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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 109


Chapter 109 - Fight against Ghost Sword, Li Kuang

The second round matches made everyone speechless. Out of 15 rounds, 11 had early conclusions. Their strength was extremely oppressive.

Ye Chen's match was not in these eleven, but it was not too far off. His opponent was Dual Spear, Dong Haohua. His skill was not bad, it was just that his opponent was Ye Chen. He was defeated in just three to four strikes by Ye Chen without showing his real capability.

There were two exciting matches in the third round, one of it was the duel between two female disciples from previous top ten rankings and another one was the duel between Xiao Ye and Li Yun.

The two female disciples were Zhou Ruo, the ’’Peach Blossom Hand’’ and Qiu Ruodan, the ’’Color Sword’’.

Zhou Ruo was ranked fourth, her strength was exceptionally strong. Her tiny hand was seemingly soft, but it could cause Qiu Roudan who was ranked eighth to immediately vomit blood and be forced to withdraw from the battle, thus she lost the game.

The duel between Xiao Ye and Li Yun was very intense, one of them ranked third in the previous top ten rankings, the other one was a new rising disciple with great skill. Both of them fought like raging fire and refused to give ground to other, even the platform was almost completely destroyed by them.

Xiao Ye had terrible strength in attack and defense, ordinary swords would not be able to break his Qi shield and he could even shatter the air in front of him with a punch, making Li Yun unable to get near him.

As for the Li Yun, although he was a new rising disciple, he could not be outdone, he had strength comparable to the third ranked Xiao Ye, it was a close match. His skill in controlling his fencing with the hidden sword light was excellent, reaching the acme of perfection, making Xiao Ye be wary of his every move.

At last, as the match continued for a long time without any result, the elders declared it a tie.

The fourth and fifth rounds were filled with wonderful battles, the disciples who watched from the viewing platform were very happy and excited about them.

The third game in the sixth round of battle. Meng Chong with his Blood Shadow Blade versus Yi Qing with his Iron Fan.

’’Last year's first and second rankers are finally confronting each other, I have no idea who will be the better one.’’

’’You idiot! Of course Senior Brother Meng Chong is stronger.’’

’’The match has not yet started, how do you already know? Plus, Senior Brother Yi Qing's Iron Fan skills are awesome, how could he lose?’’ This was said by a female disciple who strongly supported Yi Qing.

Few people who stood next to her kept glaring at her and whispered: ’’Another fangirl is here!’’

On stage.

Yi Qing opened up his Iron Fan, smiled at Meng Chong and said, ’’Last year when I fought you, we were able to fight for a few dozens of strikes, I'm afraid but this time it may not happen.’’

’’Why do you lower yourself?’’ said Meng Chong, ’’Or do you think that I'll let my guard down for you.’’

’’Ha Ha!’’ Yi Qing laughed.

’’Come on, I know you must have some tricks already and probably 80% of them will be used to deal with me.’’ Meng Chong quite recognized Yi Qing's capability. Yi Qing had already fused his techniques with actual combat principles perfectly, making it look beautiful yet not too gaudy and modern. It was really impossible to beat him easily.

Meng Chong stepped forward at a slow yet stable pace and got closer to Yi Qing with his energetic aura spread out which was strongly felt by Yi Qing.

When he was about to take his tenth step, Yi Qing moved. He knew that if he did not do so, there was no way to back out once he let his opponent find the best spot to attack,.

When the Iron Fan fluttered, one by one, the magic fan's shadows appeared randomly, as if a big bag filled with butterflies was torn open letting all the butterflies fly out, straight towards Meng Chong.


Meng Chong bent his body down, rushed forward and cut apart the bunch of shadows.


This one strike had caught the weakest point of the [Countless Fans Shadow skill], the blood red blade with the sharp light was brisk, it already appeared in front of Yi Qing in the blink of an eye, unbelievably fast.

