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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 111


Chapter 111 - The Rising Reputation

Of all the famous warriors of Windy Nation, only the leader of North Snow Martial Academy, Xue Wuren had fully sensed blade intent. No one knew if there was someone else that achieved the same. Just like blade intent, sensing sword intent was also extremely hard. At least until now, there had been no one in Windy Nation that had been proven to have learned the sword intent. And among the younger generation, only a few people had the hope to ever learn it. Zhu Mei from the Sky Cloud Martial School was one of them.

However, no one had expected that in an Inner Disciple Ranking Competition, a ’’nobody’’ would display sword intent, that every sword artist would be dreaming about. How shocking!

’’No, he hasn't yet achieved the true sword intent, it could only be referred to as half-step sword intent.’’ In the VIP seats for famous warriors, a man in blue said slowly.

Right next to him, a beautiful young lady in pink seemed to be confused, ’’Half-step sword intent?’’

The man in blue explained, ’’I once met a sword artist who had achieved sword intent in Rudra Nation. I can still remember his power that allowed him to cut the air itself. After I returned, I swore to myself that I would gain my own style of sword intent one day. However, in the past few years, I had only grasped a little bit of the sword intent. But I did improve my power rapidly.’’

The beautiful young lady suddenly thought to herself, ’’No wonder my husband had improved so fast in such a short period of time, it turns out that it was because he was extremely motivated.’’ Even though her husband had tried so hard, he still could not even sense the sword intent, and now a sixteen year old boy did it. It had to be said, sometimes a few days of hard work of a genius was equivalent to a few years of hard work of others.

The beautiful young lady was indeed the wife of the owner of Flower Fairy Restaurant in Ancient Spring Water town, ’’Flower Fairy’’. Right next to her, was her husband, ’’Blue Clouds’’ sword artist - Shen Lang.


During their chatters, the battle on the platform had gotten very intense.

The sword Qi combined with the half-step sword intent was four meters' long. It cut open that sword Qi and that horrifying black sword light as if it was a piece of tofu. Then, the remaining sword Qi kept on going, leaving huge terrifying cracks on the ground. Eventually, it went right past Li Kuang and disappeared into thin air.

The next second.

The rock wall in front of the VIP seating started to wobble, it was being chipped.

Li Kuang was completely frozen, he just stood where he was. Just a second ago, he felt that death had gone right by him. If it was not for his opponent who had decided to let him live and purposely changed his attacking angle, that sword Qi could have cut him in half, turning him into a bloody mist leaving no bones behind.


Suddenly, a chunk of blood forced its way out of Li Kuang's mouth. It turned out that although the sword Qi had not even touched him, that half-step sword intent had roiled the Zhen Qi inside of him. After letting out that chunk of blood, he surprisingly felt better.

’’Ye Chen wins!’’ The elder on the side just came back to reality and yelled with a loud voice.

Putting his sword back in his scabbard, Ye Chen turned and walked off the stage.

In the elders' seats, the head master let out a long breath, ’’Although it was only half-step sword intent, it is not certain yet that he would actually be able to learn it completely. But, his chances of success are ten times better than others.’’

’’So young and he has already sensed half-step sword intent, he has endless potential. In the future, he might become one of the top four warriors of our Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’But we will still have to observe him, let's see how loyal he is.’’


Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing could not be anymore happier than this. The Duanmu family had Young Master Duanmu, and now their Ye family had a genius who sensed half-step sword intent. They could definitely catch up to the Duanmu family in the future, maybe even go beyond them and become the top of the top eight families.

The other people were also full of various thoughts. With today's battle, Ye Chen was bound to become famous. Within days, his name would be known by everyone in Windy Nation.

Some people were happy for him, some of them were planning on how to get him.

A middle-aged man who wore navy blue robe with a sword scar on his face closed his eyes, murderous intent flashed in his eyes. He thought 'This guy should be ruined, otherwise once he grows strong enough, the Sky Cloud Martial School would outdo the Purple Sun Martial School and would compete with the North Snow Martial Academy and Emerald Martial Palace directly. He would be extremely dangerous.'

