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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 114


Chapter 114 - Fighting for the Championship (Part One)

Nevertheless, the new top ten inner disciples had been established, the last year's top ten were already history.

This year, the most famous ones were without a doubt Li Yun, Tie Feng and Ye Chen. These three stood out among hundreds of inner disciples they defeated many of the powerful inner disciples with their amazing martial arts. Towards the end, they had even defeated some of last year's top ten inner disciples.

However, among the three of them, Ye Chen definitely was the most powerful one. With his peak Mid Condensing Reality Realm cultivation, he had beaten every opponent that he had encountered, he had also learned the half-step sword intent that was every sword artist's dream. With such high comprehension, his reputation among the younger generation could almost compete with that of the core disciples.

But of course, the competition had not finished yet. There was still the ranking competition left.

Even though the ranking competition seemed very complicated, it was actually very simple. The contestants would only have to compete with the other nine contestants in the top ten once, the results were still based on the scoring system. As for any two people who had already fought before, they would not need to fight again, the result of their previous fight would be taken into account. For example, Ye Chen had beaten Feng Ping, Dong Haohua and Tie Feng, so he would have six points right now, and he would have to compete with six other people including Meng Chong.

For this competition, the Sky Cloud Martial School had prepared five hundred revitalizing pellets. Each contestant could take one. After taking it, it would refresh the user mentally and physically, even the little wounds and injuries would be healed in a short time.

After a half-an-hour break, the headmaster saw that the ten disciples looked lively again, he announced the start of the official ranking competition of the top ten disciples.

Ye Chen's first opponent was the ’’Color Sword’’ Qiu Ruotong, she chose to give up that battle. As everyone had already witnessed what Ye Chen could do, she felt that there was no point in wasting her time and energy.

Ye Chen's second opponent was Pei Shaoqing, who had also chosen to give up.

His third opponent was Zhou Ruo.

’’Although there is not much hope of winning, I still want to fight with you.’’ Zhou Ruo who had the most friendly face landed on the platform like a feather.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Let's fight then.’’


Right from the beginning, Zhou Ruo used all her strength, pink colored Zhen Qi appeared around her body. She attacked towards Ye Chen with all she got. Compared to her previous relaxed battling style, she completely changed her attacking strategy. Even before the arrival of her palm attack, the stone column behind Ye Chen already broke in half.

’’Such domineering palm force!’’ A different expression flashed past Ye Chen's face, he did not wait for another second before waving out his sword with the half-step sword intent.


Under the influence of the half-step sword intent, Ye Chen's attack was extremely powerful. With only one move, it had broken through Zhou Ruo's palm attack, and continued towards her.

Zhou Ruo tried to form a pink colored Qi shield, but she was still blown away.

Ye Chen followed up, he sent out another sword attack.

Zhou Ruo bit her lips, ’’If I cannot hurt you with this next attack, I will give up!’’

As she said this, Zhou Ruo made some seals with her hands, wave after wave of Zhen Qi accumulated rapidly. Eventually, it formed a huge pink bird with its wings extended in the air. It was as fast as lightning, it was almost impossible for the human eyes to catch sight of.

’’So fast! I did not expect Sister Zhou Ruo to have hidden her strength.’’ Some of the inner disciples who were watching the battle said surprised.

The ’’Iron Fan’’ forced a smile on his face. When he was facing Zhou Ruo, she did not use this attack;of course, he also had some powerful martial arts he hadn't used yet. Zhou Ruo also probably knew about that.

The huge bird made of Zhen Qi was just about to hit Ye Chen.

Ye Chen still looked relaxed, other people might not be able to follow the movements of the Zhen Qi bird, but he could, thanks to his powerful soul power.

A silver string of light flashed in the air.

The Hidden Cloud sword in Ye Chen's hand pointed at the weakest part of the Zhen Qi bird. All of a sudden, the huge Zhen Qi bird became extremely unstable. Suddenly, with a 'pop', it started to disperse in the air.

