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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 119


Chapter 119 - The Wind Vulture

The time passed by extremely fast.

There were only ten days left before the ninth day of July and that brought Ye Chen to wonder why they hadn't started to leave for the Emerald Martial Palace already.

There were seven thousand miles between the Emerald Martial Palace and the Sky Cloud Martial School, even if they used the beast blooded horse - Ghost Eyed Jade Lion - and travelled without any stops, it would still take them thirteen to fourteen days to get there. And by now the time was obviously running out.

Just like that, another five days passed.

Ye Chen had stopped caring about it, since the leaders did not seem to care there was no reason for him to go through any stress over it. After all, it was not like he really even wanted to go to the Emerald Martial Palace.

The seventh day of July!

Ye Chen was training his Zhen Qi in the yard. He was only a step away from the Late Condensing Reality Realm, although it was quite impossible for him to have a breakthrough within this short period of time, he would still like to try, because he could not ignore the difference between the peak of the Mid Condensing Reality Realm and the Late Condensing Reality Realm. He would be much more confident if he had the same level of power as his opponents, even if it was the North Snow Childe or the Duanmu Childe.


The low rank soul stone in his hand split apart and turned into two useless parts.

Ye Chen opened his eyes and disappointment showed on his face. With the amount of power he has now it was still too hard for him to have a breakthrough, he would still need a while before he could reach the Late Condensing Reality Realm.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Someone knocked on the door to his yard.

Ye Chen thought it might be Wu Zongming so he casually yelled: ’’Coming!’’

When he opened the front door of his yard, a teenager in black that he had never seen before was standing there.

’’I am the attending disciple. The headmaster asked me to notify you that it is now time to leave for the Emerald Martial Palace. Now, if you would please join the group waiting in the Welcoming Plaza.’’ The teenager said without any emotions.

This left Ye Chen with a look of surprise. 'Now? Can we really make it there in two days?'

He shook his head and replied: ’’Okay, I will be there in a second.’’

After the attending disciple left, Ye Chen went back to his room, prepared some clothes and essentials, tidied the room up a little and then headed to the Welcoming Plaza.

In the huge welcoming plaza there were four people standing.

The two people in the middle was the headmaster, who was already in his sixties and the fourth master, looking extremely bulky. They both had a deep Qi that felt almost as deep as the ocean depths. Luo Hanshan who was wearing blue, was standing right next to them, along with Xu Jing that was wearing white.

’’Headmaster! Fourth master!’’ Ye Chen greeted the two masters.

The headmaster smiled at him, ’’Ye Chen, have you had any improvements in the last month?’’

Hearing this the bulky fourth master also showed a smile. They had heard about Ye Chen's superlative comprehension ability and of the fact that he had still been at the Mortal Realm Stage 6 a year ago. Now he was already at the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm within one year. Not only that, they had also heard that he had mastered all the martial arts he had learned to their peak.

That was also why they decided to bring him with them to the Emerald Martial Palace this time around. They wished that he would bring some pride to the Sky Cloud Martial School. Otherwise, they would have brought along another core disciple, since when compared to the top five core disciples, Ye Chen was still a little weaker.

Ye Chen said, ’’I have gained many improvements, but I've only just mastered the Cloud Storm Sword Art.’’

’’Having a breakthrough in your level of power is not something you can rush. What...? You've mastered the Cloud Storm Sword Art?’’ The fourth master nodded slightly, then his face froze and stared at Ye Chen in shock.

Ye Chen nodded. There was no point in hiding this kind of thing. Especially now that he was under the spotlight, it would be impossible for him to hide anything for long, so he might just as well say it now.

Luo Hanshan was also secretly shocked. 'He mastered the Cloud Storm Sword Art in just one month?! He's so gifted! The Cloud Storm Sword Art is a low rank Earth Realm Sword Art. You give a normal person five years and he might not ever be able to master it. Even me, I would still need at least half a year to master it. In the whole Sky Cloud Martial School, only Zhu Mei might be able to master it in just three or four months.'

When compared to him the gap in talent was too obvious.

The headmaster could not quite believe it, ’’The people who mastered the Cloud Storm Sword Art have a powerful cloud storm aura when they fight against someone...’’

He had not even finished his sentence when Ye Chen, still looking calm, suddenly changed his aura. An unreal sword appeared out of nowhere, and he gave people the feeling that his whole body had turned into a sword itself, waiting for the moment to attack.

’’It indeed is the Cloud Storm Sword Art. And he could perform it so easily...’’ The head master exclaimed. He realized that he had completely underestimated Ye Chen, but how could he really understand a martial genius that had managed to learn the half-step sword intent?

Among the three people, only Xu Jing was not shocked.


Right at that moment, a sharp bird cry came from the top of the Wind Mountain, it sounded very high-pitched and powerful.

Ye Chen followed the sound and he was quite surprised by what he saw.

On a steep hill, a huge beast was flying towards them. It was an extremely muscular beast, with wings that were ten meters long. It was covered in dark blue feathers and reflected with a metallic shine under the sun's light. The bird's claws looked like they could even pick up a house and were also bent like iron hooks.

Luo Hanshan introduced the bird to Ye Chen: ’’This is our guardian spirit beast - the Wind Vulture.’’

’’The Wind Vulture?’’

Ye Chen had heard this name before. In the far east of the Windy Nation, there was the Devil Grasslands, and on that grassland, there were countless demonic beasts. Among them half beast - the Ghost Eyed Jade Lion - was the most famous one. However, the people who lived near the grassland did not agree with that. In their eyes, the most famous one could only be the king of the Devil Grassland, the rank 5 beast - Wind Vulture.

The Wind Vulture could travel forty thousand miles in one day. It came and went like lightning. And It was ten times faster than the half horse beast. It was the best beast to travel by when one had somewhere they urgently needed to be. But it was also very hard to catch one. Although it was only a rank 5 beast, almost equivalent to a Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior, even a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior wouldn't be able to catch up with it. And even if they manage to capture it somehow, it was extremely hard to train it.

Ye Chen never expected that the Sky Cloud Martial School actually had a rank 5 beast - Wind Vulture. No wonder they were not worried about getting to the Emerald Martial Palace on time. It would only take the Wind Vulture two days to get there. That would not only save them a lot of effort, it could also make the Sky Cloud Martial School look good.

Woo! Woo!

The wind was blowing heavily and the Wind Vulture landed in the middle of the Welcoming Plaza.

The headmaster said: ’’Let's all hop on!’’

With the speech over, his body shifted, it then appeared on the back of the Wind Vulture.

He waited until everyone had gotten onto the beast, and then warned, ’’Remember to try to stabilise your body, the Wind Vulture is extremely fast.’’

Luo Hanshan said as he laughed, ’’The headmaster is correct, the first time I travelled on the Wind Vulture, I had almost fallen from of the sky. Its speed is unbelievable.’’

Hearing him, Ye Chen and Xu Jing would not dare to underestimate it. They both secretly started to accumulate their Qi.

The Wind Vulture's wings shook a few times in the air. Then its legs stepped on the ground, its body was like an arrow shooting out into the sky. It hid its wings behind its back to decrease the obstructions. It flew at such a high speed that it almost reached the speed of the sound. Sitting on it felt like sitting on a rocket, the incoming air was like sharp knives, slicing at the skin.

Ye Chen accumulated his defensive Qi in order to avoid being sliced up.

Soon, the Wind Vulture had flown into the deeper parts of the clouds.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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