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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 122


Chapter 122- Shi Potian

The luxurious courtyard was called Green Willow, it had one main yard and seven smaller yards.

Ye Chen lived in one of the small yards on the Eastern side.

The yard had been cleaned thoroughly. The whole surrounding corners were clean without even a single fallen leaf being left in the area while the flowers and plants in the small flower garden at the centre were all carefully trimmed. The tables and chairs were all smooth, shiny and spotless, they gave off a delicate fragrance.

Ye Chen went out after looking around for a bit.

When he passed by Xu Jing's small yard, he heard the intermittent sounds of wind and thunder coming from inside. Ye Chen only smiled. Xu jing had always kept to herself and would seldom take the initiative to come and talk to other people. She would keep practicing no matter what happened. Xu Jing nodded towards him in greeting after she saw him.

Ye Chen stepped to leave not wanting to disturb her.

Outside the courtyard a sparkling lake could be seen. Every hundred metres surrounding it, a luxurious courtyard like the Green Willow was present.

’’Emerald Martial Place is indeed worthy of being a rank 7 institution, even their guest accommodations are so nice.’’ Ye Chen murmured while taking a deep breath full of fresh air, he felt the natural Yuan Qi that was contained in the air was also much denser and purer than it was in the Windy Mountains, this also made it much easier to turn it into Zhen Qi.

Ye Chen watched the scenery for a moment and was just about to return to his courtyard to practice.

’’Ye Chen.’’

A tall girl was walking along the lakeside. She was the Rudra martial school disciple, Yuan Xuemei.

Ye Chen smiled at her, ’’Long time no see, how did you know that I was here.’’

’’Guests from all the top-ranked institutions stay around this lake, I saw you just as I was walking out of my yard,’’ Yuan Xuemei said as she stopped three meters away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded his head before he exclaimed in surprise, ’’It seems like you have reached the late Condensing Reality realm, congratulations!’’

’’What congratulations are you talking of, it should be me congratulating you instead. Your progression is quite fast, not only have you reached the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm within only a few months, but you have also managed to comprehend the half-step sword intent, this makes me seriously jealous,’’ said Yuan Xuemei as she let out a long sigh, her face was mixed with envy and admiration, ’’such comparisons are rather odious, aren't they?’’

Ye Chen touched his nose, ’’News travels quite fast.’’

’’Of course!’’ said Yuan Xuemei while she showed the whites of her teeth to Ye Chen, ’’Apart from everything else, the news about you comprehending half-step sword intent was just too shocking. Even our Rudra Martial school's leader praised you as a genius, he said that you're a promising sword artist of the Windy Nation, and that you'll most likely comprehend sword intent.’’

’’You seeking me was probably not just to come and praise me!’’

When Yuan Xuemei heard that, she told the reason she was looking for Ye Chen, ’’How did you comprehend the half-step sword intent, can you share your experience with me?’’

Just like Ye Chen, she was also a top-ranked inner disciple of her own institution, if she could gain a little bit of his experiences regarding sword intent, her power would definitely improve, besides, it would be extremely helpful in her path to comprehend sword intent and to break into the higher levels in the future.

She hadn't really thought much about it at first, but Ye Chen was the only one that had ever approached the half step sword intent. It was better to inquire about it rather than waste time struggling to understand it by herself.

Ye Chen smiled bitterly in his heart. She'd originally come to inquire about sword intent.

’’I was also ignorant about sword intent. However, I indeed have something to say if we speak about experience.’’

’’Can you say?’’ Yuan Xuemei's eyes lit up.

Ye Chen said, ’’The jing, qi and shen should be fused perfectly at one point, and then the force should be channelled out of your body through the sword. I think this is the basis of obtaining sword intent.’’

(ED: apparently, jing, qi and shen are three energies of chinese medicine...)

Naturally, he didn't want to say too much. These words had ancient meanings and they also contained his own understanding. In short, they were ambiguous and were filled with a deep profound mystery. Even words can't explain it.