If someone knew his thoughts, they would definitely be surprised as this guy did not even belong to a martial institution. He was only a rogue warrior called Zhu Lieyang, who was already extremely famous a decade ago. Right now, he was at the peak of Early Clasping Yuan Realm.

However, if the leader of the Purple Sun Martial School knew about this, he would certainly not be surprised. Zhu Lieyang had been an intelligence master of the Purple Sun Martial School for a long time, he was especially in charge of collecting all kinds of information around the world. In the meanwhile, he would take care of all the business that the Purple Sun Martial School could not do.

Before, Zhu Lieyang had already killed a lot of martial disciples with great potential so that they would not be a future threat to the Purple Sun Martial School.

’’Ye Chen, you are a dead man walking!’’ Zhu Lieyang laughed evilly in his head, without showing it on his face.

The competition continued. But in the audience's eyes, it had become plain and boring.

A little distance away, Song Fei looked towards Ye Chen, and said to Yi Qing, ’’It seems like only he can compete with Meng Chong this year.’’

Yi Qing said, ’’With the help of his half-step sword intent, he is indeed very strong. However, if he wants to win against Meng Chong, it would still be quite hard. Of course, both of them have already reached the core disciple level, so, the top ten inner disciple ranking competition is not very important for them. After all, this is only between the disciples of Sky Cloud Martial School, there are still the top four martial institutions out there. And outside of Windy Nation, there might even be countless powerful martial institutions. So, you have to see the big picture, being strong now and here does not mean anything.’’

Song Fei sighed, ’’Yes! The top of our generation in Windy Nation, Young Master Emerald is only 68th on the Hidden Dragon Ranking. And who knows how many more talented geniuses would appear in the rankings next year?’’

The eighth round was soon finished.

There were only three people that won all their battles, they were Meng Chong, Tie Feng and Ye Chen.

There were five people who had not lost any battles.

The ninth round, the ninth battle.

The ’’Blood Shadow Blade’’ Meng Chong against the ’’Mad Man’’ Xiao Ye.

Xiao Ye laughed, ’’Meng Chong, this time, your no.1 position is shaking.’’

’’It is only half-step sword intent. On the true spirit continent, the warriors who have learnt the sword intent and blade intent are not the only ones that can rule the world. I, Meng Chong, do not need to learn the blade intent to win against anyone.’’ Meng Chong did not care at all whether Ye Chen had learned the sword intent or not. For him, only defeating every opponent he had ever encountered could make him improve his blade skill to his limits. And that was enough.

Finished speaking, Meng Chong released his aura.

’’What a man... he completely ignored my trap.’’ Xiao Ye was planning to use Ye Chen to make him feel shaken, and distract him, he did not expect that Meng Chong would be so determined and even somehow motivated by it. But, Meng Chong was actually right, learning the sword intent was indeed a great way to become strong, but there were various other ways as well. And Ye Chen did not train for long after all, his cultivation level was still below them, so there was really no need to worry too much about him.

’’So, let's fight!’’

Xiao Ye yelled, while he threw out a punch with the power of thunder.

’’Break!’’ Meng Chong started to run. A long blade appeared out of nowhere, it shone with a bloody red blade light as the Qi flowed and attacked Xiao Ye.


Xiao Ye was indeed last year's third ranked inner disciple, he was great at fighting head-on. He threw out a punch, and shattered the blade light without any effort.

’’The second blade attack!’’

The bloody red blade light appeared once again, rushing to the air, dyeing the sky red.

Xiao Ye did not back out, he didn't even move at all. Both of his hands drew a half circle, Qi flowed in front of his chest as he willed it, it clashed with the blade light.


The shock waves spread in every direction. Xiao Ye backed out three steps, a little bit of blood came out of the corner of his mouth.

Off the stage, Ye Chen thought, ’’Xiao Ye is supposed to be more powerful than Li Kuang, but he could only barely block Meng Chong's second blade attack. It seems like it would be pretty tricky to win against this Meng Chong.’’


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire

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