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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 124


Chapter 124

There was a smile on Ye Qingli's face, however, her eyes were cold.

This hedonistic child of rich parents. Just now, he couldn't care much of his image.

He wanted her to crawl beneath him!

Now, he got a taste of his own medicine!

’’You....... you.......’’

Guo Fei's face became bright red, ’’This noble wouldn't play with you and do such offensive things! The Ye family actually has a daughter like you! It's such a disgrace.’’

Finished talking, he turned around and walked away!

I just reneged on a debt so what?

In front the crowd, could you actually hit me?

Ye Qingli's smile gradually turned cold.


Her hand slowly rose up and was about to take action.

Then, at that moment, Lu Xuan Ji suddenly laughed out loudly from behind.

’’You don't take your words seriously, you bring disgrace to us men.’’

’’Lady Ye, why don't you leave this to us?’’

He waved his hand, ’’Come, people, capture this person!’’

Several large men rushed into the crowd and captured Guo Fei like a chicken being pressed onto the ground.

Ye Qingli slowly lowered her hand as a smile appeared on her face.

This Master Lu, such an interesting person!

Lu Xuan Ji's face was wearing a smile, but in Guo Fei's point of view, it was that of a demon's.

He then said in horror, ’’Hey........ Don't you dare make a move! My father is the officer of the Minister of Justice! My mother is Miss Han Lin! My brother is a student in the Imperial Academy!’’

Lu Xuan Ji lowered his head, smiling with his perfectly good-looking, good-looking, snow-white teeth.

’’Like I give a damn about your father!’’

He then heavily kicked Guo Fei in the face, breaking half of his teeth.

’’Come, people, bring over a stretcher! Also, take off all of his clothes!’’

Guo Fei was horrified as they stripped him, it was like a grey wolf raped a little white rabbit.

’’Don't! Don't!’’

The fierce large men didn't mind his shouting, immediately suppressing him. They quickly stripped him of his clothes, exposing his snow-white skin.

The people in the area all started to laugh.

’’Oh, his skin is even whiter than a girl's.’’

’’You, quickly look upwards!’’

’’Haha, no wonder the girls at the Ying Chun building don't want to see him.’’

’’That's right. With his 'manliness', if it was me, I would quickly marry him off.’’

’’How is it? This it? This old man's asset is stronger than his........’’


Guo Fei quickly covered his lower region with his hands. After thinking about it, he covered his face with his hands. In the end, he didn't covered anything.

Ridicule from the surroundings entered his ears nonstop.

He was so angry that his heart wanted to explode. He vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Lu Xuan Ji heartlessly said, ’’Put him on a stretcher and go around the main street three times, then throw him to one side!’’

’’Come, come, come, Lady Ye. Please come inside and have a discussion!’’

His eyes were sparkling, looking at Ye Qingli nonstop and invited her into the living room upstairs.

The people outside had already started to disperse, except for Xue Yong who was crazily laughing while holding a banknote worth a banknote worth a million silver pieces.

Lu Xuan Ji had someone light up an essence. Both his eyes were sparkling and he said, ’’Just now, lady's medical skill is unheard of and rare. Not knowing where did you learn of it?’’

Ye Qingli simply said, ’’It was when I met an old Taoist priest and learned from him.’’

’’Really? Who is this old Taoist priest, is he still alive?’’

Ye Qingli shrugged, ’’He only taught me for three months. After that, he just left. Even I don't know where he went off to.’’

Lu Xuan Ji stood up with a serious face and straightened his clothing. Just when Ye Qingli was thinking what he was trying to do, he suddenly knelt before her!

’’I would like to learn medicine from this lady! Please accept this disciple!’’


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