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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 105


Chapter 105 - Easy Wins

Coincidentally, Wu Zongming was one of the contestants in the first battle of the third group. His opponent was just like him, at the Mid Condensing Reality Realm.

’’Burning lava fist!’’

On the stage, Wu Zongming yelled, while he jumped up and threw a punch at his opponent.


The burning sparks splashed everywhere, making that inner disciple back out a few steps.

Wu Zongming had just gained some advantages in this battle, he did not want to let his opponent have any opportunities to fight back, he activated his top rank Mortal Realm Skill Burning lava fist art to its extreme. Ten fiery shadows of the punches shot at the same time, leaving his opponent nowhere to hide, which eventually made Wu Zongming the winner of the round.

Off the stage, Wu Zongming said in high spirit, ’’Great, the first opponent is not very strong.’’

’’This is only the first round, don't show off too much of your strength.’’ Ye Chen reminded his friend.

’’I know, don't worry.’’

A battle normally lasted a few minutes, there were rarely any cases of the contestants having about the same strength, making it tough to determine the winner.

Some of the groups had already finished their first round of the competition, and started their second round.

’’The seventh group, No.8 against No.28.’’

Wu Zongming said, ’’Ye Chen, it's your turn.’’


Ye Chen nodded and jumped onto the seventh platform.

’’The peak of the Mid Condensing Reality Realm... it seems like I am pretty lucky.’’ Ye Chen's opponent was a teenager with thick eyebrows, he held a huge blade with an interesting angle. There was visible yellow Qi flowing around the tip of his blade, making it look extremely powerful.

Ye Chen was pretty speechless, that teenager was also at the peak of Mid Condensing Reality Realm, he was wondering what that luck his opponent mentioned was.


The teenager with thick eyebrows suddenly jumped towards Ye Chen, the hard stone floor under his feet was filled with cracks as he moved. He waved his huge blade that obviously was not light as he ran towards Ye Chen.

Ye Chen shook his head, he waved his right hand casually. Although he looked like he spent zero effort, his whole arm was slung at such high speed that it almost disappeared. He easily flicked the huge blade off his opponent's hand. However, his opponent still thought his blade was right where it was and carried on his attacking movement.


There were still five steps between the two of them, the teenager without his blade failed to attack, he said in confusion with some dissatisfaction, ’’Where did my blade go!?’’

Ye Chen pointed to the left.

The teenager with thick eyebrows looked over, he saw his huge blade was plunged into the ground at the edge of the platform, it was still shaking.

He could not be anymore embarrassed that that, the teenager took out his blade and jumped off the platform with his face reddened. Inside his head, he had cussed at Ye Chen using every nasty word he could think of.

Without any surprises, Ye Chen had won the battle, which gave him two points.

The second round, the third round... all the way up to the fifth round, Ye Chen had beaten all his opponents without spending much effort, which gave him ten points in total.

Wu Zongming had lost his fourth battle, he got eight points in total.

On the other side, Zhang Haoran who had just reached the Mid Condensing Reality Realm was in group ten. He had also won five battles continuously, earning ten points.

Huang Bingwen who had battled with Ye Chen before seemed to have increased his power level, he had only lost one of the five battles he had been in, which gave him eight points, just like Wu Zongming.

After all the fifth round battles had finished, the head elder announced that there would be a half-an-hour break, which allowed everyone to regain some of their Zhen Qi and energy.

On the east side of the VIP seats, Ye Tianhao said to Shen Yuqing with a huge smile, ’’Chen'er is doing pretty good! I can't believe that he had won five battles continuously, he seemed very relaxed as well.’’

Shen Yuqing was also very happy as she said, ’’We had been worrying for nothing. In the past six months, our Chen'er has grown so much! There is definitely hope for him to get in the top one hundred.’’

’’Indeed, let's wait and see!’’

Thirty minutes' break was over just like that, the competition began again.

Unlike the first five rounds, the next five rounds would include the ace contestant. If the remaining contestants were able to avoid the ace contestants, then it would be really lucky for them;but if they ever encountered them, then they would just have to tough it out.

