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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 112


Chapter 112 - Ancient Beast Martial Art

’’The third sword attack!’’

The long blade in Meng Chong's hand flashed in the air before it disappeared completely. All of a sudden, a bright blood red blade light started to shine. With an incomparable sharpness, it headed towards Xiao Ye.

’’So fast!’’

Xiao Ye only saw a flash in front of his eyes, and in the next second, the sharp blade light appeared a meter away from him.

Right then, there was no time to escape, not that it was his style. But, if he decided to go head-on, then he was doomed to vomit blood and fall back. Meng Chong's third blade was not that simple to block. Earlier, even ’’Iron Fan’’ Yi Qing could only protect himself from being injured.


Xiao Ye bent his body, a blue-ish halo spread out from him, a huge Zhen Qi arm expanded from his shoulders. It threw out a punch and clashed with that incoming blade light.

The two made contact and created an explosion that covered a circular area, it extended in every direction.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All the stone columns in the surroundings started to crack, they looked like they would break even with the slightest breeze.

Meng Chong stopped his attacks and did not attack again.

Right then, the chatters among the audience started once again.

’’A pair of Zhen Qi arms extended out of Senior brother Xiao Ye's shoulder! Unbelieveable!’’

’’The Zhen Qi arms were not like normal human arms, they are more like the forearms of a demonic beast. You could almost see the scales made of Zhen Qi. The palms were exactly like a beast's claws, and they were so strong, with only a single punch, they were able to block Senior Brother Meng Chong's third blade attack.’’

’’It seems like Senior brother Xiao Ye did not use his full strength when he was fighting against Li Yun, he must've been saving his energy for his fight against Senior brother Meng Chong.’’

A light flashed past Li Yun's eyes, but he did not say anything.


An even more surprising scene took place.

Above Xiao Ye's left shoulder, there was a green Zhen Qi arm. And the green Qi was boiling like a burning fire.

’’Meng Chong, I haven't shown anyone my [Ancient Beast Martial Art] before, you are the first one to see it.’’ Wiping the blood off his mouth, an excited expression flashed past Xiao Ye's face, he found this [Ancient Beast Martial Art] in a ruin by luck. There were a total three volumes of this skill. All he had was only the first one, so it was still incomplete. But it was still unbelievably powerful, it could even compete with low rank Earth Realm martial skills.

Ancient Beast Martial Art!

Ye Chen had never heard about this kind of martial skill, it seemed like this Xiao Ye had indeed been quite lucky!

Meng Chong studied the Zhen Qi arms, he said without any interest, ’’I don't care what kind of Ancient Beast Martial Art you learned, in my eyes, you are only a man who is about to lose.’’

’’I'd like to see you try.’’ Xiao Ye was already two meters tall, along with the extra two huge Zhen Qi arms, he looked like a giant. Endless pressure was being emanated from his body, even the wind in the plaza seemed to be frozen.

As his answer, Meng Chong sent endless bloody red blade light towards him, all the blade lights were like many half moons, sharp and pointed.

The twisting blade light cut even the air into pieces as they attacked Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye laughed, he did not move or back out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two Zhen Qi arms tightened into fists, they punched towards the incoming red blade lights as if they were solid objects. All of a sudden, the red and green Qi splashed everywhere, the scene was surprisingly pretty.


Meng Chong appeared along with that red blade light, more blood red light suddenly formed above his right arm, extending all the way to his long blade. He waved it in the air.


The blue Zhen Qi arm over Xiao Ye's right shoulder was cut off and was blown ten meters away. It was shattered into pure Yuan Qi, and melted into the air.

’’Brother Xiao Ye has lost an arm!’’ Someone yelled out.

The others still kept quiet, they did not want to miss any of the great moments.

Xiao Ye was very pale. That Zhen Qi arm was formed from Zhen Qi, it consumed a lot of his Zhen Qi. Now that one of them had been cut off, the total amount of his Zhen Qi had decreased by about one-third, while the rest of Qi roiled inside of his body.

’’On to the next one!’’ Meng Chong did not take a break, his long blade kept moving as it twisted in the air. It attacked towards the other green Zhen Qi arm over Xiao Ye's left shoulder.


This blade attack seemed to have hit an iron shell, it created a huge spark. If you looked closely, you would notice that the blade had only gone halfway through, it was unable to cut all the way through it.

Xiao Ye brutally pushed himself to control his roiling Zhen Qi and blood. His own two human arms formed a circle in front of his chest, he then pushed out a ball of Zhen Qi that was surrounded with blue light.

Meng Chong's long blade was still stuck in that green Zhen Qi arm, he was unable to get it out at all, while that Zhen Qi ball was just about to reach his chest. He knew that he could not hold back anymore, so he tightened his left hand as he growled. A blood like lightning shot out from the gap of his fingers, making a crackling sound.


The Zhen Qi ball was just like a broken air balloon, it disappeared in the air.

Ye Chen shook his head. Xiao Ye was doomed to lose, but it was already pretty good that he was able to push Meng Chong to use his true power.


The long blade kept going and finally it cut off the last green Zhen Qi arm. However, this green Zhen Qi arm was very odd. When it broke, it immediately exploded into a million sparks, it grew into a huge fire once the wind touched it.


Meng Chong realized that the situation was not good. He leaned his body back, and the position he was standing earlier was burned to fragments.

Blood came out of his nose and mouth, but Xiao Ye did not seem to be that frustrated, he said, ’’I lose!’’ The two Zhen Qi arms had burned two-thirds of his Zhen Qi, including the Zhen Qi ball from before, he had barely any Zhen Qi left in his body, so there was no need to carry on this battle.

Letting out a breath of air, Meng Chong said, ’’You are the first one to push me to this extent.’’

’’Hehe, same here. After this, you are going to fight against Ye Chen for the next round. His half-step sword intent does not seem simple, let's see how you are going to beat him.’’

Finished speaking, Xiao Ye jumped off the stage.

By the time this battle came to an end, the battles at the other two platforms were also finished.

The next two battles were not very interesting, the contestants were both very weak, with low scores. They were inner disciples who were doomed to be eliminated. Among them, one was Zhang Haoran. It was already pretty hard for him to get this far.

Finally, the last round of competition had begun.

After the audience waited until the seventh battle, the strong contestants appeared once again.

And this battle was between Ye Chen and Tie Feng.

One of them was the genius sword artist who had learned the half-step sword intent, the other one was a symbol of someone who slowly got stronger with practice. Both of them had maintained a complete winning record. No matter who won, there would be one less on the win-only list. If nothing went wrong, the other person would be competing with Meng Chong for the first rank among the inner disciples.

A lot of people had their own judgments on this matter regarding who was more powerful among Ye Chen and Tie Feng. According to the previous battles, it was really hard to judge. Ye Chen's sword Qi was very powerful, but Tie Feng's ability to combine Shi into his leg arts was also quite powerful.

Tie Feng laughed with an innocent face, and said to Ye Chen, ’’Please advise me.’’

’’Alright.’’ Ye Chen nodded. To be honest, Ye Chen was quite nervous about Tie Feng. Tie Feng did not seem to have shown much of his true strength until now, so Ye Chen had to find it out himself.


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire

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