Yuan Xuemei was lost in thought for a long time, she finally recovered while feeling very pleased,

’’Thank you very much! I feel that to comprehend sword intent, I need to clear my state of mind, maybe I can comprehend it then. Don't worry, I won't tell others about this.’’

Even if Ye Chen didn't care, she would never open her mouth. Selfishness is the nature of human beings. The less people who can comprehend sword intent, the more superior one could feel.

Ye Chen was surprised, 'Is her comprehension that good?'

He actually didn't know that even though True Spirit Continent was prosperous in regards to martial arts, many of them were only illustrated. Just by listening, one might not be able to understand much. The things that Ye Chen had spoken were very easy to understand. Due to this, Ye Chen became a highly skilled person in Yuan Xuemei's eyes.

’’I don't want to take advantage of you without giving you anything in return. This is a foundation sword law that I accidentally obtained. This book might be ordinary and may not have much value. Nevertheless, it can still provide guidance for a swordsman.’’ Yuan Xuemei took out a small book from her ring storage ring and handed it over to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen looked at it, the book cover was engraved with two ancient characters 'Sword Law'.

’’Okay, I will take my leave first to comprehend it.’’ Yuan Xuemei was scared that if she did not hurry, the state of realization she just had might disappear. So, she immediately went back.

Ye Chen looked at Yuan Xuemei's departing figure. Carrying the 'sword law' book, Ye Chen went back to the Green Willow mansion.

The main building of Emerald Martial Palace was located deep inside the valley beside a crescent-shaped lake.

It was different from the other buildings as it was extremely luxurious and magnificent. It was entirely built from precious stone materials, and also occupied a broad piece of land.

’’Junior Sister Ji, do you want to come in and have some tea?’’ Outside the yard, the seemingly noble male disciple invited Ji Xueyan.

Ji Xueyan shook her head and responded, ’’Thank you Senior Brother Shi, but I think I'll just head back for now.’’ she then turned around and walked right away.

The young man who was called 'Senior Brother Shi' by Ji Xueyan, had his face instantly darken, he then abruptly threw a punch to the side, and knocked a huge hole in the wall.

’’Senior Brother Shi, my name is Cui Shiming.’’ A series of footsteps came in from behind him.

'Brother Shi' turned around and responded while frowning, ’’What do you want?’’

The approaching person was Cui Shiming, who faced a crushing defeat against Ye Chen not so long ago, he looked to be about seventeen years old and was also quite handsome. He gave a fake grin and seemed as if he was a bit afraid of the one standing in front of him.

That young man, called 'Brother Shi', was not just an ordinary core disciple, he was one of the four top-ranked core disciples of the Emerald Martial Place. He was as powerful as Liu Wuxiang and was only slightly weaker than their oldest Senior Brother, Young Master Emerald who had already stepped in the Clasping Yuan Realm. In the Emerald Martial Palace, this young man could almost have whatever he wants.

’’Senior brother Shi, do you fancy Ji Xueyan?’’ said Cui Shiming with a huge grin.

’’Mind your own business, or don't blame me for not showing any mercy.’’ Shi Potian responded with a dark face.

’’No, no, Brother Shi, you misunderstood me,’’ Cui Shiming hurried to explained, ’’I would never dare!’’

’’So what do you mean exactly?’’

’’Brother Shi, have you heard of Ye Chen?’’

’’Sure, that famous Sky Cloud Martial School disciple, the one who managed to comprehend the half-step sword intent. What does this have to do with him?’’

’’Brother Shi, I assume that you don't know yet, ’’ said Cui Shiming in a very low voice, ’’he is the one who was once engaged to Ji Xueyan.’’

’’Him!’’ yelled Shi Potian. He did know that Ji Xueyan had once been engaged, and that the engagement had already been canceled. However, he just didn't have any idea about who that person was.

’’Indeed, Ye Chen is that Sky Cloud Martial School disciple who was once engaged to Ji Xueyuan. Back then, he was only a useless dumb thing, and Ji Xueyan didn't even want to take a glance at him. But now that guy has become a genius, and has even gained the half-step sword intent, we can't tell for sure if Ji Xueyan would now look at him with different eyes or not.’’


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