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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Shocking Cloud Sword Art

Two thousand low grade spirit stones and a Low rank Earth Realm manual!

Ye Chen couldn't say that he wasn't moved.

Two thousand low grade spirit stones would be worth about nine hundred thousand gold if they were auctioned at the north west auction field. A low rank Earth Realm manual could even be sold for millions. Most of the small families in the Windy Nation might not be able to buy even if they were to spend every silver they possessed.

But of course, with the power of the first ranked inner disciple, it was definitely worth the price. And most of the big martial institutes had more martial manuals than they would ever need. It would be strange for them to not have some special martial arts manuals given their few hundred years of history.

However, Ye Chen knew that even if other people were willing to spend millions of gold just to buy the manual, the leaders of the Sky Cloud Martial School still would not allow it.

Special martial arts would never be permitted to be learnt by outsiders.

But hearing the last part of his rewards, Ye Chen was a bit surprised.

Follow the congratulatory group to the Emerald Martial Palace next month?

Even though that was out of his expectations, he did not really care about it. Since it was already arranged by the elders, all he needed to do was follow them.


The Silent Hills.

In those massive mountains, there were places that were filled with miasma all year long. In the deepest parts of the mountains, there were beasts constantly roaring, it was extremely terrifying.

Even though the burning sun was in the sky, its golden sunshine was completely blocked by the fog. If one looked around, there were a few rays of light that made it through, filling the fog with colors. It was strangely pretty.

This was the deepest part of the Silent hills the natural Yuan Qi here was extremely rich. But due to the miasma, warriors were not able to train here without hurting themselves.

Over a little mountain which had been cut in half by something before, Ye Chen stood with his hands behind his back. He wore an old long sword around his waist.

He looked down. In the fog few hundred meters away, two huge shadows kept clashing against each other, producing huge noises.


A frightening roar was heard. Then ten huge trees were knocked down, and a house-sized demonic wolf attacked in Ye Chen's direction. It had no hair on it's body, rather it was covered by sharp brambles, making it's body seem three times larger than it actually was. Its bloody red pupils looked like they were about to bleed.

’’Bramble Demonic Wolf, top rank 4 beast.’’ No matter how strong the wind was, Ye Chen stood still, only his cloths were blown by the wind, making noises.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The ground continuously shook, a Silver Grey Demonic Cow that was even bigger than the Bramble Demonic Wolf walked out of the fog. Its stone cold eyes locked on to the Bramble Demonic Wolf first and then it looked towards Ye Chen.


The Silver Grey Demonic Cow growled. The fog started to twist intensively, all the leaves on the ground started to shine due to electricity, and then were all burnt to nothing.

Ye Chen was slightly surprised. It was a rare Silver Electra Demonic Cow. That was an existence that was even more dangerous than the Bramble Demonic Wolf. No wonder the Bramble Demonic Wolf couldn't beat it.

The two beasts were the size of a house each. Their beast Qi levels were through the roof, bringing up terrifying tornados.

’’Two top rank 4 demonic beasts? This should be good for my training.’’

If other people knew Ye Chen's thought, they would definitely think that he had gone mad. Demonic beasts were always stronger than the warriors of the same level. Even if a martial genius were to meet them, they might not necessarily win against them, not to mention, there were two top rank 4 beasts right in front of him. They were equivalent to warriors at the peak of Late Condensing Reality Realm.

The Bramble Demonic Wolf looked at the Silver Electra Demonic Cow cautiously, it slightly lowered its body. Its survival instincts told it to destroy every human who came here. But the Silver Electra Demonic Cow in front of it was way more dangerous than this human. If they weren't careful, they would be dead.


The Bramble Demonic Wolf roared at the Silver Electra Demonic Cow, it seemed to be sending a message.

After a long time, Qi flow infused with electricity came from the nose of the Silver Electra Demonic Cow, one of its hoofs stomped on the ground twice before it came rushing at him.


The Silver Electra Demonic Cow's huge body did not slow it down at all, it turned into a huge silver lightning bolt, rushing towards Ye Chen who was on that little hill.

Meanwhile, the Bramble Demonic Wolf also attacked towards Ye Chen, its body ran towards the little hill without stopping.

’’Piss off!’’


The Hidden Cloud Sword was taken out of its scabbard, its movement was unpredictable. Its attacks easily landed on that Silver Electra Demonic Cow.

The demonic cow looked shocked, its huge body was blown away, knocking down a lot of ancient trees in the process.


The hill beneath Ye Chen's feet was also knocked down. The Bramble Demonic Wolf jumped out of the ruins, it opened its mouth. a pile of black Qi with ice cubes shot out.

Ye Chen's feet lightly touched the broken stone that had yet to fall on the ground and his body shot up into the sky, his sword Qi was like a flying dragon. It attacked brutally towards that Bramble Demonic Wolf.

The demonic wolf was just like the Silver Electra Demonic Cow, it had not expected Ye Chen to be this good at his sword art. Its body turned in the air, it hit towards the falling huge stone to avoid the sharpness of Ye Chen's sword Qi.

’’Unpredictable as the clouds, how could you escape from my attacks?’’

Ye Chen threw out a punch to break the black Qi of the Bramble Demonic Wolf. Those countless ice cubes were shattered completely by the power of that one punch and became ice chips raining down the sky. However, hidden behind this, the sword Qi twisted, it was somehow like those soaring clouds in the sky, having no limitation to its shape. It attacked the back of the demonic wolf at a strange angle.


A few brambles were cut in half, the Bramble Demonic Wolf lost its balance, it landed on the ground heavily and created a huge hole.


A silver ray of electricity shot from the side. It was from that Silver Electra Demonic Cow that just would not give up. Its speed was like lightning, burning all the air it touched to vacuum.

’’(Clouds have No Limitation)!’’

Ye Chen waved a huge sword Qi into the air, it was extremely intense. Everywhere it went, the air was absorbed, creating endless explosive power.

The demonic cow opened its mouth and spurt out a ray of electricity, it then clashed with the sword Qi.


The electricity completely dissipated, and the sword Qi stabbed into the forehead of that demonic cow, leaving a horrifyingly huge cut, blood kept pouring from the wound.

The next second, the demonic cow lost its balance, and fell to the ground. It felt like the earth shook. Even the remaining electricity leaked out, burning all the ground to black ashes.

Jumping up from the ground, the Silver Electra Demonic Cow looked at Ye Chen cautiously, it did not dare to attack again. Although its defense was very powerful, it was still not powerful enough to ignore his sword Qi. It would still die if there was more sword light. To the side, the Bramble Demonic Wolf subconsciously leaned closer to the Silver Electra Demonic Cow, it looked like it was preparing to attack along with it.

’’Low rank Earth Realm sword art, indeed impressive.’’ Landing lightly on a huge ancient tree, Ye Chen looked down at his sword, thinking to himself.

It had been half a month since the the ranking competition. Two weeks ago, Ye Chen had picked a sword art from all those low rank Earth Realm manuals, called [Shocking Cloud Sword Art].

Clouds were unpredictable, and the Shocking Cloud Sword Art was also like that. Each movement, each routine, were all full of changes. Even those that train in it were also unable to control it, not to mention their opponents. Besides, the Shocking Cloud Sword Art was also a very brutal sword art. Each sword attack had horrifying power in it, it was ten times faster and even more powerful than the Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords.

After mastering it, Ye Chen headed towards the deepest part of the Silent hills by himself. He had wanted to test the power of this sword art on those demonic beasts. And this battle proved that it was indeed very powerful.


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