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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 15



Yuan mama cowered and dared not move, so Madam Guo yelled, ’’You old hag, what are you hesitating about?’’

At this moment, Madam got no effort to ask her again and instead turned towards Guo mama shouted and shouted, ’’Take a few more mama, and bring her here!’’

Yuan mama and Guo mama did not dare refute and hurried out quickly.

After she went out the hall, she called five or six robust, rough looking mama. Guo mama strangely asked, ’’Older sister, what's wrong with you today. Dealing with a little girl, why did you hesitate so much?’’

Yuan mama opened her mouth and said with embarrassment, ’’Anyway, that little girl is very hard and tricky to deal with. Being careful around her would always be right.’’

Guo mama only grinned and laughed, ’’But it is usually us who flatten out that bitch, do not burn your minds out, what should we be afraid of?’’

Yuan mama's face became ashen, and snorted in her mind, ’’Then you go on, this old woman won't be bothered to accompany you!!’’

Ye Qingli at this time was already trapped in the firewood room till the middle of the night, but there was not the slightest hint of tiredness in her.

A simple lock on the firewood room isn't enough to hold her, she just pierced it thirty two times. After a while, Little He grasping her herbs, came in while she was playing a bunch of bottles and jars on a desk.

Little He squatted in a corner, she held her cheeks in both hands and quietly watched the young miss who was incessantly busy at the moment.

She felt that the young miss got a very devoted expression on her face. It was especially interesting, good looking. and exudes out a more loving sweet charm.

Speaking of which, ever since she returned, her whole personality totally made an abrupt changed! Not only a lot of things, her character also became stubborn and unyielding. In this way, people can not bully her.

At this time, she suddenly heard the sound of rapid footsteps from the outside, Her heart subconsciously sank and she quickly ran outside,

She knew that the young miss was currently concocting a medicinal elixir to treat her face. She can not be disturbed!

She just ran outside the firewood room only to see Guo mama and her group of people aggressively rushing in with a grim intentions.

Little He stood a few dozen steps outside the door and spread her arms wide open. She was just like a small hen.

When Guo mama saw her, she glared at her and yelled, ’’Scram and get out of here!’’

Little He desperately tried to block them, ’’No, the young miss is doing something important, you can not go in!’’

Guo mama raised her head and seeing the lock of the firewood room was missing, she suddenly became furious, ’’Good, I see that the little slut has eaten a bear's heart and a leopard's gall. She actually dared break the door open? Is she not afraid the Madam would punish by making her kneel?’’

Little He's heart suddenly sunk.

She recalled there was a time when the young miss did something wrong though she did not mean it, Guo mama instantly accused her to the madam. For punishment, the young miss was forced to kneel down in the courtyard for a whole night. Her knees cracked and bled open, that night was also very cold, and it took a few months till she became better.

This time, will this not bring even more trouble to the young miss?

However, she must be sure to stop them, she can not let them disturb the young miss!

She raised her arms, ’’No, you can not go in!’’

Guo mama angrily said, ’’The Madam called for us to bring her, do you dare delay us?’’

Little He cried out, ’’No, the young miss is wounded and hurt, I won't leave here.’’

’’As long I am still alive, I won't move even if you climb over my body, even if you beat me half dead!’’

Then a woman behind Guo mama threateningly said, ’’Do not force us to raise our hands, otherwise your appearance may not look the same afterwards!’’


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