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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - Rewards

’’Again!’’ A blood-red light appeared around Meng Chong, he threw a punch towards Ye Chen, which made a huge thunderous sound. He seemed very determined.


After Meng Chong had thrown out that punch, Ye Chen felt a surprising amount of lighting accumulating, which made his skin feel numb and made all the hair on his body stick up into the air. He knew he should not get hit by it, otherwise even his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell would not be able to protect him from getting hurt, since lightning tended to ignore all types of defensive arts.

’’Tyrant's Empire!’’

Having performed the third movement of his Tyrant's Fist art, a pile of thick black light was brought out by the power of his fist. It formed into an umbrella shaped defensive layer that appeared in front of Ye Chen, which managed to successfully block the invasion of the lightning.


The broken platform under the two was divided into two parts, one was full of electrical sparks, and the other one was filled with a dark light.

Meng Chong spit out a chunk of blood, which was hit by electricity and evaporated. His body was blown back by a hundred meters, it then eventually landed heavily on the marble floor.


The floor cracked as he stepped on the ground.

On the other side, Ye Chen also flew out for seventy meters or so, denting the floor on his way.

However, the winner was obvious.

Looking down at his right arm, Ye Chen was secretly a little terrified. 'If I didn't use the third movement of my tyrant fist, I would never get away this easy.'

The Tyrant Fist Art had four different movements. It belonged to the heavy attack category which was able to allow the user to absorb his opponent's Qi. However, it only worked on opponents that were weaker than the practitioner.

The first movement was called ’’The Tyrant's Way’’, which allows the user to absorb the opponent's Qi and turn it into his own Qi. However, it only worked on the weaker opponents and not the stronger ones.

The second movement was called ’’The Lone Tyrant’’, which was a defensive &an attacking art. At the moment of the opponent's attack, it allowed the user to absorb a certain amount of natural Yuan Qi and melt it into the fist power that was almost like an aura that could mentally pressure the opponent.

The third movement was called ’’The Tyrant's Empire’’, which was a type of body boosting art. After throwing out a punch, an umbrella shaped black light would form a layer of defensive blockage. Blocking the opponent's Qi attack, while his own fist power could attack his opponent without restraint.

As for the fourth movement - ’’The Tyrant's Qi’’, Ye Chen still did not have enough Zhen Qi to support it. Unless he was in a life threatening situation, he should not attempt to use it currently, otherwise if his Zhen Qi was to be burned out completely, he would not be able to protect himself afterwards.

Letting out a deep breath, Ye Chen looked at Meng Chong who was far away.

Meng Chong stabbed the long blade in his left hand into the ground, then he laughed and said: ’’What a great fight! Today you are slightly more powerful, but we still have plenty of time. We will see who will be the last one laughing.’’

’’I will wait for you.’’ Although Ye Chen had said that, he would not be careless about it either. Until now, all those people he had surpassed had never been able to catch up with him. For example, Wang Gang from the beginning, or Wu Zongming, Huang Bingwen, and Zhang Haoran, etc. If he was ever to be caught up by someone, how could he ever catch up to the top four childe, and walk out of the Wind Nation?

The world was a large place. A warrior's path to success was like a boat in a river, if you did not move forward then it only meant that you were just moving backwards. If one day, you were to be caught up to by someone, then you would need to do some serious thinking about your path.

With Meng Chong losing, Ye Chen was basically the No.1 inner disciple. All the other disciples who had yet to fight against him could not do much anymore.

Chattering was heard among the audience and VIP seats.

Luo Hanshan said: ’’The most important contest of the marital institution is the inner disciple ranking competition. After becoming one of the top ten inner disciples, you would be able to enter the core disciple competition. However, I think Ye Chen and Meng Chong already have the power to be in the top of the core disciples. Tie Feng and Xiao Ye were also not bad, you guys should really watch out for them.’’

Some of those core disciples that were in the bottom of the ranks said: ’’Brother Luo, don't worry, it's not like this past one year hasn't taught us anything, we will let them know of our power.’’

