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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 118


Chapter 118 - The Horrible Dark Light

Nearby, the Silver Electra Demonic Cow and the Bramble Demonic Wolf roared at the same time. They attacked at the same time from different directions towards Ye Chen. One of them was like a bolt of lightning, while the other was like a pile of dark smoke.


The ancient tree was completely blown out of the ground along with its roots and tons of mud.

Ye Chen was already in the air, he sent out another sword Qi.


One of Bramble Demonic Wolf's hind legs was deeply cut. Its body fell on the ground and slid out for hundreds of meters due to the counter force. Eventually it hit another ancient tree and came to a stop.

The demonic wolf stood up and shook its dizzy head, then it stared at Ye Chen with slight fear in its eyes.

'This human doesn't seem to be very powerful. However, up until now, neither the Silver Electra Demonic Cow nor I have been able to hurt him. Instead, it was my leg that became so badly wounded. At this rate, I'm afraid the silver demonic cow and I will both die before we are even able to hurt him.'

The silver demonic cow also looked like it was planning to back out. However, the Bramble Demonic Wolf had not backed out yet, so how could it?

’’I already have a basic understanding of my Shocking Cloud Sword art. Now it's time to get rid of them.’’ Earlier, Ye Chen had yet to use his half-step sword intent. Those sword Qi attacks that he had used were only the normal ones.

Ye Chen turned around and waved his sword in the air twice. Two sword Qi together with the enhancement of his half-step sword intent were thrown out.

Boom! Boom!

A sword hole appeared on both the silver electra demonic cow's and the Bramble Demonic Wolf's heads. Then their huge bodies fell to the ground like mountains breaking down.

The lifeless demonic beast corpses were not as hard as one would imagine, it was easy to cut open. Inside those two corpses, there was a bowl sized pellet, a rank 4 top beast inner pellet which was worth ten thousand gold. Ye Chen put them both in his storage ring, along with other valuable demonic beast materials.

After doing all that, Ye Chen stood up straight, he looked towards the deepest parts of the Silent Hills.

That was the true forbidden place. A few decades ago, there were a couple of powerful parties that had sent tons of warriors into the deeper parts of the forest to look for some rare medicinal plant. Unfortunately, they ran into a rank 7 Demonic Ghost-faced Cow, only one person out of those one hundred people made it out alive. But he also died in the following days from the excessive beast Qi in his system. Ever since that event no one dared to go in there any more.

'Rank 7 demonic beast?' Ye Chen could not imagine. It was almost equivalent to an Astral Reaching Realm warrior. Not to mention Ye Chen, even the leaders of the top five martial institutions could not handle one casual attack from it. However, the validity of the rumor had still not been confirmed. Besides the rumor, no one had really ever witnessed it, even that person who had made it out alive, he had already lost his mind, so his words could not really be counted.

Ye Chen shook his head, he turned his body and jumped onto an ancient tree ten meters away. After another few flashes, he disappeared completely.

Shortly after Ye Chen left, a human figure appeared through the fog.


A middle-aged man with a blade scar on his face landed his feet lightly on the floor. He saw two dead beast corpses on the floor and could not help but swear.

’’I finally managed to see where this little brat had went, who would have expected that he would head for the deepest parts of the Silent Hills. There it is so foggy that human eyes can't even see through it. Standing here hundreds of steps away, I'm not even able to sense any scent. Otherwise how could I let him get away so easily? I will definitely kill him on the spot.’’

This was indeed the guy from half a month ago, the middle-aged guy with a blade mark on his face who had watched the Inner Disciple's Ranking Competition of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Zhu Lieyang who was also the Intelligence Master of the Purple Sun Martial Palace.

He had sent people to watch the Windy Mountain, waiting for an opportunity when Ye Chen was out alone so that they could go kill him for good.

However, he had never expected that he would have such bad luck that once Ye Chen left the mountain he would head for the Silent Hills straight away, and even into the deepest parts. When Zhu Lieyang found out about the news, he could only follow Ye Chen to try his luck, hoping that he would be able to run into him.

