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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 85


divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 85

Ye Qingli fiercely shouted, ’’Stop your hands!!!’’

She discovered that the two old mama were not the people of the Ye Estate!

The two old mama stopped their hands, turned around and saw Ye Qingli. From her grandeur clothing, they immediately guessed her identity.

One of them arrogantly opened her mouth, ’’The Ye Estate's eldest young miss has truly no manners. Speaking so presumptuous in front of the elders here. Seems you really need to be disciplined like this waste of a maid!’’

She raised the plank and savagely struck towards the back of Little He.

Since the eldest young miss herself appeared, then this dumb waste can die in peace!


Ye Qingli's eyes flashed full of extreme anger!

The plank did not stop, if it land it may broke and crumble Little He's very spine. Even if she has ten lives, she won't be able to live!

Coldness streaked and flashed through towards the middle of a courtyard!


’’The pain!!!!!’’


The screams of pigs being skinned and gutted suddenly rang out!

’’Bang! Bang!’’

Two silhouettes of stout bodies flew like string in the air!

They smashed to the ground like two dead pigs. They rolled and kept rolling in the ground unable to stand up.


’’My hand!!! My hand!!!!’’

They clutched their hands, incessantly shouting and screaming in pain. Their hand became swollen just like a huge bread.

’’Cha! Cha!’’

Ye Qingli quickly cut the shackles binding Little He. Seeing her miserable condition sadness and sorrow burst from her heart. Holding her head, she whispered, ’’Little He, Little He!’’

Little He tried to open her eyes, ’’Young!’’

She smiled, and her consciousness faded.

Ye Qingli grabbed her wrist, feeling that there was still a light beating from her pulse, she was relieved.

As long as her death is not on the line!

If this happened a few days ago, she really may not be able to save the last gasp of Little He's breath.

But now, she has the mysterious yet mystical ’’Lingxi Territory’’ where the herbs are more than a few times stronger than usual when making medicinal pills.!

She took some acupuncture needles, and with a lightning move, stick a dozen onto the body of Little He. She raised her head and put three red colored medicinal pills into her mouth.

Little He's breathing became a bit normal, and her countenance became a bit better.

Finally, she turned around.

Her eyes were filled with the aura of death, the aura to kill. All the people who saw her eyes, cannot help but shiver in terror.

But at this time, her face gave a hint of a terrifying smile.

’’ both of you raised your hands huh?’’

She reached out and gently flicked her finger. The bodies of the two mama became stiff.

The looked prostrated and petrified in fear, trembling in front of Ye Qingli.

’’You! What are you going to do?’’

’’There are elders here, not be reckless, are you going to disobey?’’

’’Elders? I do not care about them. I will teach you two garbage to use your damned eyes!’’

Ye Qingli took the stool with both her hands.

’’You dared harmed my maid. I will let you what your end will be when you touch my people!’’

She raised the stool, and slammed it down towards!

Mournful shrieks of pain tore through the stillness of the night!


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