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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 86


divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 86

Little He was severely beaten by the plank while being tied to this stool.

Thus, it was stained with the pieces Little He's flesh and blood.

It fell on the two people, almost breaking their bones..

In a blink of an eye, they grabbed their bodies in shrieking pain as the stool continued to slammed into their bodies, blasting every piece of flesh and turning it from brown to violet.

Finally, Ye Qingli was satisfied as she applauded.

’’Little He did not die, so I will spare your useless lives. Otherwise, I would have taken your lives in the most painful way possible!’’

Finally, the stool heavily fell smashing right into their heads.

Everyone can see, although they were not dead, they were still half-dead. They will have to lie miserably crippled in their beds.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye.

Until this time, no one reacted in the flower terrace.

Scared stiff, Madam Han screamed, ’’Rebel! Rebel! She is simply out of control! Quick, grab her!’’

Those two mamas were trusted aides she brought from her estate. Not only are they strong, but those mama are powerful than most ordinary men. They were people made to discipline people.

But Ye Qingli directly beat the shit out of them, without them having the slightest chance to defend their very own life!

Ye Jinli rushed down from the flower terrace, ’’You bitch, you actually dare to fight right in front of grandmother? Are you without brain, hurry up and grabbed her!’’

On both sides of the Orchid Pearl Courtyard, there were large guards who were were like tigers covetously eyeing their prey,. Since her loved ones are all here, she must not show any emotions of fear at all!

She had bullied this slut almost half her life, and she won't even put up a fart!

But, now she actually crawled up from her shell!

And even forced her to kneel before her!

That was simply the most humiliating shameful time of her life!

Recalling back that time, Ye Jinli's heart boiled in anger, just like the fire within a dragon. She cannot wait to chop Ye QIngli into eight pieces.

Now that her marriage affairs of the Ceng Family was settled, she can do what she want since Ye Qingli can no longer threaten her through her marriage.

Today, I will take my face back from her and take her face once and for all!

She crossed her hand on her waist like an aggressive hen, ’’I will only tell you once, kneel down before this young lady and beg me to spare your puny little life. Otherwise, do not blame me for throwing you into a kiln and make you into a rotten bitch.....’’


A crisp and clear hand slapped her face, directly slamming Ye Qingli to the dirty ground!

Ye Qingli satisfyingly took her hand back, she really haven't played with this little sister for a time. Seems she really hasn't taught her enough lesson.

’’It's amazing that some people are truly addicted to get hit, I haven't hit you in a few days, so your face is now so itchy huh?’’

Ye Jinli clutched her face, dead shocked. She turned around and cried towards Madam Qiu and Madam Han, ’’She hit me......she actually hit me!’’

Ye Qingli simply ignored her. Today, also torn her face, she pointed her nose to Madam Guo, ’’Guo Qingya, who allowed you to snatch people from my courtyard?’’

Paleness creeped into Madam Guo's face. Ye Qingli's words were like a ruthless spat to her face. Ye QIngli was making a joke out of her in front of the whole Ye Family!

She was In charge of the whole Ye Estate, but she can't even control the mouth of a little girl!

She stood up, ’’Impudent rascal! You actually dared address the madam of this family with her first name. This is my Orchid Pearl Courtyard, you do not have the right to use your filthy mouth in here!’’


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