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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 101


Chapter 101 - In June

Half a day later, Ye Chen made his way ashore.

Shockingly, the shopkeeper and the servants at the shore of the Ancient Water Lake had disappeared. The horses owned by Qu Ming and him were missing as well.

The black horses ridden by them were valuable. They cost about sixty thousand gold each making it a hundred and twenty thousand gold for the both of them. One could lead a wealthy living for the rest of their life with that amount of money. With that amount, one could become a landlord of a small manor with a few wives and a lot of servants. In short, he could have everything in a time of peace.

’’I hope you guys will continue to live with good luck, and never ever get caught by me.’’ Ye Chen did not care much about the horse, but he was disgusted by the thievery. He would send them for a lifelong prison sentence if he ever caught them.

Ye Chen walked farther in a flash.


Ancient Spring Town.

The Inn of the Flower Fairy. The inn-keeper was a pretty woman aged around twenty five years. Her husband was a renowned blade master in this area. She was a top genuine Condensing Reality Realm fighter as well, named as the Flower fairy. Since she operated the inn, the business went smoothly and her fame had gone up as high as that of her husband.

On the second floor of the inn, people were gathered and were having drinks, chatting and making a dalliance towards the woman.

’’Mistress, your man has not fought for years, could I know the skill level of his sword?’’ One of the women with a famous husband asked the inn-keeper.

The Flower Fairy smiled, ’’I am not sure as well, but refer to him, he could split the Golden River with just a slash.’’

’’A Slash to cut the Golden River!’’ The customers were shocked. The Golden River was a big river near to the Ancient Spring Town that was hundreds of meters. Even if the slash was made at a shallow part, it was still amazing. He could be considered to have a high-level skill comparable to the strength of early Clasping Yuan Realm or even mid Clasping Yuan Realm.

The Flower Fairy was satisfied with the reaction of the crowd. Throughout the operation of her inn business, there were a number of people who yearned for her. Without the fame and strength of her husband, there might even be someone daring enough to molest her. She needed to warn the people of this.

’’You have a good husband. He could reach this level at twenty six which is comparable to the disciples of the big clans.’’

’’No...’’ While the Flower Fairy made her denial, she saw a handsome white-robed man sitting near the window.

At that moment, someone said, ’’This june, the ranking Competition of the Sky Cloud Martial School will be taking place. I wish to take a look at it.’’

’’I wish to witness it as well, it's too bad that I am not invited.’’

’’Inviting you? Keep dreaming of it. Even some of the Clasping Yuan Realm fighters are not invited. If you are a relative of an elder of the martial school you will probably have a tiny bit of chance.’’

’’I am just simply talking about it. By the way, did your husband get invited, Mistress Fairy?’’

The Flower Fairy nodded, ’’The invitation was accepted ten days ago. But he is in secluded meditation, I am afraid that he might not make it.’’

The name of her husband was Song Qingyun with a nickname as the Sky Cloud's blade master. He reached the Clasping Yuan Realm at twenty-one. His skills with theof sword were aggressive. He was famous in the Heavenly Windy Nation, which allowed him to witness the ranking competition of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

’’It is a great honor to get invited. It is normal for the Sky Cloud's blade master to be invited. In this area, only old cripple and that Pei Zhongli of Five mountains could be invited.’’

’’Pei Zhongli? Is he the father of one of the top ten disciples of the Sky Cloud Martial School Pei Shaoqing?’’

’’Yeah, the Pei Family has a good reputation in this area. Pei Shaoqing has also lived up to expectations by joining the Sky Cloud Martial School at the age of twelve and then getting promoted to a inner disciple at thirteen. Now he is sixteen and ranked five in the top ten.’’

’’Pei Shaoqing is indeed splendid, but do not get deceived by his gentle attitude. He is fierce and brutal when fighting.’’

’’He could reach up to top three or even make it up to the championship without effort.’’

’’His friend, Li Kuang who has the name as the Ghost Sword should not be messed with either. He is rumored to have obtained an Earth level skill. Even if he has only learnt a part of the skill, he could outshine the others.’’

The Ghost Sword, Li Kuang!

The man in the white robe straightened up hearing the dialogue. From the clear conversation, he made a note of Pei Shaoqing. Comparatively, the Ghost sword attracted more of his attention. He heard from others that Li Kuang had a unique way of using the sword. The style was far different than the normal combat skill. He did not learn about the usual combating skill from the Sky Cloud Martial School. Coincidentally he got an inheritance from a dead sword master and learnt the Nine Sword skills of ghosting. With this sword skill and promising fame, he is known as the best sword fighter in the top ten disciples.

The handsome man was Ye Chen. Since he lost his black horse, he moved even faster, covering a distance of three thousands miles every day. Therefore, he stopped at the Ancient Spring Town to take a break.

’’I already understand the way to use the sword Qi, but the skills of the Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords are slightly lower in level. This will be a disadvantage to me. Hopefully I can get some prizes good enough to cover this in the ranking competition!?’’ The best skill Ye Chen had was still the fist technique, Tiger roar Dragon fist. Even though he could use the sword Qi well, he was not confident about winning against the Ghost Sword, Li Kuang.

Even though Pei Shaoqing has a higher reputation than Li Kuang, Ye Chen still was more interested in a swordsman like Li Kuang.

’’The ghost sword, Li Kuang is not the best. No one could be compared to the Blood shadow sword, Meng Chong. He is the only man able to achieve a total of thousand wins in the Sky Cloud Martial School which even some of the core disciples could not achieve. He might take the first place of the top ten disciples again this year and might even go as far as to challenge the core disciples. With his combat skill, he has no problem in becoming among the top fifteen in the ranking of core disciples.’’

’’You are right. He is the only one capable of securing the first place. Others can only compete from the rank two to rank ten. But there might be some newer disciples involved in the competition. It will be an intense fight.’’

’’Gosh, I will request my uncle for an invitation card tomorrow. He has a close relationship with an elder of the Sky Cloud Martial School. I might have hope to witness the competition with that invitation.’’

’’My cousin's teacher has come from the Sky Cloud Martial School, hopefully they can bring me as well.’’

The crowd got more interested to watch the competition after the conversations.


Ye Chen had his lunch, he conveniently put an amount of ten gold on the table and walked to the ground floor of the inn.

A swordsman unintentionally looked at the mark of Cloud on his robe and whispered, ’’I can not believe there is actually a disciple from the Sky Cloud Martial School here.’’

There were a lot of people wearing white robes and Ye Chen was maintaining a low profile most of the time. Therefore, the crowd was only alerted of his existence as a disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School after being notified by that man.

The Flower Fairy secretly smiled. She already knew Ye Chen's identity earlier. By sensing his cultivation level, she found that he was just at the mid level of Condensing Reality Realm, so he might have a lower chance to compete for the rankings of top ten inner disciple. Nevertheless, she would know this by witnessing the ranking competition with her husband, she could only hope that her husband would end his meditation in time.


Translated by : Ace

Edited by : Jaggerjakk, Orphire

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