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Divine Doctor: Daughter Of The First Wife - Chapter 90


Chapter 90

Marry or Die

’’This...’’ Princess Ding An was completely dumbfounded!

Did she not tell her to come catch Feng Yu Heng being a tramp? Why was it when she came, it turned out to be her daughter?

Following the crowd, Wang Chuan saw that the person inside was not Feng Yu Heng and could not help but secretly let out a sigh of relief. When Feng Yu Heng left, she had not permitted her to follow, so she was truly worried that something had happened. Later on, when Prince Yu placed the blame, she would be given the death penalty!

’’Mother princess!’’ Qing Le's face was full of grief. Wanting to stand up but feeling that her appearance was exceedingly indecent, she could only adjust her position while remaining in the water.

The surrounding female guests looked over one after the other and could not help but inhale deeply. This imperial daughter Qing Le was truly too bold.

’’Hurry up and get up!’’ Princess Ding An was on the verge of exploding from anger. In a single movement, she pushed the servant at her side forward: ’’Quickly pull imperial daughter up and give her some clothes.’’

But who would have clothes on hand. All of the maidservants were helpless.

Qing Le cried out: ’’I was pushed in by someone! Someone pushed me!’’

But who would believe her? When they came into this room, aside from the servant who stood near the screen, where was there another person to be found?

After Qing Le screamed this out, she also seemed to realize this point. She quickly placed her fierce gaze on the maidservant: ’’It was her!’’ She reached out a hand and pointed: ’’It was her taht pushed me into the water!’’

The young servant was horrified. How could she have thought that Qing Le would turn around and place the blame on her. She quickly made an excuse: ’’It wasn't! Imperial daughter, it wasn't this servant that pushed you! There was nobody that pushed you!’’

The surrounding female guests were not idiots. No matter how skilled a servant was, could they push Qing Le, who had always been bossy, arrogant and was a little versed in martial arts, into the water? Was this not just nonsense!

But Qing Le wanted to find a scapegoat, and it was not good for them to expose the plot. They could only stare and watch this brilliant drama.

Princess Ding An also knew this was Qing Le looking to pin the blame on someone else, thus she quickly went along with the play: ’’Guards! Take this bold servant away! Beat her to death!’’

’’Wa!’’ The servant immediately began crying, ’’This servant was framed! This servant was framed! Imperial daughter had this servant search the outer rooms for second young miss Feng, then this servant heard a sound from this room. Coming in, this servant saw imperial daughter was already in the water! It is unrelated to this servant! This servant was framed!’’

’’Quickly take her away!’’ Princess Ding An was absolutely angered to the point of madness. Glaring at Qing Le, she panted heavily.

Feng Chen Yu also found it odd how things would turn out this way. She looked left and right, anxiously looking around the crowd.

A young miss from who knows what family saw her doing this and could not help but ask: ’’Young miss Feng, who are you looking for?’’

Chen Yu casually said: ’’Where did my second sister go off to?’’

Just as she said this, she heard a voice come from outside: ’’Eldest sister, I am over here with Xiang Rong.’’

Everyone turned their heads and saw Feng Yu Heng was accompanied by Feng Xiang Rong, who had just changed clothes, leisurely walking over. Behind her was a servant from the palace and Feng Xiang Rong's servant.

Wang Chuan quickly went forward: ’’Third young miss is done changing?’’

Feng Yu Heng nodded, ’’That's right.’’ As she said this, she looked back at the Ding An palace's servant: ’’The servants of Ding An palace really are careless, spilling an entire cup of tea all over my third sister's body. Fortunately the manor had prepared a new set of clothes. Thanks to this, third sister did not feel too embarrassed.’’ She looked again at Princess Ding An, saying: ’’Many thanks princess for preparing some clothes. They fit my third sister perfectly.’’

These words made Princess Ding An uncertain how to continue. She was both furious and embarrassed.

At this time, Chen Yu spoke up, asking the palace servant behind Feng Yu Heng: ’’Where were you just now?’’

The servant cowered and replied: ’’Just in the side room next door.’’

Chen Yu then asked: ’’Feng family's second young miss was also there?’’

