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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 - Fighting for the Champion (Part Two)

’’If he could beat Senior brother Yi Qing, then the next battle would be between Senior brother Meng Chong and Brother Ye Chen.’’

’’Senior Brother Yi Qing probably would not win against Senior brother Ye Chen, since he had already lost against Senior brother Tie Feng.’’

’’That's true. If Senior brother Meng Chong manages to win again this year, there probably will not be many rewards for him, since they had already given him a low rank Earth Realm fist art - the Lightning Fist;but if brother Ye Chen wins, then he would definitely get that low rank Earth Realm martial manual.’’

During their chattering, the battle carried on.

Actually until now, although the ranking had still not been decided, it had basically already been roughly established. The ranks one and two would be Meng Chong or Ye Chen without any surprise. The ranks three to five would probably be among Tie Feng, Xiao Ye and Yi Qing.

The first battle, Li Yun had lost to Li Kuang.

The second battle, Pei Shaoqing had lost to Zhou Ruo.

The third battle, Yi Qing had lost to Xie Ye.


The ninth battle, Meng Chong walked on the stage.

Tie Feng shook his head, ’’I am not his opponent, I give up!’’

All of a sudden, the whole martial art plaza burst out into chatters. With Tie Feng giving up his chance, it meant Meng Chong would battle with Ye Chen earlier than expected. This was no doubt the most exciting battle of the whole competition, the highlight of the day.

On the east side of the VIP seats, there were a row of teenagers sitting. The oldest of them all was only nineteen, and the youngest was only sixteen. They wore different clothes, but they all had an exclusive cloud symbol on their sleeves representing the Sky Cloud Martial School.

These people all had a great density of Qi. Half of them could compete with Meng Chong, while the other half had gone beyond Meng Chong. Sitting there, they were chatting casually, without being disturbed by the battles, giving people an indescribable pressure.

’’Jing Jue, among the two of them, who do you think would win?’’ In the group, a good-looking teenager asked the cold-looking teenager.

The cold-looking teenage boy said without emotion, ’’Boring!’’

The former forced a laugh, ’’Why do you have to be so cold!’’ Turning his head, he asked the teenager in blue, ’’Brother Luo, what do you think?’’

The teenager in blue was indeed the second ranked disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School - Luo Hanshan. He looked down, thought for a second and said, ’’I think, it might be Ye Chen.’’

’’Oh? Why do you think so?’’ Another teenager sitting right next to them looked surprised.

Luo Hanshan said, ’’Meng Chong gives people the impression of an unstoppable sharp blade. But if a blade is too sharp, it might be easy to get bent which might be a flaw, on the contrary, Ye Chen is like a huge lake, so deep that you could not see the bottom of it. From the beginning of the competition till now, he had not once lost control of the situation. So I deduce that they would definitely fight a long battle. But Ye Chen would be the last one standing. Of course, this is only my opinion, we would have to wait and see the result.’’

The good-looking teenager laughed, ’’Brother Luo, you are always so good at analyzing. But I agree with you, we will wait and see.’’

A teenage girl in white who was sitting on the eighth seat said, ’’Meng Chong would definitely lose.’’

At the top seat, the teenage girl who had plum blossoms embroidered on her cloths teased, ’’Xu Jing, this is the first time I've see you make a comment!’’

Xu Jing said nothing.

The rest of them looked at Xu Jing with different emotions, some of them were anxious, some of them were admiration. She had just become a core disciple last year, and right now she was already at rank eight. Plus, she looked like she was still holding back, if she wanted to try, it was not impossible for her to get in the top five.

The inner disciples who were sitting right below the VIP seats kept turning their heads and looking at them, thinking, ’’Those seats were for the core disciples. One day, I would definitely sit among them.’’

Five of the ten platforms had been ruined.

Ye Chen and Meng Chong stared at each other on a platform that was still in good condition.


The long blade was taken out of its scabbard, Meng Chong attacked first. The sharp bloody red blade light cut open the air, attacking towards Ye Chen who was not far away.


Before anyone could realize it, Ye Chen had already taken out of his sword, and sent out sword qi to block that blade light.

’’Take another ten of my blade attacks!’’ Meng Chong looked passionate, like a wild horse without its reins. He kept sending out blade attacks without any restraint. The bloody red blade light spread out in all directions, aiming for Ye Chen.

Ting! Ting! Ting!...

All of a sudden, the whole platform was covered by the crystal clear sword light and the bloody red blade light. The two of them were nowhere to be seen, they were way too fast for the human eyes to follow.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The two human figures both flew backwards, then back at each other again.

’’Awesome! Among all the inner disciples, you are the only one who could handle my eleven blade attacks with full power.’’ Meng Chong had not felt this satisfied for a long time, Ye Chen's power made him feel passionate, full of desire to win. He knew that if he could win against Ye Chen, he would definitely make some breakthrough.

Ye Chen said, ’’Let's continue.’’

’’Yes! Come on!’’

Finished speaking, the two went at each other again. The blood red blade light made contact with the sword Qi, they kept clashing against each other. Soon, this platform was also ruined and shattered into pieces.

Around the stage, all the inner disciples had their eyes wide open, they did not know what to say.

Besides the first clash between the two of them on the stage, they could neither clearly see them nor could they tell who was winning or who was losing during all the fighting,;all they knew was that their attacks just kept getting more and more powerful. In the end, the shockwaves caused by the clashes between the sword qi and blade light was so terrifying that they just kept ruining the platforms. The two of them were nowhere to be seen, only the sword qi and the blade light continued to fight from this platform to another, from the ground to the sky, from the air to the ruins inside the ground. They were everywhere, and anywhere could be their fighting location.

One hundred attacks!

Two hundred attacks!

Three hundred attacks!

Five hundred attack!

The two had exchanged five hundred attacks and there was still no clear winner. Ye Chen's half-step sword intent could not beat Meng Chong's blade aura, and Meng Chong's fast blade attack could not hurt Ye Chen either. Right then, it was not about the power level anymore, it was more about the determination and endurance. Who could endure longer would win the battle.

’’One thousand attacks... still no winner, how terrifying!’’ One inner disciple looked at the sky. Right then, the sun was coming down the west. The beautiful sunset had dyed the whole plaza red, making the battle look even more fascinating and intense, everyone in the audience could not help but gasp.

’’Yes! If the others could handle brother Meng Chong's ten blade attacks, it would already be impressive. But brother Ye Chen had fought with him for more than one thousand attacks!’’

’’I wonder who would be the one laughing at the end.’’

All of a sudden!

The bloody red blade light and the crystal clear sword Qi kept clashing together, shooting for the sky. Wave after wave continued to spread in all direction, shattering all the broken platforms into ruins.

The crowd looked over, they saw the sword in Ye Chen's hand had blocked Meng Chong's long blade, the two had stopped there.

’’Lighting in the Sky!’’

Meng Chong formed a fist with his left hand, he suddenly punched towards Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen made a sound, he also threw out his left fist which was covered in black light towards the incoming attack.


It sounded like lighting that had struck the ground. Both of them flew back from the impact.

’’Again!’’ With the protection of his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell, Ye Chen stepped on the platform which had completely broken then he jumped towards Meng Chong.

Meng Chong threw out another punch.


The two clashed, then separated. Tiny bit of blood dripped out of Meng Chong's mouth.

In the core disciples' seats, Luo Hanshan sighed, ’’Ye Chen won, Meng Chong is still not powerful enough.’’

’’Being able to fight till now, he was already pretty good. But this Ye Chen is so powerful! Winning continuously until now, even Meng Chong could not stop him from rising up.’’


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