’’This is a fast moving blade skill, stable yet quick and light. I have no idea how this fares against North Snow Fast Blade Lin Qi.’’ Watching Meng Chong's blade skill, Ye Chen suddenly remembered Lin Qi who he coincidentally met at the Northwest Auction Field. Both of them were known for their quick and agile blade skill, but he felt that Meng Chong was still a bit less skillful when compared to Lin Qi.

Shaking his head, Ye Chen clearly knew that he had to work harder as there were people stronger than Lin Qi, like Young Master North Snow and Young Master Duan Mu and not to forget the top of Heavenly Wind Nation's' younger generation - Young Master Emerald.

Qing! Qiang!

Though the great impact force of the red blade was pushed off by the iron fan, it was still too powerful, it sent Yi Qing bouncing out.

’’Good, if you can withstand my first strike, let's see about the second and third strikes.’’ Meng Chong seemed to be gaining spirit and became more and more energetic. His blood red blade skill slashed out and formed a huge net covering Yi Qing.

Yi Qing tried to protect himself with the Iron Fan. Nevertheless, the dreadful blade skill was able to make his whole body numb and it also increased his blood pressure.

’’The seventh blade!’’ This last strike was so fast and it finally cut Yi Qing changing the situation completely.

Yi Qing slowly kept away his Iron Fan, ’’I still can't defeat you.’’ Just now Yi Qing was about to use a strong attack, but due to Meng Chong's Brisk Blade skill, his unique skill became completely useless. He realised that his attack skill was yet to be perfected, otherwise it won't be so easy for Meng Chong to find its fault. Everything had both its advantages and disadvantages. Through this battle, he was able to find its defects.

Meng Chong smiled, ’’I had to use the seventh blade to completely defeat you, excellent.’’

Wu Zongming, who stood beside Ye Chen sighed, ’’I wonder if there is someone that can defeat Senior Meng Chong.’’ He then took a glance at Ye Chen, who gave him an unfathomable feeling. Till now nobody knew his real strength, maybe he can defeat Meng Chong.

Of course, Wu Zongming was not really sure about that.

’’I don't know, let's see how it is going to progress’’ Ye Chen did not do anything to interfere.

Soon, it was the end of the sixth round of battles.

So far, only five of the remaining participants had an unbeaten record, they were Blood Shadow Blade - Meng Chong, Peach Blossom Hand - Zhou Rou, Ghost Sword - Li Kuang, Tie Feng and also Ye Chen.

Although Xiao Ye and Li Yun did not lose, they had a draw and thus accumulated one point less.

After the seventh round of battle, one more participant was eliminated, it was Peach Blossom Hand-Zhou Rou. She was unlucky that she had to fight Iron Fan - Yi Qing, she finally lost by just one move after about 100 strikes. Even so, the spectators were stunned by the battle.

As people anticipated the eighth round of battles, it finally began.

The first three matches were wonderful. When it came to the fourth match, the crowd of spectators cheered loudly.

It was a fight between Ye Chen and the Ghost Sword - Li Kuang.

Compared to this round, there was not much anticipation for his matches that morning. But, as Ye Chen continued to maintain his total victory, his popularity also continued to soar, the number of his supporters continued to increase, some of them were his martial school's disciples.

In the VIP seats, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were almost breathless.

It might seem a bit exaggerated, but this year's Sky Cloud Martial School's Inner disciple ranking was one of the most thrilling events in their lives. Each time Ye Chen fought, both of them would be worried for a little while, until the duel ended. They did not dare to see Ye Chen lose the match. Although Ye Chen's previous achievements were quite satisfying and had made them proud of him, there were no parents who did not want their children to be better. Fortunately, so far, they had witnessed Ye Chen's victories again and again, it seemed as if it was quite easy for him.

However, it was different this time. Ye Chen's opponent was the Ghost Sword - Li Kuang with his unpredictable fencing. So, it was still unknown whether he could surpass Li Kuang.


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