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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 125


Chapter 125

Ye Qingli's eyes widened.

This Master Lu, truly was something unique.

Lu Xuan Ji then said, ’’I will have all seven medical centres and my national business given to you! As long as you're willing to teach me medicine!’’

He said earnestly, ’’If you promise, you can be as wealthy as a nation.’’

Ye Qingli waved her hand, ’’I have no interest in your wealth. Also, my medical skills couldn't be simply taught to others.’’

What a joke!

If he wanted the heart strengthening needle for himself, where would he find it?

Ye Qingli angrily said, ’’When I was learning medicine, I swore if I were to spread this medical technique, I would be struck by lightning! Therefore, you shouldn't be carried away by your wishful thinking!’’

She then stood and started walking away. When she reached the door, she turned her head around and said, ’’The seven medical centres, I will send people to collect them. As for the rest, we best not discuss it anymore!’’

Lu Xuan Ji simply watched her shadow disappear out the door.

’’This lady is truly interesting!’’

He then sat on his luxurious chair.

’’I've decided. I will live in the Feng Yi city. I won't be leaving! You all, go find a official residence! Quickly!’’

An attendant from his side said with a grim face, ’’Master, just now you gave all your medical centres, why would you still want to live here?’’

’’Hehe, because this is the first time I've met a woman who piqued my interest. If I couldn't get her... No, her medical techniques. If I can't get it, I won't leave!’’

The people next to him all looked at each other in dismay.

He was a gifted, fine doctor since he was was born. He was a little divine doctor that was never affected by the world.

However, this time, did she move his heart?


Ye Qingli immediately dragged Xue Yong back to the medical centre. If she talked a little longer, then Xue Yong, who kept on laughing crazily, would be accused by onlookers as insane and sent to court.

As of now, she summoned all the shopkeepers. All their faces were as cold as ice.

’’divine Doctor Lu has promised to hand over all seven of his medical centres. Tomorrow, I will send people to collect them!’’

Everyone was shocked!

It couldn't be true!

The Young Miss actually won?

This was the nation's....... No, the one and only divine Doctor under the sky!

However, those seven medical centres were worth a few million silver pieces!

Compared to the ones here, it was worth many folds more!

Could more!

Could it be that the Young Miss wanted to send them to retrieve the buildings?

They all laughed crazily together.

At that moment, Ye Qingli opened her mouth coldly.

’’I think you've all forgotten about the bet a few days ago. So now, you all better pay up!’’

Those words were like cold water was poured onto their heads!

A few shopkeepers looked at each other, and all of them began to shout.

’’Young Miss, you can't do this!’’

’’We've done so much for so long, there's been no contribution, but we've worked hard!’’

’’All of you, shut up!’’

Ye Qingli coldly said, ’’Miss Yun, let them see the account book!’’


A pile of account books were thrown at their feet.

’’This is the proof that you all have taken bribes all these years. You all better get out of here obediently! If not, I'll immediately send I'll immediately send this to the court then, you can all wait to be thrown behind bars!’’

’’Oh, that's not it .......’’ Ye Qingli suddenly realised what she had just said, ’’Don't forget the bet, all of you owe me thirty thousand silver pieces, I will collect it from you.’’

She then said without a reason, ’’Xue Yong, close the door, let the dogs....... No, chase them out!’’

Xue Yong mercilessly threw them out one by one!

After that, Ye Qingli began to heavily reorganise the medical centre. All the people were changed to her own. She, who had six MBAs, was familiar with this small bit of business management.

However, with those shopkeepers, it was uncomfortable.

At this time, the shopkeepers all gathered at the Guo family's pearl courtyard. All of them kneeling on the floor crying.

’’Madam, you should give justice to us!’’


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