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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 107


Chapter 107 - Finals

’’Hundred Thousand Burning Flames.’’

Feng Ping pointed his finger in the air and used a fire attribute martial art. The fire beam cleaved the air with a loud noise.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Ye Chen's figure was torn to pieces. It was just his afterimage that was formed due to his extreme speed.

’’Is that all you got?’’ Ye Chen talked to Feng Ping from behind.

Feng Ping was irritated and then spun towards him. The fire beams were being cast from his fingers in every direction, they broke the edges of the stone pillars.

Ye Chen took a sharp glance and quickly evaded the attacks. They were not used all at once, but in a consecutive manner. With his speed and body control, Ye Chen managed to rush a distance of five steps towards Feng Ping.

’’How could this be possible? Why can't the beam hit him?’’

Including Xiao Ye and Zhou Ruo, the disciples were stunned in amazement with their mouths wide open.

They understood well that with just speed alone one could not make that many evasions from the beams as the gaps in between the beams were so small that they could be neglected. As the beams were in disorder, one could only evade the attacks with good eyesight, a strong spirit, continuous stamina, high speed and good reflexes.

In the elder's gallery, the first Elder smiled, ’’This kid is good, there might only be a few that can surpass him in terms of speed.’’

The second elder nodded, ’’Yes, even Feng Ping's speed could not be underestimated, but his speed is comparatively inferior to Ye Chen.’’

’’Haha, we have three disciples with such high potentials, it is a blessing for our school!’’ The third elder could not stop himself from having a smile on his face.

On the arena, Ye Chen ended the fight with a punch towards Feng Ping that sent him out of the stage.

’’Ye Chen wins!’’

The referee was shocked and then shouted loud to announce the winner.

Without much complacency, Ye Chen flashed and then stood beside Wu Zongming.

Wu Zongming was excited, ’’This is so great, even Feng Ping's speed is inferior to yours.’’

’’He could not understand the essence of wind but he had the speed of wind.’’ Wind had no form or shape. If Feng Ping could learn this, naturally Ye Chen could not win against him in terms of speed.

Feng Ping got away from the arena distracted. His loss in terms of speed had a huge impact on him. He was so arrogant with extreme confidence earlier and assumed that he could easily knock out Ye Chen.

The tenth match had ended.

The judges spoke out the result.

’’For group Seven, the highest score is Ye Chen with twenty marks, followed by Feng Ping, eighteen marks, the third is....’’

For the group elimination, the first three highest scorers would be qualified for the next round, therefore Feng Ping was not eliminated.

Swiftly, the results were announced for the other group stages.

Wu Zongming was eliminated due to continuous losses in the group stage. Zhang Haoming is ranked second in his group with a single loss. Meanwhile, Li Yun and Tie Feng advanced as the top scorers in their groups.

Although the competitions were remarkable, they had to get their lunch since it was now noon.

The first elder stood up and made an announcement that the next matching would be held in the afternoon.

In the dining hall.

’’It is so unexpected. We had three new but strong disciples in this session of the tournament, Li Yun, Tie Feng and Ye Chen.’’

’’Li Yun's sword skills are so aggressive. Until now, I could not figure out how he defeated Brother Dong Haohua.’’

’’Tie Feng is good as well. He was so stable, he defeated Brother Song Fei with just three attacks.’’

’’In your opinion, does Ye Chen have any other abilities apart from his speed?’’

’’He probably only has his speed. But to defeat him, his opponent must at least be ranked six in the top ten.’’

’’Yes, no matter how fast he is, if he could not attack, he can't win against someone like Brother Li Kuang.’’

’’Yeah, other than Brother Feng Ping, Brother Dong Haohua and Brother Song Fei, the other seven people from the top disciples have not yet used their full strength, they have not even demonstrated seventy percent of their true strength. To defeat them, one needs to be strong in every aspect.’’

’’We need to stop the discussion, I am so excited that I can't even have my meal now. I truly wish to watch the final match, the top ten disciples will surely use their true powers. These will be the best fights for the top disciples!’’


The Martial Plaza was filled with excitement again, it was even a few times more than it was that morning.

In the middle of the stage, the first elder explained in a loud noise, ’’The last stage of the matches will be the elimination and the ranking matches. We will eliminate up to twenty people in the elimination and the remaining ten disciples will fight to determine their rank in the ranking matches.’’

Below the stage, Ye Chen understood well. There were ten rounds for the elimination, simultaneously taking place on three arenas. However, the disciples would not be fixed on any of the stage. By random distribution, they would be fighting on any of the arenas.

Therefore, after the ten matches of elimination, the top ten with the highest scores would be the new top ten disciples in this session of tournament.

After being selected as the top ten disciples, they would need to participate in the complicated ranking matches to determine their rank in the top ten.

’’Now, let the battles begin’’ The first elder raised his voice by using Zhen Qi.


From the auditorium, peoplethey were cheering to support their preferred disciples.

’’First arena, Song Fei versus Jiang Hao!’’

’’Second arena, Li Yun versus Wu Yuan!’’

’’Third arena, Meng Chong versus Feng Ping!’’

The results of the first two battles were predictable. It might be quite interesting since the battle in the third arena was between two people from the previous top ten disciples. A big applause was given to the third battle.

The six selected disciples got to the arenas.

As expected, Song Fei and Li Yun had beaten their opponent easily and got their first two marks.

At the same time, the battle for the third arena had not yet started.

Feng Ping was looking at Meng Chong with a serious look on his face. As one of the previous top ten, there were two people that he did not want to encounter. One was the Ghost Sword, Li Kuang while the other was the Blood Shadow, Meng Chong.

The Ghost Sword, Li Kuang had an unpredictable weapon skill. Warriors inferior to him could not pose any threat to him. And Meng Chong was scarier as he had top attributes in all aspects, making him undefeatable.

But Feng Ping was reluctant to just surrender, even though he could not win against Meng Chong. He was one of the previous top ten. It would be an embarrassment if he could not even take one attack from Meng Chong.

Meng Chong joked, ’’Feng Ping, are you thinking of ways to counter a single attack of mine?’’

’’You can give up on trying. Your strength is far lower than mine.’’

Walking step by step towards Feng Ping, Meng Chong touched the shaft of his blade with his right hand.


Feng Ping got nervous and dashed to the side. His body disappeared from everyone's sight.

’’You can not escape from me!’’

Almost no one could see how Meng Chong made his slash, but a red slash did cut rapidly.

A moment later, Feng Ping showed up. A long cleave was made on his dress from his chest until his waist.


As he laughed loudly, Meng Chong made his way down the stage


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