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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 109


Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Enthusiastic

When the crowd dispersed, Xue Yong worriedly said, ’’Eldest Miss, the words you said just now, you can forget about it.’’

Ye Qingli asked strangely, ’’Why? With such a good chance to get rid of them, why should I reconsider my words?’’

Xue Yong said with a wry smile, ’’You don't know how amazing Doctor Luo is. No matter what kind of incurable disease, if he's there, there are none that he can't cure.’’

Ye Qingli shrugged, ’’You don't believe me?’’

She turned and went out.

Xue Yong shouted from behind, ’’Eldest Miss, where are you going?’’

’’I'm just going to see how great the Lujia Medical Centre is!’’


At night, the lights were bright.

Opposite Yingchuan Medical Centre was the newly opened Lujia Medical Centre.

A seven-story tall building built from the ground up.

However, on the highest floor, only two people sat quietly.

At the moment, a beautiful woman was willing to bow down and serve tea for the men next to her.

Lu Hao lazily leaned against the couch, squinted his eyes at Ying Chuan Medical Centre.

’’I see, in a few days, this medical centre will not continue work anymore. By then, all medical centres in Fengyi City will be under my command.’’

Jun Ao Han sat opposite of him.

He laughed and said, ’’You're recognized as the world's best doctor, a small city like Fengyi City, is it worth you bothering about it?’’

Lu Hao shook his head. ’’You made a mistake here. Since I'm I'm looking for someone here, of course I must integrate all the doctors. Taking these medical centers is only the first step.’’

Jun Ao Han smiled, lifted his wine glass.

He had no interest in this kind of things at all.

The reason why he came back from the northwest was not to celebrate him opening up a business. What was more important was to know if there was news of the woman he was looking for.

He looked with questioning eyes at Aoxue next to him.

Ao Xue lowered her eyes and gently shook her head.

But she took the pot with her hands, trembling slightly.

The owner only came back today, but it was the third time he had asked about her!

How can an ugly girl ugly girl with unpredictable looks occupy such an important position in his heart?

Today, she was wearing the most beautiful dress that was made from hundreds of peacock feathers.

That was when she was hunting with him at Tianshan while riding a horse.

He didn't even take a single glance at all!

She gently looked at the Jun Ao Han's silhouette.

The features were clear and the silhouette's nose was like a knife, reflecting a grace that mad her fascinated.

However, his eyes never stayed on her body.

No, it should be said that he has no interest in any female.

Except... for HER!

However, she did not express the slightest expression in her face. She just said, ’’The subordinates have already made the inquiries. However, there is no news.’’

Jun Ao Han waved freely and gestured for her to leave.

At this time Lu Hao said, ’’Are you wonder why I was pay so much about Ying Chuan Medical Centre?’’

He proudly said, ’’Because I heard that their owner is a very powerful godly doctor, and she is very young, but she's cured a very rare case of lung disease. I really want to see her!’’

Jun Ao Han eyes brightened, he raised his head and asked, ’’Godly doctor?’’

Lu Hao was dumbfounded, ’’Rest assured, I've already inquired, she's not the person you're looking for. She is Ye ZhongTai's daughter. She's only sixteen or seventeen years old. She was a very beautiful little girl, and she is completely different from the portrait you had. ’’


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