The servant nodded, ’’Second young miss came to help third young miss get changed.’’

’’What sort of answer did eldest sister think of?’’ Feng Yu Heng looked at Chen Yu, ’’Xiang Rong's clothes became dirty. I went to help her change. At that time, eldest sister was playing the zither, so it was inconvenient to call you.’’

Mentioning the zither, Chen Yu's face became a little darker. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, her gaze carried an unconcealed hatred.

At this moment, a servant retrieved a cloak and finally pulled imperial daughter Qing Le out of the bathtub.

As soon as Qing Le came out of the bathtub, she shivered from the cold;however, she did not forget to note this debt with Feng Yu Heng. Pointing at her, she began to spit insults: ’’You shameless slut! It must be you that pushed me in! The one who should have been in this room was you!’’

Feng Yu Heng was very puzzled, ’’I was always in the neighboring room, helping third sister get changed. Why does imperial daughter place blame on me like this?’’ As she said this, she asked the servant behind her, ’’Did you ever see me leave that room and come to this one?’’

The servant shook her head, ’’Second young miss Feng never left the room after entering.’’

Qing Le was so furious that she almost fainted, ’’Which family's servant are you exactly? Who are you helping with your words?’’

The servant was so scared that she dropped to the ground, kneeling, ’’Imperial daughter, this servant does not know anything! Sister Qing Lian only told this servant to deliberately spill tea on Feng family's third young miss' dress. Then bring third young miss over here to change clothes. Nothing else was told to this servant!’’

Once these words came out, everyone let out a prolonged ’’oh’’ sound. So it was something like that.

’’Such shameless lies!’’ Princess Ding An glared at that servant, ’’Take her out and beat her to death!’’

The servant was scared witless. Not understanding why she had to be beaten to death, she endlessly kowtowed and begged for mercy.

Unfortunately, at times like these, who would pardon her. Princess Ding An had found another scapegoat to protect Qing Le.

But could such a thing be so easily be done?

’’What should be done about imperial daughter Qing Le?’’ Feng Yu Heng looked at Qing Le, faintly saying these words, ’’Imperial daughter meeting up privately with someone and not picking a time when nobody is around. Now that this many pairs of eyes saw this, silencing this many mouths is not too easy, right?’’

Someone who did not like Qing Le interjected: ’’Normally, when this sort of thing happens, I fear imperial daughter can only get married to that person.’’

Feng Yu Heng shook her head, ’’Naturally there is another path.’’

Another person spoke up: ’’But the other path is a dead end.’’

’’Shut your mouths!’’ Qing Le was about to go mad. Turning her head, she pointed at the man in the tub and said: ’’Why are you still here?’’ Yelling even louder: ’’Guards! Take this criminal out of here for this imperial daughter and cut off his head! Cut off his head!’’

’’It is Princess Ding An's birthday. Who is it that is saying such bloodthirsty words?’’ A voice came in from outside the room. It was not a very forceful voice, but it still entered the ears of all present.

Everyone turned their heads and saw the seventh prince, Xuan Tian Hua, come over with a group of male guests. Standing next to the seventh prince was a man who was past fifty. That person was Lord Ding An.

Seeing the male guests arrive, one sound immediately erupted inside Qing Le's mind ’’It's over!’’

Lord Ding An angrily glared around the room. Taking a few steps forward, he slapped Qing Le twice across the face. When he was young, he was a general and had great strength. These two slaps not only dropped Qing Le to the floor, even blood could be seen trickling from the corner of her mouth.

Qing Le looked at him with grief: ’’Lord father, I have been wronged.’’

’’This lord's face has been completely lost by you!’’ Lord Ding An angrily threw away the screen. The man in the bathtub nearly drowned himself.

’’Guards!’’ Lord Ding An gave an order and two guards immediately came forward. He pointed at the main in the bathtub, saying: ’’Take this make outside and have him torn apart by five horses!’’

’’My Lord, have mercy!’’ The man was scared witless, ’’My Lord! This is unrelated to me! It was all arranged by imperial daughter. This servant does not know why imperial daughter suddenly jumped in! My Lord! This servant has served this palace for many years. Would my Lord please show mercy towards this servant's life!’’