Zhou Ruo was shocked by Ye Chen's sword skills, the Blue Bird Spell was extremely fast in its attack, and Ye Chen took it down with only one sword move. And he was even able to find the weakest spot of her Zhen Qi bird. What kind of observation and control would someone need to achieve that?!

Forcing a laugh, Zhou Ruo said, ’’I will have to admit, only you can compete with Meng Chong, I lose!’’

The next battle was Li Yun's, since fighting continuously was very exhausting and might have a huge impact on their fights. Also, Ye Chen's next opponent was Xiao Ye, he was someone that would definitely not give up voluntarily, that meant a 'tough fight' for Ye Chen.

Qiu Ruotong knew that she would not be able to win against any of the ten disciples, so she chose to give up.

Pei Shaoqing and Li Yun started their fight.

After fighting for ten moves, Li Yun used his exclusive martial art - the [splitting sword light]. He shot out fourteen sword lights continuously, in it two separate kind of sword lights were present, one visible, one invisible. Eventually, he won against Pei Shaoqing.

Then, it was time for the battle between Tie Feng and Yi Qing.

The two of them had really similar power levels, they had fought for more than a hundred moves But, towards the end, Tie Feng who had the support of the natural aura became stronger and strong, and his kick attacks got more and more powerful. Yi Qing even used his most powerful moves, but he was still not able to gain any advantages. With no other choice, Yi Qing chose to give up as he knew that he would definitely lose even if he continued to fight.

Many battles started and ended in this manner.

Soon, it was 'Blood Shadow Blade' Meng Chong's turn, and his opponent was Li Yun.

Li Yun attacked without a word. He shook his hand slightly and fourteen sword lights shot out.


Meng Chong and his sword were one with each other, his blood red blade light was indestructible, it easily broke the incoming sword lights. As for the hidden invisible sword light, it was shattered with his one punch.

Li Yun roared, and then another three sword lights shot out.

These three sword lights were indeed huge;they could almost cover half of the platform. They headed towards Meng Chong like lightning.

Meng Chong did not hesitate. A blood red light came out of his arms and went into his long blade. He sent out three blade attack continuously and broke the incoming sword lights. Then, he punched at Li Yun's protective Zhen Qi layer.


The blood red lighting brightened. Blood shot out of Li Yun's mouth, and he was blown off the stage.

’’Meng Chong's lightning punch is getting more and more powerful!’’ Yi Qing saw what had happened, and said to himself.

Meng Chong got off the platform, Ye Chen and Xiao Ye went up.

’’If you want to challenge Meng Chong, you would have to win agaist me first.’’ Xiao Ye bent his upper body, a blue-ish light started to get brighter. Two huge Zhen Qi arms expanded from his shoulders, one blue, one green. The blue one looked almost transparent, while the green one was surrounded with Qi flows, it looked like burning fire.

Like a giant, Xiao Ye ran towards Ye Chen with huge steps, and threw out a punch.

’’Tyrant's Way!’’

Out of everyone's expectation, Ye Chen did not use his sword. He formed a fist with his left hand, a black light started to shine around it. He threw the fist towards that incoming punch.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Xiao Ye unbelievably stared at his blue Zhen Qi arm breaking off inch by inch, it turned back to its original yuan qi form and dispersed in the air, it eventually disappeared completely.


Xiao Ye did not back out, he threw out the green Zhen Qi arm that was even more powerful than the blue one towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen yelled quietly, ’’[One and Only Tyrant]!’’


The fist that was covered in black light was thrown out. All the Qi flow behind it was sucked into it, just like Tie Feng's major aura.

Xiao Ye had to back more than ten steps taking that attack. The green Zhen Qi arm looked like it was about to break. He could not help but be shocked, knowing that the green Zhen Qi arm was a level higher than the blue one, it had five times more power, but it could still not handle a single punch from Ye Chen. There was no point in fighting any longer.

Xiao Ye took back the green Zhen Qi arm into his body and waved his hand, ’’I quit. You are too powerful.’’ Finished speaking, he turned and walked off the platform.


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