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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 107


Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Settle the shopkeepers

For the next half a month, Ye Qingli didn't leave the River Cloud Courtyard.

Every day, except for treating Little He's injuries, she spent the remaining of her time cultivating. Even Yun Niang was afraid that she had overworked herself while staying within the confines of the room.

If it's not because of Ye Qingli's strict order, she would have been worried and get the doctor.

The pair mother and daughter of the Guo Family are also very calm these days.

Ye Jinli may have been beaten up as a lesson for that day.She actually did not come here to find trouble.

She and Ceng Monan's wedding date had been set, just three months later. As of now, she was confined within her yard and was not allowed out.

In addition to Ye Yunxiao's return to the residence, another pile of good things was sent to her courtyard.

It's look like the well water doesn't violate the river.

However, Ye Qingli knew that things are not that simple.

But now, she had recovered half of her previous life's strength and is not afraid of anyone!

No matter who was looking for trouble, at least, she now has the ability to protect herself!

Ye Qingli opened the door and stretched. ’’Come on, let's go out today!’’

Little He was already at the front yard.

After she was treated by Ye Qingli, she became more loyal to her. Just that her face doesn't show it.

However, Ye Qingli believes that if she tells her to die now, she will not hesitate hesitate to do it!

’’Let's go to the medical center today!’’

She originally intended to have taken care of those fellows at the medical centre, she did not expect this matter to be delayed until today.

She asked Cao er to guard her courtyard and took Yunniang and Little He out of the residence.

Not long, she arrived at the Ying Chuan Medical Centre.

Xue Yong greeted them with respect.

At the very beginning, he was still a little speculative at Ye Qingli. Now he completely admires her.

This elder Youg Miss was not only proficient in medical skills, but also had management skills. The several ideas that were proposed have made the medical centre's business better!

Following the Young Miss, certainly was not a loss!

Ye Qingli came to the parlor and said, and said, ’’Call all the shopkeepers and I'll have a meeting!’’

’’Meeting?’’ Xue Yong opened his eyes.

’’Well, it is to discuss things.’’

Xue Yong's movements were quick and it was not a long time before all the shopkeepers of the seven medical centers were summoned.

Xue Yong respectfully said: ’’Eldest Young Miss, Please start.’’

Ye Qingli nodded with ’’Nmm’’ in satisfaction. Xue Yong suddenly release aura like the Da Ma Jindao and stood behind Ye Qingli.

The group of shopkeepers saw his appearance and all showed a disdainful look.

Ye Qingli held a teacup in her hand and said with a smile: ’’I have heard that the shopkeepers were dissatisfied with the my management of the medical centre.’’

The people later looked at each other.

After some time, an old shopkeeper with a grey with a grey beard said: ’’To answer the eldest Young Miss, we've always been doing our best. How can we be so brave!’’


Ye Qingli threw a stack of paper in her hand onto the table.

’’Then you say, why are the income of medical museums reduced to more than 80% the past few days! Is it because you were neglecting your duties?’’

She said coldly: ’’Don't think that you can simply audit the accounts, and I wouldn't notice it! You all better be careful!’’

A stack of paper was dumped on them.

A few old shopkeepers were frightened and looked up. Their brains almost dull causing them to almost faint.

In one of account books, the income and expenditure were written very clearly .

The eldest lady was originally a master in accounting!


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