This time, Wu Zongming was very unlucky. Although he did not get stuck with the ace contestant, he had encountered an inner disciple at the Late Condensing Reality Realm. After taking ten attacks, he had finally lost.

On the contrary, Zhang Haoran had carried on without losing, which gave him twelve points in total.

Huang Bingwen lost a battle, he still had eight points.

In the sixth and the seventh round, it was once again Ye Chen's turn.

’’Hehe, little brat, your record of winning would be broken now.’’ The speaker was a teenager with crooked eyes, who was about seventeen years' old, it was regarded as pretty old among all the inner disciples. In the extra time, he must have accumulated a lot of battling experiences, that allowed him to be in the top two hundred.


This time, Ye Chen decided to attack first. He used his [Crane Shadow Steps] and disappeared in front of his opponent. The moment his opponent saw Ye Chen again, all he could feel was the sharp pain on his chest, a powerful force hit him and pushed him all the way off the stage.

After landing heavily on the ground, the teenager with crooked eyes looked shocked and confused, he could not believe what had happened. He wondered how powerful this Ye Chen who had beaten him with just one move was.

’’Feng Ping, this junior brother seems a little different! He seems to be hiding his true strength.’’ Zhou Ruo glanced at Ye Chen and then casually said to Feng Ping.

Feng Ping shook his head and laughed, ’’Compared to the other inner disciples, he is pretty strong, but with me here, all he could do is lose.’’

Xiao Lie said, ’’Although he would not be able to beat you, there is hope for him to be in the top three of the group.’’

After another round of battles, it was time for the ninth round.

’’No. 0 against No. 24!’’

’’Your turn.’’ Xiao Lie said with his arms wrapped in front of his chest.


A light breeze swept the floor, Feng Ping's shadow slowly disappeared from where he was standing. He had already appeared on the stage.

’’Such a fast movement art! When did he get up there!?’’

’’No wonder they call him the 'Flying in the wind' Feng Ping, the style of his martial art is almost like the wind, with neither a shape nor any shadows.’’

All the inner disciples around could not say a word more.

Ye Chen slightly frowned, although Feng Ping had crazy speed, the thing which worried him more was Feng Ping's ability with the wind, he combined himself with the wind and became one with it, which largely increased the quality of his movement art. It also created this confusing illusion, of course, Ye Chen had seen through it.

’’Brother Feng, my name is Gao Liang, I appreciate this opportunity to fight against you.’’ The square-faced teenager knew that there was a huge gap between them, so he said with great respect.

Feng Ping nodded, ’’Bring on everything you've got! I will take it easy.’’

After he heard him, the square-faced teenager looked very serious, he got his sword out of its scabbard, and waved it in the air. Suddenly, he attacked Feng Ping.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

The great sword vibrated a little halfway through, it formed four sword shadows, each of them extremely sharp. They sliced open the air, bringing up crazy amounts of Qi along with them.

Seeing that the tip of his sword was just about to stab Feng Ping, happiness flashed past the square-faced teenager's face.

Right then, Feng Ping moved, his body leaned back a little, keeping the same distance between him and the tip of the sword. He just kept floating backwards like that.

’’How could this be happening?! My stabbing speed could not catch up with his movement art!?’’ After he kept chasing for about ten meters, the square-faced teenager just could not stab his opponent, no matter what. The happiness he had felt before disappeared completely as if it never happened.

Feng Ping lost the patience to keep playing with his opponent, he flicked his fingers at the sword.


Even though it was just the slightest amount of power, the square-faced teenager found himself barely holding his sword. All the sword light he managed to form earlier had been shattered within a second, his plan of attacking through air had completely failed.

The next second, he could feel the kick on his chest. Blood burst out of his month, he could not help but be pushed off the stage.

’’Brother Feng, bravo! He hasn't lost one battle, and all his opponents were beaten without any effort. Exactly how powerful are those top ten inner disciples?!’’

’’Very powerful! Brother Feng was not even being serious.’’

’’It looks like there is no one that could beat brother Feng, even that No.28 Ye Chen is definitely not his opponent.’’


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