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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 108


Chapter 108 - One leg move the wind and the clouds

’’Even if Feng Ping lost to Ye Chen in term of speed,his speed is still quite good when compared to other disciples. But he could not even escape from a single slash from Brother Meng Chong, the gap is truly large.’’

’’This year, Brother Meng Chong has become even more fearful.’’

Hearing the conversation of the crowd, Ye Chen frowned. The Blood Shadow, Meng Chong, was strong. His attack was simple, but it had cut at a tremendous velocity. With a weapon skill of such simplicity, he managed to deal such massive damage.

Therefore, in a fight with Meng Chong, one could not rely much on their weapon skills, unless his skill level was far overwhelming than Meng Chong.

The moment Meng Chong left the arena, all the disciples that were competing in the top ten ranking fights looked towards him in fear.

Yi Qing, a thin looking disciple with nickname of Iron Fan, made a wry smile,’’I thought that I might able to surpass him this year, but sadly I have been left behind even further.’’

At his side, Song Fei asked,’’Were you ranked second in the previous ranking matches?’’

’’The previous rankings are no longer important, the gap has increased. His power has reached the level of some of the best core disciples.’’

’’The core disciples.’’ Song Fei sucked in a cold breath. He understood how strong the people in the top ranks of core disciples were. Although they were also at the peak of late Condensing Reality Realm, anyone from the core disciples could easily defeat him with a single attack. If it was a person who had good rank among them, he would be an abnormality that was extremely hard to defeat.

Ye Chen got selected to fight in the fourth match. The name of his opponent was Yang Lie.

By this time, his opponent quickly went up the arena and swiftly moved back in order to be a huge distance away from Ye Chen, so that he could keep Ye Chen from disappearing from his sight.

Ye Chen shook his head, he made a wry smile and stood still in the arena.

When he was around thirty steps away from Ye Chen, Yang Lie stopped and released three sword beams from his blade towards the position of Ye Chen.

His body moved aside quickly and evaded the beams. Ye Chen stomped on the ground and released a hidden force towards his opponent.



The ground under Yang Lie exploded, causing him to be thrown away from the arena.

This move was out of everyone's expectations, they thought that Ye Chen would defeat his opponent again with speed.

The victory of the fifth match was taken by Zhang Haoran. Even if he had lost to the Ghost Sword, Li Kuang, he was still strong and powerful, he defeated his opponent within ten attacks and obtained two marks.

The following matches were dull without much suspense. They were unsightly as it was just the stronger ones bullying the weaker ones.

’’The ninth match, Pei Shaoqing versus Tie Feng.’’


With the announcement of the referee, the crowd shouted wildly in ebullience.

Pei Shaoqing had a better rank than the Ghost Sword, Li Kuang in the previous ranking matches. He looked polite and easy to get along. Only a few knew that his attacks were fierce like a demon. Even his friend, Li Kuang had a slight fear of him.

Tie Feng was someone that could be described as a disciple with lesser talent that matured slowly. He was stable and steady like a mountain, he defeated Song Fei with just three kicks with his well known leg art.

Both of them could be said to be equally strong and could only find out the stronger one among them by fighting.

’’Tie Feng, please do not get too harsh with me!’’ Pei Shaoqing smiled.

Tie Feng replied sincerely, ’’Sure!’’

Looking at Tie Feng's expression, the crowd felt amused and had some laughs. But that was not because of hatred or dislike, they admired his diligence with which he continuously practiced that lead to him sharpening his skills just like a magnificent grandmaster.

Pei Shaoqing's smile ceased and he got nervous. He had an intuition that Tie Feng would be hard and really difficult to deal with. To win this match, he would probably need to bring out all his power and unleash his full strength.

Unwittingly, his palm turned greenish-purple. With a loud shout, he rushed towards Tie Feng like a demon and tried to hit him with his palm.

Wuuu! Wuuu!

The air was torn apart by the force. A piercingly wild shriek, that sounded like a ghost's cry was heard. The disciples nearby were terrified, their faces turned pale with fright.

Tie Feng was daft with his attack. However, when he made his move, everyone knew that the Pei Shaoqing's momentum was unable to effect him.

He bent his body and raised his right leg. With these movements, his energy and spirit rose up as he accumulated a storming force in his body.


One powerful kick had caused Pei Shaoqing's palm strength to collapse. The tremendous force caused him to resist the force with all he had. But as one of the disciples that ranked amongst the forefront of the previous top ten disciple rankings, Pei Shaoqing still had enough strength to make a sudden attack by rotating his body in a semicircle around Tie Feng.

’’[Summon the demons over the mountains and plains!]’’

A purplish-blue wave appeared after one forceful strike from Shaoqing, the sky suddenly darkened and its dark clouds were overwhelming and completely shrouded Tie Feng. People that could overcome this must be really strong.

’’I'm afraid, but Tie Feng can't withstand this!’’

’’Senior Brother Pei Shaoqing is not like Song Fei, he is not that easy to deal with.’’

’’Hmm. I just don't know how many strikes Tie Feng can take ...’’

Ye Chen's view was different from others. Since Tie Feng had unleashed his first strike causing his internal power to grow stronger and stronger, Pei Shaoqing would most probably be in danger if it goes on like this.

Indeed. Confronting the powerful purplish-blue wave, Tie Feng opened his mouth wide and shouted out.

The thunder-like voice was so powerful that it felt as if it shook the whole atmosphere.

’’[A kick to conquer the world]!’’

Tie Feng stood in the centre of the platform, his momentum continued to increase, he struck out with a powerful yet stable kick.

Suddenly a howling gale appeared, along with the tremendous strike of the kick, and struck the purplish-blue wave.

Crack! Crack!

The whole platform felt like there was a huge storm accompanied with thunder, people couldn't even see the things happening in front of them.

In the next moment, a figure flew out upside down with blood spurting out of his mouth into the air.

It was Pei Shaoqing!

’’Unbelievable, Tie Feng won!’’

’’Just now how many strikes did Tie Feng use, did you see it?’’

’’It was five I think, maybe nine times!’’

’’But how come I could only see the shadows of his moves...’’

Ye Chen smiled faintly. Tie Feng was indeed very powerful, there were only a few people that could surpass him. For now, only Meng Chong could confront him. Of course, in a fight, anything may happen and the one with the greater strength may not necessarily win.

At the V.I.P platform, all the elders of the martial school smiled at each other. It seemed like Tie Feng was far more excellent than what they thought, the attacks displayed a moment ago were really exciting.

When the gale subsided, Tie Feng got off the fighting stage calmly and smiled patiently.

In this regards, the spectators were totally speechless as they felt that the fight was not that easy.

The competition continued.

The next few fights were not as strong as the previous one as some overwhelmingly strong ones were matched against the weak ones. There was no trace of suspense.

However in the last match of the first round, Iron Fan, Yi Qing, had pleased the spectators with a joyful battle. Once he flicked his fan, numerous shadows of his fan were released making it look like dancing butterflies. It was so dreamy and surreal that it made his opponent fear fighting against him.


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