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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Demonic Tyrant In Love With A Mad Little Consort - Chapter 106


Chapter 106

Chapter 106

Ye Qingli was swaggering back to River Cloud Courtyard.

Today's turn of events was really surprising ah!

When she thought of the faces of those people who had been left behind, she felt really happy.

At least, for a short period of time, Madam Guo would be afraid to make a move again.

When she returned to River Cloud Courtyard, the pair of Yunniang mother and daughter greeted her.

Ye Qingli didn't have time to explain and just said, ’’Follow me to the operating room!’’

This was the new term that only a few of them knew. She deliberately made a few rooms to study medicine, usually no outsiders were allowed into the room. One of the rooms was called the operating room.

She sent the other servants away and left the pair of Yunniang mother and daughter before she placed Little He on the bed.

Little He was drowsy. Her forehead was burning hot, like she had a high fever.

Ye Qingli took out a bottle of anesthetic and fed it to her. Afterwards, she flipped the pliers, a pair of scissors, surgical forceps and so on, and started cleaning her wounds and stitching them up. .

Most of the work was done with her godly talent. Then, she took a few lingering doses and gave Little He something to eat. Watching her as she was sleeping peacefully as her fever went down a bit, Ye Qingli was relieved.

She looked at Little He's pale face and a gloomy light flashed past her eyes.

Today, if she had been late by a quarter of an hour, Little He would have been beaten to death!

Whether in her past life or this life, she was an extremely just person.

’’This time's suffering, I won't let it be in vain.’’

Guo Qingya, I will definitely get revenge!

You just wait!

Ye Qingli insisted on taking care of Little He for two hours and saw that her vital signs became stable. She would be able to leave the sickbed in a few days. She then let Yunniang look after Little He and she returned to her room.

She locked the doors and windows and she took out the bracelet.

At that time, she only liked the bracelet because it looked exquisite, so she wore it as an accessory. She'd admit that she was also shabby enough. As the Eldest Miss of the Ye Family, she didn't have any jewelries on her.

However, she didn't expect that this thing actually had such a big background.

A token from the Princess Mansion?

Just what was the identity of that mysterious man? First, there was that jade medallionwith a mysterious space that she could enter, and now, there was such a noble token.

Was he someone she shouldn't provoke?

Ye Qingli thought for a long time. He was unconscious that day so he shouldn't have been able to see what she looked like.

Still, when going out, she would try to put on good makeup.

Afterwards, she took out the wyvren jade and went directly to Lingxi territory.

In the next moment, she found herself sitting in the hot spring.

She took off her clothes and let the hot water flow to every point of her body.

Not a few moments later, she let out a painful groan.

However, Ye Qingli was still.

She was cultivating!

As a someone from a family who cultivated both medicine and martial arts since ancient times, Ye Qingli had an ancient cultivating technique which had been handed down their family and could greatly enhance the potential of one's body.

Only, practicing this method must be gradual, otherwise it would cause great damage to the body.

But now, she had a variety of miraculous emboldened medicines that can reduce the damage to a minimum, or even none!

The most important thing for now was to continuously improve her strength!

After today's event, she deeply felt that her strength was still lacking!

If she was to be replaced with herself from her past life, even under the siege of hundreds of imperial guards, she would still be able to escape safely!

She wouldn't fall to the extent where she will be burnt alive!

Now, in this secret place, as long as she practiced for half a month, 50% of her past life strength would be able to return!

In that case, it would be sufficient to protect herself!


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