’’Lord Ding An.’’ Xuan Tian Hua spoke up. In a few words, he gathered the attention of all present on himself once more, ’’Regardless of whether this man lives or dies, imperial daughter Qing Le's life has suffered heavy damage. As this prince sees it, sacrifice yourself for your child's good fortune. It can be seen as having two joyous occasions on the same day for Ding An palace.’’ As he said this, he looked at Princess Ding An: ’’Princess please do not worry. This prince will explain this to father Emperor. Also, I will invite father Emperor to personally sanction the marriage. Princess and Lord, just wait for imperial daughter's wedding banquet!’’

After he finished speaking, he flicked his sleeves and left with his servants.

Lord Ding An had the heart to call for Xuan Tian Hua to stop, but Qing Le firmly grasped his robes, crying: ’’Lord Father! Daughter does not want to marry him! The one daughter likes is his Highness Prince Yu. Lord father, please help me accomplish this!’’

Feng Yu Heng laughed out of anger, ’’Imperial daughter Qing Le, is this taking my Feng family as having no dignity? You have already done it with another person. This was seen by hundreds of eyes. Even his Highness Prince Chun personally saw it. You actually still look forward to Prince Yu? Might I ask, imperial daughter, do you want to compete with me for the position of official Princess Yu, or are you willing to be a concubine?’’

At this moment, Qing Le's mind became muddled and subconsciously replied: ’’This imperial princess naturally wants to be the official princess!’’

Feng Yu Heng angrily glared directly at Lord Ding An, her tone becoming sharp: ’’Has the Lord heard that? I will go right now to bring back his Highness Prince Chun. I will have Prince Chun change the things he will tell the Emperor. He will tell him, imperial daughter Qing Le casually bathes with other men, but she still yearns for Prince Yu. Would the Emperor please support her in becoming the official Princess Yu. At the same time, Prince Yu would personally come to my Feng family's manor to cancel the engagement?’’

Qing Le had a death grip on Lord Ding An's robes, as she bitterly begged: ’’Lord Father, quickly promise her!’’

Lord Ding An furiously raised a leg and fiercely kicked Qing Le out.

Princess Ding An quickly went forward and held Qing Le in fear. At the same time, she began to argue: ’’Your own daughter was bullied, yet you still hit her? Is that any way to act as a father?’’

How could Lord Ding An have the patience to deal with their unreasonable arguments. Looking at Feng Yu Heng, he anxiously said: ’’Feng family's young miss, this absolutely must not be done! This lord has instructed Qing Le that what she said was improper. Would Feng family's young miss please not take it to heart and do not take it for the truth.’’

’’Why should it not be taken as truth?’’ Qing Le cried, saying: ’’I just want to get married to Prince Yu. From little, I only liked Prince Yu. Lord Father, why do you not let me marry him?’’

With Qing Le's nonsense, the madams and young misses present could no longer bear to watch. Each spoke up for Feng Yu Heng over this injustice ’’Although you are an imperial daughter, you can not be so unreasonable. Furthermore, Prince Yu and second young miss Feng are already engaged. Even if this was not the case, now that you have done this sort of thing, how could you be worthy of his Highness Prince Yu.’’

’’That's right. Ding An palace is bullying people too much.’’

Feng Yu Heng had a cold look. Looking at Lord Ding An, she coldly snorted: ’’I have heard of Lord Ding An's divine martial skills, but I never thought that our first time meeting would be in such a circumstance. A-Heng is not worthy. Having received the favor of his Highness Prince Yu, I have provoked imperial daughter Qing Le's hatred. My Lord, I will definitely tell father about this after returning to the manor. I will also send someone to inform his Highness Prince Yu. Although my Feng family is not royalty, it is also not one to be bullied and humiliated. There was also the matter of Princess Ding An forcing us sisters to play the zither for the servants. I am still remembering it all!’’

After saying this, she grabbed Xiang Rong's hand and said to the two maidservants at her side: ’’We are going back to the manor!’’


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