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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 110


Chapter 110: Comparing Sword Skill

’’Senior Brother Ye Chen is indeed dangerous! But, Senior Brother Meng Chong and Senior Brother Li Kuang were also restraining their strength, even Senior brother Feng Ping lost at the hands of these two.’’ The rest of the disciples slowly began to put the two words 'senior brother' in front of Ye chen's name indicating that they had come to recognise Ye Chen's strength.

’’Well, let's see if Senior Ye Chen can take Senior Li Kuang's Ghost Sword first strike. Even if he could, there are still the second and third strokes from the Ghost Sword.’’

Ghost Sword Li Kuang had an unpredictable sword skill. Just a little mistake in their counterattack would let his opponent have difficulty in resisting his sword attacks, only those who had equal or higher skill and strength level when compared to him could fight for victory and defeat him.

On the fighting platform.

With a cold look in his eyes, Li Kuang stood straight like a sword.

On the opposite side, Ye Chen looked calm and undaunted.

’’Generally, ordinary warriors will not be able to withstand my second sword. But, you seem to be quite skilled and capable, perhaps you will be able to make me use my third sword?’’ said Li Kuang, as he coldly glanced at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said, ’’Are you sure? I advise you to better go all out.’’

’’Do you think you are able to make me go all out with just your capability?’’ Li Kuang's gaze turned colder. He felt that Ye Chen's words were an insult to his capability.

Both of them were separated by thirty steps, one had a cold look in his eyes,the other looked extremely calm. The spectators looked like they had stopped breathing, they were staring at the fighting stage with their eyes wide open.


With a flash of a faint radiance, the Hidden Cloud Sword appeared in Ye Chen's hand, he answered coldly, ’’If you don't go all out, you will not have any chance to win.’’

Almost all the spectators were stunned.

’’What! Senior Brother Ye Chen too uses a sword? It is the same weapon as Senior Brother Li Kuang.’’

’’This is too astonishing! Doesn't this mean that Senior Brother Ye Chen never treated the previous matches seriously?’’

’’It's exciting to watch fights between two great swordsmen.’’

When Ye Chen took out his sword, it amazed the whole audience present. They all knew that a swordsman without a sword in his hand would be greatly limited in his fighting strength. Only with the treasured sword in his hand would he be able to display his full strength.

The elders nodded, ’’Interesting!’’

Ye Chen's hand gripped the Cloud Hidden Sword tightly and his imposing aura was fully released. His eyes that were as sharp as sword light, stirred up people's hearts while a stream of sharp Qi was dispersed from his body.

However, Li Kuang was shocked to find that Ye chen was also a swordsman. After all, Ye Chen felt like just any ordinary person a moment ago. Even his aura was nothing special. As far as he knew, a swordsman would have some presence of his sword Qi. For example, the sword point, their Qi sharpness, coldness, and some other things. Li Kuang was not the one that should be blamed for not being able to see it, it was Ye Chen who had the capability to hide it. One must be a swordsman with great attainments to be able to hide his capabilities to such an extent.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that Ye Chen had practiced the [Qi restraining technique] to a very high level. This skill was not only effective in hiding his cultivation level, even his aura could be concealed, making people unable to see the real situation. Not to mention Li Kuang, even some Clasping Yuan Realm practitioners would not be able to tell.

’’It is really good that you are also a swordsman. This battle certainly will be more interesting by defeating a swordsman. I hope that you will be able to persist longer.’’ With his hand holding the hilt of the sword, Li Kuang poured his Qi into his sword

Li Kuang started the battle with his superb skill!


Li Kuang moved. His entire silhouette swept towards Ye Chen just like a sharp sword that just left its scabbard.

In the blink of an eye, their distance was reduced to only five steps.


At this moment, Li Kuang drew out his sword. As the sword was unsheathed, it brought out a slow distortion in the black sword light surrounding it. In fact it was fast, it resembled a nightmare. This attack made people unable to tell at which point it would attack the opponent.

Zhang Haoran's face turned pale. After all, he was defeated under this very sword. The painful memories of feeling helpless that were hidden deep in his mind overwhelmed him.


Ye Chen also took out his sword under the crowd's tense gazes. He positioned his sword at an impossible angle.

Moreover, Ye Chen's sword light was extremely thin, it was the simple type that represented the peak of sharpness.


Li Kuang's first sword was parried off and flew back without achieving anything. But, he didn't really mind it, he wanted to use his second sword to completely suppress his opponent.

But to his surprise, Ye Chen started his counter-attack

’’[Reach the pinnacle]!’’

[The Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords] was just a top rank mortal level skill in the hands of other swordsmen, but the power of the strike when used by Ye Chen was a few times greater. The sword point was headed straight towards Li Kuang's chest.

This forced Li Kuang to step back and use the back of his sword to defend himself.

Ye Chen quickly took this opportunity and continued attacking Li Kuang with his sword skill.

Ye Chen's eyes were sharp as he moved his wrist, a sword light that was overlapped layer upon layer in a small range quickly headed towards Li Kuang.

’’ What?’’ The sword light that descended towards Li Kuang was like a mountain. As the mountain range transformed into a mountain peak, it made a huge impact in his mind.

Li Kuang couldn't defend the hard strikes and jumped high to avoid the hits. He tried to take back the initiative by cleaving downwards at Ye Chen.

Chang! Chang! Chang!.....

When both the swords came in contact with each other, there were sparks flying everywhere. The shockwaves disturbed and damaged everything in their surroundings.

Their moves were just too swift, most of the audience couldn't even see them clearly.

’’What a great battle between these two swordsmen! Every single strike can take their life if they can't react fast enough!’’

’’Ye Chen performed well by defending against Li Kuang's first strike easily, he is even able to hold the initiative in the battle!’’

In the audience, Pei Shaoqing and Qiu Ruotong were standing together.

Qiu Ruotong said, ’’Seems like your friend is in danger.’’

Suddenly, Pei Shaoqing laughed confidently, ’’Hah! Don't judge a book by its cover! Li Kuang's ability and skill improved a lot within this year, I expect that he will defeat Ye Chen with his 7th sword. He only the used 3rd sword of the Ghost Sword Skill until now.’’

’’But I think Ye Chen also hasn't gone all out yet.’’

Li Kuang took a few steps back after landing. He then said, ’’I admit, you are indeed eligible to make me go all out, but it's impossible for you to defeat me! It's time to show you my actual strength!’’

Li Kuang stepped forward as he was slowly surrounded with a huge dark wave. His black sword shone with a horrific light.

’’Soul Drain!’’

This time, Li Kuang did not hold back. He knew that the skills below the seventh sword would not be able to hurt Ye Chen at all. Only the seventh sword would be able to defeat him to the extent that he would have no ability to fight back.

The huge dark wave approached Ye Chen along with the black sword. Ye Chen wasn't afraid of it. He closed his eyes, and when he reopened, his gaze resembled sword light. It was like a few streaks of lightning tearing through the void.

’’Break through!’’ When Ye Chen swung his sword, all the nearby inner disciples were frightened. Their swords sheathed at their waist started to vibrate, it felt as if they wanted to unsheath themselves to integrate with Ye Chen's sword strike.

An elder exclaimed loudly, ’’Sword intent! This is unexpectedly sword intent, how can this be?’’


Translated by : Ace, Zahrizan

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire


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