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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 138


Chapter 138

Xue Yong at that moment shouted towards the crowd, ’’Just now was a misunderstanding, the business of the store will continue on. In order to make up for the shocking scene, Young Miss has said that the people who participate today will receive a thirty percent discount no matter how much you spend. Other than that, you will be able to redeem a Silver Card!’’

Then, someone asked, ’’What is the use of the Silver Card?’’

Xue Yong scratched his head and said, ’’As long as you hold this Silver Card. After this, any purchases made within the store will have a ten percent discount applied to the purchases!’’

The lady's eyes both lit up after she heard what he said.

Isn't this value for herself?!

Turns out that this world still had businessman like this! Wasn't this just an act of pushing the money in their hand away?!

Immediately, someone asked excitedly, ’’Other than the Silver Card, is there anything else?’’

Xue Yong's eyes widened, the Elder Young Miss had incredible foresight.

When he was announcing this membership system, he and several shopkeepers felt that this was unreasonable. Doing business under the sky, there's no logic to push away the silver that you received?

Even though their products don't need to fear that it couldn't sell.

If not, Ye Qingli would give them a lecture.

’’We are not selling products, rather we are selling services and our brand name! My goal is as long as the name has Xiao Xiang Guan on it, no matter whether it is shit, they are willing to buy it and apply it on their face!’’

At that time, they thought that the Young Miss had lost her mind!

However, looking at the field.

It was as if they were the one who were crazy.

Other than the Silver Card, there's also the Gold Card. People who has the gold card doesn't just get a thirty percent discount, they will also get special services everytime they visit.

At the very top, there's the Jade Card. This card was even better, there were only 10 of these issued by the Xiao Xiang Guan!

Following Ye Qingli's words, ’’Jade is the most noble among the stones, it's purity is incomparable. Only the wealthiest and most refined person will be able to be in possession of it! The person with the Jade Card, no matter which branch that person is in, that person will receive the utmost VIP services! You will be allowed first even though the queue is a hundred people long!’’

Those wives /> Those wives that heard this had their eyes lit up, if they were to have this Jade card, within the housewives' community in the city, they would receive a very high standing!

However, if they want to receive the Jade Card, they would have to have spend over 5 million silver pieces in a year. If they didn't achieve that spending, their Jade Card privilege would be revoked.

Despite the condition being so severe, those rich housewives rushed in like a group of ducks.

When the day turned dark and the store closed up, Xue Yong said with his eyes lit up, ’’Young Miss, do you know how much silver we received today?’’

He raised two fingers in front of Ye Qingli, ’’Exactly 20 million silver pieces!’’

His mouth nearly dropped out from his jaw.

Ever since he was born till now, he had never he had never seen so much money in his life!

This was just the revenue of a day!

Elder Young Miss, she was simply a wizard in business!

No. She's a genius!

Ye Qingli laughed as she shook her head.

The method of VIP membership. The speed of collecting money. It was clear that she was a person from the future. The name Xiao Xiang Guan was not famous yet, but it was still the beginning.

She lazily stood up and stretched her back, ’’You guys should relax. The day of earning money is on a later date!’’

When he heard this, he nearly saw the stars.

He couldn't believe what just happened and Young Miss said that later on they will still earn even more money!

His decision to follow the Young Miss, it felt more and more of a wise choice.


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