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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 113


Chapter 113 - Half-step Sword Intent against Major Aura

On the stage, the two stood facing each other with a distance of fifty steps between them.

It might be due to him feeling that Ye Chen would not be easy to handle, but Tie Feng did not wait and let Ye Chen make the first move. For the first time, he attacked first. He slightly lifted up his right leg, a huge amount of aura was absorbed by his body. Suddenly, the air flow above the plaza started to act up, bringing up wind storms.

In front of him, Ye Chen's white robe started to flutter in the wind, like a little boat in a stormy ocean. However, once he drew out half of his [Cloud Hidden Sword] out, all of the wind over the plaza was cut in half. On Tie Feng's side, the storm continued, while over Ye Chen's side, it was almost calm.

Compared to the huge Martial Arts Plaza, the two of them were as small as ants. But right now, the enormous plaza seemed to be barely holding the two, it looked like it would break down any second.

’’Brother Tie Feng is about to perform his leg arts again, I wonder if brother Ye Chen can handle it or not?’’

’’Brother Ye Chen's sword Qi is unbreakable, I am afraid, but he could cut open brother Tie Feng's attack with one sword attack.’’

’’I bet that brother Tie Feng is going to win, one thousand gold, you in?’’

’’Why not? I bet two thousand gold on brother Ye Chen!’’

’’I want in too!’’

’’And me...’’

In the audience seats, some of the outer disciples started high stakes betting. For them, it could prove that their judgment was right while they could also make some money, so why not? As for losing, they did not think about it.

Seeing what was happening on the platform, Pei Shaoqing said casually, ’’That kick attack was very impressive. Fighting against him is like fighting against the whole universe.’’

’’That powerful?’’ Qiu Ruotong was surprised by his words. She and Pei Shaoqing seemed to be very close.

’’If not, I would not have lost that easily. He had left me with no chance to fight back, I think only Meng Chong would be able to break that huge Aura!’’

Qiu Ruotong thought that Ye Chen also might be able to do it, but she did not say anything as they were about to find out.

’’[One leg moves the wind and the clouds]!’’

A thunder like roar came from Tie Feng as he leaned backwards. He kicked out, turning the nature's aura into his own, and influencing Ye Chen's side.


The peaceful aura that Ye Chen had created before had been broken, the fierce Qi flow headed towards him once again with an even stronger power. It was so powerful that some of the inner disciples could barely stand still. All of them were scared seeing how powerful the attack was.



Mid air, the crystal clear sword Qi flashed for a second before it disappeared, Tie Feng's major aura was suddenly broken down like a popped balloon.

’’Brother Tie Feng's major aura is cut off! Brother Ye Chen is indeed impressive!’’ All the inner disciples who were supporting Ye Chen looked excited.

’’It seems like half-step sword intent is stronger.’’

’’Brother Ye Chen is really a genius. One man and a sword, he could even cut through that major aura!’’

In the VIP seats, 'Blue Cloud sword artist' Shen Lang said seriously, ’’This guy can even cut through major aura? I am afraid he is not far away from learning the true sword intent.’’

Tie Feng's innocent expression had completely disappeared, he stared at Ye Chen seriously. Ye Chen was the first person who had made him feel pressured ever since he learned using the major aura. The so-called major aura surprisingly looked extremely weak in front of Ye Chen. It looked like he would have to go fight head-on.

’’[Climate Influence]!’’

Tie Feng floated in the air. A lot of natural major aura was absorbed into his legs. He continued throwing heavy kicks towards Ye Chen, it looked like he was doing so effortlessly.

The Qi flow around the two of them started to increase and become intense. In front of those incoming kick attacks, Ye Chen felt like a mountain that could bury him was headed towards him. But, he looked extremely calm, as if it was all nothing. Without hesitation, he waved out his Hidden Cloud sword and attacked dozens of times. Each sword attack shot out a three-meter-long thick sword Qi. They were sharp and shapeless, it looked like they were determined to tear apart the space itself in front of them.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All the sword Qi rushed towards the sky, they broke through all those kick attacks smoothly. They were so sharp that they were almost unstoppable.

