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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 129


Chapter 129

Nanny Yan nearly wanted to laugh out her stomach.

You want to challenge me, you couldn't even be compared to me!

She then slowly walked to her side, ’’Eldest Young Miss, you shouldn't let Madam catch a cold, it's best you take off her clothes immediately!’’

At that moment, Ye Qingli was tip-toeing on one foot and her other foot was tapping on the bottom of the wardrobe.

Nanny Yan gloated and said, ’’Eldest Young, just move a little higher...’’

Before finishing her words, she heard a 'bang'. The whole wardrobe mysteriously fell down!


It immediately crashed on top of her butt!

Nanny Yan let out a wailing sound, immediately falling on the floor!

The entire wardrobe fell down, the clothes inside scattered all over the place. It just so happened that Madam Qiu had vomited all over the floor and it hadn't been cleaned up yet, this made all the clothes get dirty from it. The beautiful clothes, all became so dirty that it was unbearable to look at.

A vein popped on Madam Qiu's forehead.

Madam Qiu acquired those branded, expensive clothes one by one on her own!

This time, they were all ruined!

Nanny Yan's waist looked like it was about to bend while still laying on the floor. Being angry for some time, she still couldn't get up.

Ye Qingli was shocked to the point that she was about to cry, ’’Grandmother, this is all Qing'er's fault. Qing'er was too rushed, afraid that grandmother would catch a cold, you wouldn't blame me, right?’’

At that moment, the maids from outside ran inside, quickly cleaning up the aftermath. Only after that, did someone find her some clothes from the wardrobe.

Madam Qiu was so angry that she wanted to spit out blood, pointing at Ye Qingli, ’’Let her come!’’

If she didn't scold this bitch, all the suffering today would be for nothing, no?

Ye Qingli didn't see her dissatisfaction and brought over a piece of clothing to help Madam Qiu wear it.

While saying, ’’Grandmother, I feel the these clothes don't fit you. Why don't you let Qing'er pick out a few clothes for you? Look at this pearl hairpin, clipped on your head, it will give off an extravagant feeling, with one look they would know that you're the family's Madam!’’

Madam Qiu's green face slowly relaxed a bit.

This little bitch, her mouth was so sweet!

Ye Qingli then said while jabbering, ’’Grandmother, you see, I think that this bracelet is not bad also. How about you try it on?’’

She was busy for half an hour. Madam Qiu then only realised, she had picked jewelry for a long time, however, she hadn't helped her put on her clothes!

It was especially cold in the morning. She was so cold that she almost shivered.

Moreover, she had just vomited all the food from her stomach and she still hadn't eaten. It made Madam Qiu tired and her vision started to blur, she didn't even have a little strength left.

’’Grandmother, you wait for awhile. It's about to match perfectly, it's almost done when you wear this. Just wait a Just wait a little longer!’’

Only after waiting for Ye Qingli to choose perfect clothing combination did she help her put on her clothes, and one hour had already passed. At this moment, Madam Qiu's eyes were staring blankly and her face became sluggish.

’’Ah! This is not bad!’’

Ye Qingli satisfyingly put a crown of pearls on her head, ’’Isn't this more extravagant? Don't you all agree?’’

The maids on both sides nodded their heads, ’’Ah, she is really pretty!’’


Madam Qiu finally couldn't support herself anymore and fell off the bed!

She was toyed by Ye Qingli for an hour, she finally couldn't hold it together any longer and fainted!


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