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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 106


Chapter 106 - The Weird Battle

Off the stage, Wu Zongming turned his head and said to Ye Chen, ’’Ye Chen, you are about to face Brother Feng, be careful! His movement art is way more powerful than he makes it look.’’

’’I know, don't worry.’’ Among all the people in the crowd, Ye Chen saw it more clearly than anyone else. However, about the movement art, he really did not have to worry about his opponent.

In the seventh round of battles, Wu Zongming, Zhang Haoran and Huang Bingwen had all lost. Wu Zongming and Huang Bingwen had lost because they were not as powerful as the opponents and Zhang Haoran had lost because he encountered the ’’Ghost Sword’’ Li Kuang who was one of the top ten inner disciples.

Li Kuang had totally lived upto his reputation. With just one sword movement, he had beaten Zhang Haoran.

Technically, the power gap between the two was almost ignorable, Zhang Haoran was also one of the top geniuses in the Sky Cloud Martial School who was not easily beaten. But this time, he could only blame his lack of luck. Li Kuang was famous for his unpredictable sword arts, if there was even a tiny gap between him and his opponent, then his opponent would have no chance to avoid his sword attack. That one sword movement was almost inevitable.

Zhang Haoran who had lost the battle kept staring at Li Kuang, he could not believe that he failed to take one attack.

Li Kuang turned around, while he was walking down the stage, he said casually, ’’Train for another year.’’

’’Below the core disciples, brother Li Kuang is the No.1 sword artist.’’

’’Now that I have time to think about it, I think that one sword attack was too scary, it was way too fast for our eyes and senses to follow. Although it was incredibly fast, somehow it gave people an illusion that it was too slow. If it was me, I think I will just go crazy on the spot.’’

’’Brother Li is indeed very powerful, but you guys, look over there.’’ An inner disciple pointed at another platform, there were two people on there prepared to battle.

The rest of the inner disciples started their quiet chatter.

’’It is the 'Two Spears' Brother Dong Haohua who is No.9 of the top ten inner disciples. Who is his opponent? How come I've never seen him before?’’

’’Me neither.’’

’’He seems to have come out of nowhere. Is there someone like him among the inner disciples?’’

On a platform.

A teenage boy with no expression had his right hand on his sword, he took it out and waved it in the air.


Six sword light flashed out, covering Dong Haohua's whole body.

Dong Haohua smiled with confidence, waved both of his spears from left to right. The spear shadows shattered the sword light without any effort, and it did not stop there. It attacked towards his opponent.

All of a sudden.

Dong Haohua froze where he was, he looked down, and noticed there was a huge tear in his clothes on his chest, there was blood all over it.

’’I lost. What is your name?’’ Dong Haohua knew, if it wasn't for his opponent letting him live, he would be long dead by now. But what he did not understand was that he had already shattered the six sword shadows, then how did he get attacked?

’’Li Yun!’’

Leaving only two words, the teenager without any expression left the stage.

’’Beating the No.9 inner disciple brother Dong Haohua with only one sword movement! How unbelievable! Since when did we have this kind of character among the inner disciples?’’

’’Even brother Dong had been beaten with just one sword attack, this Li Yun could probably compete with brother Li Kuang. I just don't know who would have the better sword arts.’’

Not far away, Li Kuang squeezed his eyes, staring at Li Yun's back.

Finally, there was one member of the top ten inner disciples who had been beaten. A lot of the inner disciples who had lost hope were now expecting to see a second one, and then a third...


At the group eight platform, someone else had beaten the No.10 inner disciple ’’Iron Legs’’ Song Fei.

Although Song Fei was only the tenth rank inner disciple among the top ten inner disciples, it was only because of his head-on battling style.

His opponent was also someone training leg arts, with only three kicks, he had beaten Song Fei. The first kick shattered Song Fei's kick shadows, the second kick had broken Song Fei's defensive Zhen Qi, and the third and the last kick was only a gentle touch on Song Fei's chest, which left a deep foot step. It looked effortless and very gentle, but it was indeed opposite to that.

If it was only that, it would not be this shocking for him to win. The inner disciple who had beaten Song Fei was called Tie Feng, he was nineteen years' old which was pretty old for an inner disciple. He was commonly regarded as a hard worker with limited talent. But this time, his battle style had completely changed, it was like a moth that had turned into a butterfly.

’’This young man is a late bloomer!’’

In the masters' seats, someone made a comment.

Couple of masters sitting right next to him nodded, ’’Hard work could make up for the flaws, sometimes when a warrior who lacks natural talent works hard, he might just figure it all out. This young man is worth putting effort in.’’

’’Hehe, it is not like we have never seen any late bloomers before, but this time is way more shocking than any other time. It is almost like a different person.’’

Wu Zongming asked Ye Chen, ’’Ye Chen, what do you think? How come I think that those three kicks were extremely simple, but I cannot figure it out why brother Song Fei could not handle them.’’

Ye Chen slowly let out a breath, ’’That's Shi!’’

’’Shi?’’ Wu Zongming did not follow.

Ye Chen explained, ’’The so-called Shi is actually very mysterious, which cannot really be explained by words. Put it in a simple way, is that he had sensed the meaning of nature, and combined the power of the nature with his kick arts. So that is why his kick art seemed so ordinary but somehow unstoppable. After all, human beings are like ants in front of nature.’’

Wu Zongming was not sure if he understood it or not.

When the competition reached the end, the contestants with high scores would only gain more, and the ones with low scores would only seem to go lower and lower.

So far, Ye Chen had gained eighteen points which made him the top of the group, the same as Feng Ping.

Finally, the competition reached the final round, the tenth round.

’’The first round, No.0 against No.28!’’

Once the attendant had announced the result, the inner disciples around Ye Chen started to cheer. In the nine rounds before, they had all witnessed how strong Ye Chen was. It was not hard to see as someone rarely won nine rounds continuously. Besides the eight ace contestants, only a few people had accomplished that. Actually, if Ye Chen did not have to face Feng Ping, he might have won ten rounds. He would be ranked first along with Feng Ping and could have entered the finals. But now, it seemed impossible for it to happen.

While the crowd was prepared to get disappointed, Ye Chen walked on the stage.

In front of him, Feng Ping said in a relaxed manner, ’’You are pretty good.’’

’’You too.’’

Ye Chen's reply had shocked everyone else. 'Brother Feng is only pretty good!? Is he joking? He cannot be this arrogant, can he?'

’’Hehe, it is not good to be this arrogant. Let me test your limits!’’ Feng Ping approved Ye Chen's strength, but it did not mean that he thought Ye Chen had what it takes to win against him. His body flashed, and disappeared in the air, almost as if he had melted and become a part of the wind.

Ye Chen did not flinch. He waved his fist towards the left, the power of his fist and the extraordinary power of his opponent's strengthened fingers clashed against each other, making a horrible exploding sound.

Sooner, Feng Ping's attacks had become stronger. Countless finger lights attacked Ye Chen from different directions. He was still with the wind and did not reveal himself.

’’When comparing movement arts, who was I ever afraid of!?’’ As he spoke, Ye Chen also disappeared in the air, leaving those finger lights to attack the stage ground.

Pop! Boom! Swoosh!

You could only see that the fist shadows and the finger lights kept clashing together. As both of them were traveling too fast and were attacking in weird ways, one could only make out their figures for a split second.

’’So freaking weird! How can we see them!? I cannot believe this Ye Chen is so powerful. Obviously, he had been hiding his true power.’’ Someone could not help but yell out.

’’Brother Feng Ping probably hasn't used all his true power yet... has he?’’


Translated by : Sheryl

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire

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