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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 10


Body Refining Ointment

The crisis was finally finished. Liu Tao and the rest of the group let out a large sigh and finally relaxed from all the tension. Slowly they began to pale as they were aghast when they realized Ye Chen just killed a Mortal Realm Rank 10 warrior and an martial artist trained in Iron Shirt Armor Guard all by himself. They finally realized just how strong that man really was, even the No.1 outer disciple in the Hall of Golden Light could replicate such feats;even those who had been just promoted to inner disciples probably could not do it, and even if they managed to do it, it would have been impossible to be uninjured after fighting such opposition. But Ye Chen, an outer disciple, had just done all that.

’’Brother Ye, I have never truly admired anyone before, but today, I admire you!’’ Liu Tao said seriously.

Ye Chen wordlessly smiled.

The random encounter with bandits had brought them an extra income of about three thousand silvers. divided evenly, everyone received about five hundred silvers which slightly compensated those life-threatening fights.

’’Well I guess this is where I part ways.’’ With more than enough silvers, Ye Chen didn't want to continue with adventuring with a large group and decided to go to the Silent Hills by himself to practice his battle skills.

Liu Tao said: ’’Alright, we also plan to head to our hall. Take care of yourself.’’

They were all about to leave, Tao Qing just could not help herself anymore and said: ’’Ye Chen! Remember to visit us!’’

Ye Chen nodded, ’’If I have time, I shall see.’’

Soon, the group disappeared in Ye Chen's sight. Ye Chen thought, I have only been adventuring for so long yet I had already gained two thousand seven hundred silvers. With this amount, I can afford to buy some expensive medicine to condition my body. Sadly I will have to pass on being able to buy those essence stones for training Qi which cost about ten thousand silvers each, I could not even afford half of a stone...

Despite all that, what surprised Ye Chen the most was that it was actually his first time killing someone, but he actually did not feel much reaction to it... Maybe it was something to do with the previous owner or our fused soul power?

Shaking his head, Ye Chen really could not figure it out.

The Silent Hills covered about a thousand miles in which lived countless demonic beasts. As far as Ye Chen knew, in the outer range of about hundred miles, only rank 1 and rank 2 beasts were found, the chance of encountering a rank 3 beast were really low. That relatively bigger poisonous saw tooth tiger was actually not a true rank 3 monster, it could only be counted as a rank 2 demonic beast that was half a step into rank 3. However, past the outer range, was the inner range of about 200 to 500 miles which was labeled as the danger zone, demonic beasts rank 3 to rank 5 could appear any time, and with Ye Chen's current power level, anyone of those beasts would kill him instantly.

Beyond 500 miles was the forbidden zone. About ten years ago, a large group of masters were sent to retrieve some rare valuable medicines. Unfortunately within the forbidden zone, they had encountered the rank 7 beast - Ghost Faced Bull, and among the hundreds of people had been gathered, only one person had escaped and made it out, but sadly he too died a few days afterwards. His death was because there was too much residue energy from the demonic beast left in his body and caused him to go crazy which killed him eventually. After that incident, no one dared to even step foot in it.

Over next ten miles, Ye Chen killed three beasts, two rank 1 beast and one rank 2 beast. After gathering the valuable parts of the demonic beasts , Ye Chen stopped venturing deeper into the woods and started to walk parallel to the border of the danger zone so that he would not have to face any demonic beast above Rank 2.


Time went by quickly. On the third day, carried a huge leather bag, Ye Chen headed back to the Windy Town.

The Panacea Pavilion was the only drug store in Windy Town, it was neither big nor fancy, but wealth wise, they were definitely number one.

Because, in this world, the richest people were warriors who spent most of their money without abandon on medicine or elixirs for training. For them, money meant nothing to them, they could always make more, but the opportunity to improve their cultivation was extremely rare.

Soon after walking into the Panacea Pavilion, Ye Chen began to frown.

The store was crowded with people, most of them were warriors loaded with gear and well dressed young masters from rich families. But there were about one or two people that Ye Chen could not see their cultivation which signified that they should be at least at the Condensing Reality Realm.

He walked up and put a huge bag of beast parts onto the counter.

’’Hey, I am selling demonic beast parts.’’

The shopkeeper was an elder wearing a black robe trimmed in gold. With a calm and kindly countenance, he walked up to Ye Chen and opened the leather bag. As he was counting the parts, he calculated the prices as well, ’’Poisonous Sawed Tooth Tiger parts valued five hundred and twenty silvers, Bald Tail Wolf parts valued eighty-five silvers, Mad Bull parts valued three hundred and eighty silvers, ... in total it was one thousand six hundred and fifty silvers.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’Please have changed them all into golden notes.’’ The so-called golden notes were exactly like the silver, it could be taken into bank and changed into gold or it could be used directly as a currency. The lowest note was valued at five silvers, and the highest was ten thousand silvers, the service fee were three percent of the whole amount, which means if you put one hundred silvers into the bank, you could only take out ninety-seven silvers.

The banks that issued the currency also guaranteed to never go bankrupt making their notes worth the amount printed on it. There was a saying saying, 'Even if the Windy Nation was destroyed one day, the Heaven Bank would still stand there in the ruins' in response to the reliability of the golden note. Heaven Bank was a super bank that spanned ten nations, it had countless powerful parties secretly protecting it which included the nation itself.

Asking the workers to put away the beast parts, the shopkeeper opened the safe and took out a couple of golden notes, and laid them all out neatly on the counter.

’’Here is one hundred and sixty-five gold, please verify the total.’’

Ye Chen took a glance and nodded. Then his focus shifted and landed on the product shelf next to him.

Working in the sales industry, required great observation skills of potential buyers, the elder smiled and said: ’’Young warrior, is there anything else I may assist you in?’’

Ye Chen replied: ’’I need something to boost my body strength, could you please give me some recommendations?’’

’’No need, let me get you a list of body boosting medicine that summarizes the effect of each medicine and the price each one.’’


The shopkeeper handed over the list then went back to his business, leaving Ye Chen with one very thick piece of paper in his hand.

Bone Boosting Pellet

Blood Patterned Tiger and snake's pure blood

Five thousand silver per pellet.

Bull Beast Power Boosting Pellet

Mad Bull's blood and Training Yuan plants

Three thousand and five hundred silver per pellet.

Flying Swallow Pellet

Flying Swallow liver and three different herbs

Two thousand silver per pellet.


After reading for a long time, Ye Chen shook his head. These body boosting medicine are way too expensive, they cost least two to three thousand silvers. Counting everything I own, I could only afford one bone boosting pellet, which only lasts three days which is not ideal for use in a long period training.

With all those thoughts in his mind, Ye Chen started to envy those rich young masters from large families. They received the best training from the time they were born and ate expensive cultivation medicine like candy. After few years of this, the money spent on them could probably fill up a house, of course they will have rapid improvements! Of course with all those medicine, you could probably become a normal master at a martial school, but it would be extremely difficult to reach those higher levels.

Ye Chen kept reading, when he almost reached the bottom of the list, suddenly, his eyes were lit up. Yes, there it is!

Body Boosting Ointment

Three Suns plant, cow oil, iron wood juice and six other ingredients

One hundred silver per bottle.

This is it! Let out a breath, Ye Chen lift up his head and called out to the staff member that was walking past, ’’Could you give me thirty bottles of Body Boosting Ointment?’’

’’Yes, sir! Coming right up.’’

Thirty bottles of the Body Boosting Ointment filled up a wooden box, Ye Chen paid for it and carried it out of the Panacea Pavilion.


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