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Doll Dungeon - Chapter 67


Chapter 67

Time is cruel.

Finally, the time for bath has come.

’’Witch Doll No. 1.’’

’’Witch Doll No. 1 has arrived.’’

It came the moment I called for it.

You know, I've always wanted to take a bath.

’’It's time to go for a bath. Let's go.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Taking the witch doll along with me, we headed towards the bathroom.

Good, the water is hot...

Everything is fine but I couldn't relax at all.

That's because I'm weak when it comes to woman.

I know it just a machine but I get nervous just thinking of a woman getting naked.

Is there anything I can do...?

I wonder if I'll manage somehow...


Ten days have passed since the opening of the arena.

The town is now constantly undergoing changes thanks to the rumour spreading about it.

Even the small shops start to appear one after another.

Although only a few of them, there's also firm that opened up their branch here.

Gradually, the number of adventurers gather here starts to increase. I had to request additional support from the kingdom's guild since the current ten guild members are not enough to handle it.

Now, is it time to announce the upcoming arena second event?


’’By your side.’’

’’I'm thinking of holding the tournament again. It will be held in five days. Please decide suitable participants for it but do not reveal them in the announcement.’’

Eins bowed and said, ’’Understood’’ before she disappeared.

I will be delighted if you can develop further.


During that afternoon, I went out for a walk in the town. There's a lot of people talking about the arena and how entertaining it was.

There were some people feeling uncomfortable with it but there's nothing to worry about since there's not many of them who think that way.

Also, while I was in the town, I realized a cheese speciality store has been built.

Entering the store, even though it's not a lot, there's at least 10 different types of cheese were displayed here.

From the cheapest to the expensive one. It's likely that even a commoner could afford the cheapest cheese in this store.

’’Lord Null, I welcome you here.’’

While I was looking around inside the store, a clerk-like person came. Perhaps it's the manager.

’’I am the manager of this shop. My name is Lilia.’’


Lilia seems to be a woman in her mid-20's.

If I'm not mistaken, I've seen her several times in Eins' cheese making class before.

’’Perhaps you already know this but I am Null, the master of Doll Dungeon and the king of the Puppet Kingdom.’’

’’Indeed, I'm aware of it.’’

Lilia deeply bowed and asked.

’’What are you here for today?’’

’’That is, I'm here to visit the newly opened cheese speciality shop. It was on the spur of the moment.’’

’’Thank you very much.’’

Hmm, how can they do their job if I stay here?

Oh dear, it might be the case.

Just because the king has come that doesn't mean they have to stop working.

Let's get out of here quickly.

’’This store, I hope it will become bigger someday. Now then, I suppose I will go home now.’’

Saying so, I leave the store.

From the back, I heard a voice saying ’’Thank you very much!’’

Hmm. Let's avoid entering any store for the meantime.

However, there's now a butcher's in a fruit store and also weapon shop in a bar. The number of different shops starts to increase.

Also, there's now a lot of stalls has been opened.

But, if you notice it, there's just too much stall in one street.

Not charging them for using this site, won't this bring serious issues later on?

This happen a lot when someone decided to start a new business.

The stall opened up here is now blocking up the front entrance of the store.

’’Wait a minute, wouldn't it be better if I create a street just for the stall?’’

Immediately, I start to create another street.

Currently, there are only three streets, the main street in the middle of the city which came to be the boulevard and small streets on the left and right of the houses.

This time I decided to create an avenue beside those houses.

Even so, I ordered the puppets to pave the road with bricks and summon a fountain and install it at the centre of the place.

This is fine I guess.

Doing those stuff did consume some of my DP.


’’By your side.’’

When I called her, I heard a reply from the behind.

’’This place will be the marketplace. And so, it's prohibited to build any store on this street except for the inn.’’

’’Understood. I will tell the merchant soon.’’

I hope this will somehow solve the problem...

Within several hours, the merchants appear on this street.

The merchants tilted their head not knowing who they're looking at before they proceed to open up their stall.

After all, they never met me before.

If there's a TV, it might be possible to show my face to everyone. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist in this world.

In less than an hour, a drove of merchant has arrived.

Most of them seem to be wondering who I am and suddenly one of the merchants raised his voice.

’’Ah! Lord Null, is that you!’’

The rest of the merchants was startled by it.

I'm fairly certain the one who said that is the merchant who came to greet me couple days ago saying, ’’because I'll do my business here.’’

He is the third son of a company owner from somewhere, who came here to hone his business skill.

’’It's been a few days since we met.’’

’’Yes. I'm truly indebted to you at that time.’’

It was fun because I bought some goods from the merchant whom I met for the first time.

If I'm not mistaken, it was a pen with magical power as ink and a magical tool for strengthening the muscle.

’’I used the pen a lot. As for the magic tool... I think it's best if we don't talk about it.’’

’’Thank you. It's our pleasure to make the customers happy. Now then, if you need anything else you can just find me here.’’

Saying so, he headed towards the place and open up his stall.

Now that this street has been opened for business activities, the main street should be free by now.

What left is up to the power of the merchant.

Leaving that place, I returned to the main street.

After the reduced number of the stall in this street, the image of this place improved by a lot.

Also, I can see the pedestrian flow has become smoother.

Before, the walkway is too small because of the stall.

Now then, let's continue the tour.


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