Tie Feng suddenly changed his expression. The Zhen Qi inside his body suddenly started to boil up, the aura in his legs also increased rapidly. Wave after wave of Qi continued to clash with the surface of the stage. The stage started to crack open, even the stone columns on the edge of the stage started to break down, bringing up large amount of dust in the air.

A lot of people changed their mind about who would win the battle, because that attack of Ye Chen was so amazing that it had easily broken down Tie Feng's major aura. Right now, seeing that Tie Feng started to accumulate qi and was preparing to release an even stronger attack, they could not help but worry about Ye Chen. Because no matter how strong his sword Qi was, there was probably a limit, how could it be able to compete with that endless natural major aura?


At that critical moment, Ye Chen did not hold back anymore. His Hidden Cloud sword was waved towards the sky, it looked slow but it was actually moving at an inhuman speed. The second the tip of his sword reached the top, the half-step sword intent shot out like a thin layer of fog.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Out of nowhere, all the swords of those inner disciples around were forced out of their scabbards and they joined Ye Chen's sword attack. With power that could even break apart a huge mountain, they attacked towards Tie Feng who was mid air.


A huge horrible sound was heard, Tie Feng's aura was broken by Ye Chen once again. But this time, blood shot out of his mouth and he was blown away.

’’Such horrifying sword attack. It even took all our swords away.’’

’’In the future, if a sword artist ever encounters brother Ye Chen, I am afraid but it would not end well for him. The sword attack with half-step sword intent is just way too powerful, all his opponents would probably just lose control of their own swords.’’

’’There is Ji Xueyan in Emerald Martial Palace, and we have brother Ye Chen in our Sky Cloud Martial School. Too bad that we don't have someone that could compete with Young Master Emerald.’’

Standing still on the ruined platform, Ye Chen waved his sword to the side, all those swords in the air looked as if they were controlled by strings, they fell off the sky and plunged into the open ground neatly in front of those inner disciples.

’’This is mine.’’

’’And mine.’’

All those inner disciples who owned those swords went up and collected their own swords.

Tie Feng landed on the ground, he said respectfully, ’’That last sword attack was so amazing, I never thought that the half-step sword intent could be this powerful.’’

Ye Chen smiled slightly, ’’Your leg aura was also very powerful. If you were a tiny bit more powerful, even I would not be able to do anything about it.’’

’’Hehe, the major aura is so abstract and unreal. I learnt it due to a random opportunity. There is no way that I could have a breakthrough in the next one or two years. So I can only try to improve my skills. But you have to be careful about Meng Chong. His blade attack is way too powerful, the half-step sword intent still doesn't seem like it could take him down.’’

’’Indeed.’’ Ye Chen nodded. 'In front of absolute power, no matter how great your skills are, they are still useless. Right now, the half-step intent is still a little bit unstable, it is nothing compared to the true sword intent.'

Since Tie Feng had lost, it meant that only Meng Chong and Ye Chen were left in the people who had a winning-only record. In everyone's opinion, no one else had the chance to compete for the championship anymore. It would probably be one of these two.

After the ninth round of battle, there were only six battles in the tenth round.

The six battles after that were surprisingly intense. Some of the inner disciples who had hopes of getting a spot in the top ten did not hold back, they performed their best martial arts and tried to fight for a higher rank.

Unfortunately, the gap between their strength was just too big, even if they bid their own life, it would still not make much of a difference.

The tenth round had finished.

Meng Chong and Ye Chen were both no.1 at the moment with their no-loss record, they had twenty points. Li Yun had one tie, so he had nineteen points, rank 3;’’Iron Fan’’ Yi Qing and Tie Feng who had both lost one battle had eighteen points, they were both at rank 4;the ’’Mad Man’’ Xiao Ye lost one battle, one tie, he had seventeen points, at rank 6;following them were Zhou Ruo, Pei Shaoqing, ’’Ghost Sword’’ Li Kuang, ’’Color Sword’’ Qiu Ruotong.

There were three people who had been pushed out of the top ten, they were Feng Ping, Dong Haohua, Song Fei who all had less than fifteen points.


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