’’Little brat, well, this time you only had good luck. But next time, you are dead for sure.’’ Zhu Lieyang's eyes were full of murderous intent.


Right at that moment, a terrifying roar came out of nowhere. The next second, the sky was suddenly covered in dark clouds.

’’What a scary beast Qi! It is at least a rank 6 demonic beast.’’ Fear appeared on Zhu Lieyang's face and he hurried to escape.

In the far distance.

A thick beam of dark light shot out. Everywhere it went, the trees were shattered, the mountains were cut through. A deep mark was carved on the land by that dark light, and it kept going further.

It was so fast that Zhu Lieyang did not even have time to escape. He yelled and a bright light suddenly appeared around him, wrapping him in the center.


The bright light was shattered on the spot. Blood came out of Zhu Lieyang's mouth and his clothes were also badly damaged.

’’Bastard, this demonic beast definitely came for you.’’ Zhu Lieyang traveled without a sound, he definitely did not attract any unwanted attention. But after some thought, he realized that it must have been Ye Chen fighting against the beasts that had attracted all the powerful beasts in the deeper parts of the hills, and that he had been the one to take the blame for it.

He could not care about his badly wounded body, he accumulated all his Zhen Qi and turned into a burning light that went shooting towards a far distance. Meanwhile he also threw a dark red pellet into his mouth.

After a while, the owner of the dark light finally appeared. Its huge body stood in the middle of the mountains, with a height of ten meters, surprisingly it was a huge dark-colored snake.

If the clouds disappeared right that instant and someone looked down from the sky, they would see this crazy scene.

A huge gap had appeared on the ground that started ten miles away and continued until this place. This meant that the dark light had been shot from a distance of ten miles. This was a horrifying power. If it had been a little bit faster, it was questionable whether Zhu Lieyang would have survived or not. However, the distance should also not be ignored, the power of the attack would have certainly decreased due to it.

The huge dark-colored snake sensed that the scent had disappeared, so it used its huge head to hit the hill that was beside it. The hill shook a little and few huge gaps suddenly appeared all over the cliff, making cracking noises.

It started to travel back to where it had come from, while crashing against all the trees that it encountered.


Among the thousands of mountains, there was a great valley where there were beautiful trees and sceneries.

In a yard of a house next to some lake, three teenage girls were sitting together and talking.

’’Sister Ji, do you know about the Inner Disciple Ranking Competition of the Sky Cloud Martial School?’’ The round-faced teenage girl in green said suddenly.

A beautiful teenage girl with a cold vibe said lightly: ’’Oh? I don't think there are many people in the Sky Cloud Martial School that are worth noticing.’’

The good-looking teenage right next to her nodded and said: ’’The Sky Cloud Martial School is at the bottom of the top five martial institutions, the so-called top ten inner disciples are only at the level of the slightly-more-powerful inner disciples of our Emerald Martial Palace. And the top ten inner disciple in our Emerald Martial School are all at the level of the core disciples in the Sky Cloud Martial School, there is no comparison.’’

The round-faced teenage girl said: ’’I heard that in this year's Inner Disciple Ranking competition, two new geniuses had appeared. One of them is named Meng Chong, and the other one is Ye Chen, both of them have power comparable to some of the top core disciples.’’

’’Ye Chen!’’ Both the beautiful girl and the good-looking girl looked at the round-faced girl in shock.

The round-faced girl asked with curiosity: ’’Yes, why?’’

’’How good is that Ye Chen?’’

’’He has beaten the last year's top ten inner disciple, Meng Chong, and earned the first place. I heard he is very powerful .’’

The beautiful girl was slightly shocked at first but then she became relaxed. 'The top ten inner disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School? so what? She is now one of the core disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace. There is still no comparison.'

The round-faced girl said again, ’’That Ye Chen was not only powerful but he had also sensed half-step sword intent. Right now, everyone in Windy Nation is talking about him.’’


The beautiful and the good-looking teenage girls both looked shocked. They unconsciously believed that it was just someone with the same name, because there was just no way that it could be the Ye Chen they had known from before.


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