten times more magnificent than the Sky Cloud Martial School inner disciple ranking competition, since the Emerald Childe reaching the Clasping Yuan Realm was a much more important event.

If nothing else happened, the Emerald Childe would become the most important person in the Emerald Martial School, and his reputation would not have any less of an impact than that of the leaders of the top five martial institutions.

’’In the celebration dinner, all those great disciples from different martial institutions will certainly start some competitions. It will be a great chance to witness the battles between the greatest geniuses of Windy Nation.’’

’’Too bad that those top disciples will not be here tonight, otherwise it would have been the greatest event ever!’’

’’It is pretty good already, that 'North Snow Fast Blade' Lin Qi, and 'Stone Man' Shi Potian are not any weaker than the North Snow Childe. Only the Emerald Childe who had just reached the Clasping Yuan Realm would be able to beat them all, the rest of them are basically on the same level.’’

’’Now that you've mentioned it, it is true. It is pretty terrifying to think about it, isn't it? In the other big martial institutions, it would be great to have at least one genius who is at the level of those martial childe, but there are people like Liu Wuxiang and Shi Potian in the Emerald Martial School. Plus, that Ji Xueyan who just rose up recently, there are three of them.’’

’’Yes, the Emerald Martial School has never had a lack of geniuses. Although Liu Wuxiang and Shi Potian had been listed in the second stage among the younger generation of the Windy Nation, everyone knows that they are at the top of the second stage, constantly challenging the Duanmu Childe and the North Snow Childe who are both in the first stage.’’

On the large lane in-between the lakes, some people who had just arrived were chattering.


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