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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - Blood Shadow Sword

After he submitted his quest in the Hall, Ye Chen went to the Ranking board to check.

There wasn't much difference in the rankings for that month. The rankings remained the same. This situation occurred due to the concentration on the upcoming Ranking Competition in June. They were not going to fight until the competition, there they could determining their true strength.

Looking at the lowest part of the rankings, Ye Chen smiled. His rank was number one when counting from the bottom. The others were concentrated on the upper parts of the ranking.

’’Fine, I should get a ranking in the top ten in this Ranking Competition so that I would be able to avoid the trouble of challenging others later on.’’ Ye Chen did not mind his ranking since the Rank Competition was a fair competition that did not consider the current ranking.

But for now, the most crucial task was to train harder as his cultivation level at the mid Condensing Reality Realm was considered to be too low. He needed to at least raise it to the peak of mid Condensing Reality Realm. Then, he would not need to fear anyone in the competition.

At night, Ye Chen trained in meditation.

In the morning, Ye Chen sat on the cliff to increase the sword Qi.

In the afternoon, Ye Chen would strengthen his body's' durability under the waterfall.

The days passed. The days of June approached.

In the forest behind the Windy Mountain.

Beside a rocky mountain.

A half-naked man, around two meters tall was standing. His sight flashed with a strong muscular body frame. His aura was more violent than the demon beasts. Anyone who was gazed by him would have a feeling that there was an ancient beast staring at them, it was simply frightening.


The burly man released a roar as his muscles shook. His joints and bones were making a string of popping sounds, as if there were dozens of people shooting arrows together.

The ground was heavily stepped upon until it burst. The burly man stretched his hand and suddenly hit a rock.


A twenty meter high rock that was roughly seven meters wide was broken into pieces, scattering and flying in all directions.

His breath and face were normal even after heavy training.The burly man grinned to himself, ’’The Ranking tournament is about to begin. I, Xiao Ye, would never lose to anyone. I would be the first among the disciples to challenge Xu Jing to determine who will be the best in the Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

There were a total of thirty six peaks in the Sky Cloud Martial School that are the places designed for the training of the elders.

One of the thirty six peaks was Mt. White Cloud

An old man in a white robe told a young man, ’’Li Yun, if you are promoted as an inner disciple, then you could make me your teacher. In these three years, You have not gone out on any missions, you also did not participate in the Ranking competitions. But this time, you need to take part in the tournament. Else, the Clan Master and the other elders would think that I am just dragging you along without providing you the any training.’’

The young man replied coldly, ’’Don't worry master. I will prove to the others that I can beat these disciples even without having any training outside.’’

The white-robed old man shook his head, ’’Do not underestimate the others. Even though your current strength would be comparable to the top five disciples, it would still be dangerous for you to compete for the top three. I know that the Ghost sword, Li Kuang and Pei Shaoqing have the strength to be ranked in the top three. The Blood shadow, Meng Chong, has strong combat skills which surprise even me, you might not be a match for him.’’

The cold young man replied, ’’Master, you did tell me before that one can always fight to be the best and be at the top, if not, there would be no more meaning in this.’’

’’Hehe, I did say this before, then you can try your best to get the first rank! Your strongest opponent would probably be the Blood Shadow, Meng Chong. The second strongest would be the Ghost Sword, Li Kuang. His sword skills are unpredictable. He did not learn any of them from the skills in the Sky Cloud Martial School. He will be a strong threat to you, you must be cautious of him. Do not lose to him in sword skill.’’

’’I would not lose to anyone in sword skill.’’

The old man in the white robe nodded. If they were only evaluating the sword skill, there were very just few who could beat his pupil. He had developed a unique style with the sword during his training in these last three years, without following the standard training path. If he was given sufficient time, he could even be equal to the top disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School, Zhu Mei.

’’Fine, you have been in closed door training for the last three months, now show me your true strength.’’


The sword was unsheathed. The cold looking young man made some slashes towards the sea of clouds.


The sword light was divided into thirteen parts. Every strike was completely equal in length without any differences as if they were cloned from the same strike.

The white robed old man's eyes flashed with astonishment, ’’Fourteen Sword Lights! I never imagined that your sword lights have reached the highest state.’’

If there was someone here, he would be quite confused. There are only thirteen cuts, but why are there 14 sword flashes.

[Oolong River], Sunflower Water Branch!

In the last three months, there was a newly established small faction called the Sunflower Water Branch. The sunflower Water Branch had three chiefs, all of them are at the peak of Condensing Reality Realm. The head chief had already touched the edge of the Clasping Yuan Realm. He might only required one or two months to reach the Clasping Yuan Realm.

In addition, the Sunflower Water Branch have seventy-eight late Condensing Reality Realm Warriors, twenty mid Condensing Reality Realm Warriors and forty to fifty Initial stage Condensing Reality Realm Warriors. There were also several hundred mortal Realm warriors to increase strength and act as cannon fodder.

The Sunflower Water Branch's entrance door was loudly split in half, a stubborn wild youth strode into the room.

’’People of the Sunflower Water Branch, come out to die.’’


At least a hundred people surrounded the youth. After that, a few dozen elite fighters at the Condensing Reality Realm came over for backup.

’’How dare you come and cause trouble at the Sunflower Water Branch, you are looking for a death wish. Kill!!!!’’

After a burly man spoke, the tall and strong youth disappeared in the sea of people.

’’Haha, you can all die’’

The blood soaked sword weaved around in the huge crowd. Everywhere it went, there were dozens of people whose bodies were split in half, blood scattered in all directions. Not one could last a few rounds, no, not even a single round. Even the condensing reality realm elites could not stand against the strength of the tall and strong youth's sword.

’’How can someone be this frightening! just who is he?’’

’’I know, he is the Sky Cloud Martial School's Blood shadow sword, Meng Chong, run!’’ Some people saw through the tall and strong youth's sword skill, their faces filled with terror.

’’[Kill all the living], die for me ’’

The tall and strong youth laughed arrogantly. His laughter was accompanied by the strong killing intent that shot through the skies. After that his frightening blood-red sword tip flashed again. Ten people were killed every time his sword was swung and a mark of the sword was left on the ground.

Blood flowed like rivers, all members of the Sunflower Water Branch were almost annihilated.

At this moment, three people rushed over. They were the Sunflower Water Branch's three chiefs. The weapon used by the head chief was a Xuanhua axe, the vice chief used a rod, while the third chief used a broadsword with magnificent strength.

The tall and strong youth came out from the middle of the corpses and slashed with the sword towards the three chiefs.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

The three chiefs with their cultivation at the peak of Condensing Reality Realm were dismembered instantly under this one sword attack. The bloody red sword tip passed through their bodies and made a huge opening at the Sunflower Water Branch's great hall.

’’All of them collapse at the first blow, this is so boring’’ The tall and strong youth shook his head and turned to leave, his white robes did not have even a trace of blood.


Translated by : Ace

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire

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