’’That's right. Even though that Ye Chen and Meng Chong might be a bit tricky, if the others want to become core disciples, they would have to come across me.’’

Luo Hanshan smiled a little bit. There were always twenty-four core disciples in the Sky Cloud Martial School. If a new disciple entered, one of them would have to be eliminated. And no one would be willing to lose their place among the core disciples.

The following days would also be full of competitions.

As for himself, he would also try to challenge Zhu Mei when it was the right time to do so. Luo Hanshan glanced at the beautiful teenage girl who was wearing clothes with flower patterns on it.

When the last shine of the sunset disappeared in the sky, the ranking competition finally came to an end.

According to the score, at the first place was Ye Chen who had a continuous winning record, he defeated nine people and had a score of eighteen points;the second place was Meng Chong, with sixteen points;third place was Tie Feng, with fourteen points;fourth place was Xiao Ye, with twelve points;fifth place was Yi Qing, with ten points;sixth place was Zhou Ruo with eight points;seventh place was Li Kuang with six points;eight places was Li Yun with four points;ninth place was Fei Shaoji with two points, and finally in tenth place was Qiu Rupeng, with zero points.

When the rankings were released, Ye Tianhao laughed brightly and said: ’’My Chen'er is the No.1 inner disciple in the Sky Cloud Martial School now! He will be the first genius of our Ye family. The third leader of the Ye family. And Ye Tang, Ye Xuan... no one is going to be able to catch up to him.’’

Shen Yuqing said with a straight face: ’’Look at you. Now our Chen'er is going to compete with all the other core disciples from different martial institutions, you souldn't ruin his reputation.’’

’’Haha, I'm just too happy right now!’’

Some of the influential people sitting around them started to put their fists together and congratulated them: ’’Congratulations! Leader Ye, your son is so young and he has already learned the half-step sword intent. He will definitely become someone great in the future.’’

’’Leader Ye, let's catch up sometime in the future. We should have a drink together or something.’’

’’My son is not talented at all. Leader Ye, you should ask your son to give my son some pointers.’’

Ye Tianhao was in a great mood, he said: ’’You guys are only flattering my son. But if you would not mind, I would like to invite you all to come to Ye family as guests. We will definitely treat you all well.’’

’’Yes, of course.’’

All of those influential people had their own plans, but regardless of what they thought, Ye Chen's reputation really was going to spread further after today.

Having learned half-step sword intent at the age of sixteen, he was extremely impressive. Not only in the Wind Nation, even in the whole south Zhuo region, this would not be a bad record to set.

But obviously, some wished for Ye Chen to grow faster, while others wanted him dead before he could grow. It was not just Zhu Lieyang that had such thoughts.

For them, killing a genius when he just started rising was easy, but once the genius grew, it would not be easy at all, so they had to do it as soon as possible.

The headmaster of the Sky Cloud Martial School stood up slowly, ’’The inner disciple ranking competition has now officially finished. We are now going to give out the rewards. Rank 7 to 10 would receive three hundred low grade spirit stones;the fourth to sixth place receive six hundred low grade spirit stones. The second and third place receive one thousand low grade spirit stones, and the first place will receive two thousand low grade spirit stones and a Low rank Earth Realm martial manual. Besides that, the elders have decided to bring the first place inner disciple along with them to congratulate the team at Emerald Martial Palace on the ninth day of July.’’

’’To the Emerald Martial Palace... oh well. That is a great place to learn, no warrior there would be weak.’’

’’By then, all those powerful warriors will be gathered together in one place, like the top four childe, or those top core disciples.’’

’’I'm just afraid that it won't be that easy. All those martial institutions will secretly compare themselves to each other. I heard that each of the top ten inner disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace have the power of a core disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School. No wonder they would want Ye Chen to come along.’’

’’Oh! Even if Ye Chen is not as powerful as his opponents, with his half-step sword intent alone, he won't bring shame to the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’No wonder.’’

The elder's thoughts could not be hidden from those powerful warriors and others that were out there and who were already used to all the plotting and planning.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Jatz

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